Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vickie has been doing a lot of stuff without me lately. Then she has the nerve to come home and tell me all about the things I have missed.

Like the other day, my buddy Corbin came down. Vickie ran right up to grandma's house to visit with him and his parents, thinking nothing of the fact that I LOVE CORBON and want to play with him.

I remember how much fun he was when I was just a puppy. We spent an hour one day playing in the fountain out front. Corbon and I laughed and got all wet and he even drank some of my water out of the fountain too. Of course everyone was all....."no corbon no, don't drink that" but it was way too late to stop him by then.

KC got to spend the day with him and not me. I just don't get that. Then I see these pictures of KC getting treats, going for a walk, and all kinds of other things with Corbon. It just isn't fair.

So then she goes up to "The Ranch" without me too. I recognize she is probably still a little upset about the ATV episode last week, but come on. dogs forgive immediately, why do humans have such a need to hold a grudge.

She told me that she only went up to ride the ATV and not to camp. Like she thinks that will make me feel better, and thens he goes on and on about the really cool moose that she followed for about half an hour. He was big, and beautiful and ya da ya da ya da.

Oh yea, and the flowers.....on and on she went about how beautiful they were. That there were meadows and meadows of flowers of all colors. That the smell of the wildflowers filled the air and almost gave you a headache with the intensity of the aroma..... Ya da Ya da ya da.....I would have liked to see the moose and smell the flowers.

Things finally started lookin gup for me around the middle of the week when I got to go to the Fort to do a demo. It was fun to finally see Murphy again and all the kids. Vickie said I was amazingly well behaved. (I am just trying to get on her good side again)

I sat to the side while they did the talking part. I was even off lead and I just sat patiently while they taught the children how to crawl to a water source and reach in safely to get some water.

After they were all done, I was able to get a whole lot of swimming as all the children lined up along the shores of the lake and threw my ball into the water. By the time each child from the first group had had a chance to throw the ball, I was totally exhausted. But oh was it great.

Yep I really think I am back in her good graces and so next time she goes camping I bet I get to go too. It has been really busy for her here at the kennels so getting away is the upside for both of us, even if it is only for a few hours and now that I don't get to ride with her, I bet she will bring Jamie along so I will have company while she is gone.

Maybe if I come along, she wont' be so dumb and get so close to the moose just to get a good picture.

mmm I think this is all working out in my favor.....

Nite all

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