Thursday, July 30, 2009

There was a search on Monday of this week and I didn't get to go AGAIN. I really do want to be helpful and if Vickie would just get her act together I am sure I could be certified by now. This was for a lady who had been missing since Saturday afternoon. Tucker and Murhpy headed up to help out and I stayed home. AGAIN

Luckily she was found ok. She had traveled many miles in the back country of the Uintahs. It was up by Bald Mountain and Murphy and Tucker got to climb Bald Mountain and search all the trails up there.

I bet it was just beautiful. They said the flowers were everywhere and the weather was perfect for searching. I am glad the lady is ok, but WHEN IS IT MY TURN?

I gave Vickie my saddest, forlorn look for two days.

It must have worked because today Erin came over and they set up a really hard problem for me.

Erin left 1/4 mile track for me, over grass, and cement, tar roads and other challenges and I was so excited to show them both that I COULD DO IT.

AND I DID, I was very impressive. So now maybe Vickie will get moving and get me certified.

Thanks Erin for helping me show her how good I can be......

Earlier in the week (while the others were out searching) Vickie Jamie and I went camping. We only get to go overnight. We leave after the Kennel Closes. (Judy sleeps over so the other dogs are not left alone) Then we spend the evening and the night just enjoying the peace, quiet and beauty. This time I got to meet two baby deer. Well, I got to watch them. Vickie wouldn't let me out of the truck to go play with them....Yep, you heard it....the truck.
No ATV. I loved it and so did Jamie. We went to three or four lakes, hiked around them that night, played ball in the open meadows and swam until it got too cold. Very cool.

Back at the kennel, we have had several pretty fun guests. Like Aron. He has a bigger face than me. They call him a rotty. Does that mean he is rotton, cause I don't think he is rotton, I kind of like him. He has to stay in the house with us because he eats the kennels, but when he is in the house he behaves wonderfully. The house is pretty crowded these days.
Vickie is loosing her patience more often but I guess it is because the house is really small and there are seven of us big dogs and two little ones. I think I am even a little moody because it is so crowded but Vickie says it will be better after this weekend when the other big house guests all go home.

John came this weekend and helped clean things up. He trimmed trees and put in new dogs doors. I like him, he even still likes me after I snapped at his dog Trigger the other day. But you have to understand, I only did it because food was involved......

This little gal got kicked in the eye with a horse. Vickie told me to "Take a good look. That is what happens when you ignore me." Then she said, "A horse kicks really hard, but a moose probably will kill you if you don't listen to me when we are hiking." I am sure she is trying to warn me of something by the way she says it, but I have yet to figure out what she means.

One day over the weekend we had seven black dogs. Seven....can you imagine. I got confused who I was trying to play with. I mean they all look alike to me.

Here is Aras. He is retired from working in the Service. Not sure what that means either but I think he was protecting our country. If that is the case then I would salute him if I could cause we love our soldiers.....

Well I guess that is all for today.
Love ya

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brian said...

Vickie- It's so beautiful up at your land- I have to admit that I am very jealous!!That poor dog- did he lose his eye or was it just swollen shut- Yikes! Love ya- E