Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She is finally back, we are finally back....

Oh my life has been so stale for the last five weeks. I mean, I tried to be patient about it, I tried to be appreciative about what little time I got from Vickie, and the few times I got to leave this place and go for walks with my second family, the Kelly's..... But COME ON Vickie. Your surgery was weeks ago. what is the deal.
I am so very bored....... BORED....... Bored....... BORED ...... BBBOORREEDDDDD

I guess I should be grateful cause she just started driving last week and at least she lets me go along with her when she runs errands. Mostly going to the store or up to visit with her mom.
So today, just like anyother day, she waited until we were all sleeping from our early morning day care duties, when Vickie came up and tapped me awake. She had her keys, her purse, and HER CAMERA.
Now I wasn't going to get too excited, but just possibly, this could be a good thing. The Camera is most generally a good thing.
We slipped out the front door, not waking anyone up and headed for the van.
As I suspected, we did some driving around, like to the tax mans office and the store, but when we headed back to the kennel, I'll be darned if she didn't make a right turn at the light instead of going through it.
And then she headed straight to "THE PARK"......Yes, Fort Bueneventura is Still alive and still there and yes......we stopped there and parked. Vickie got out and came around the car and let me out and then she got the lead and was clear.......we were going for a walk. FINALLY FINALLY
Vickies BACK
For the first part of the walk, she made me stay on a leash and walk with her. OH MY GOODNESS, she qualifies as being the SLOWEST walker I have ever been with. Ok Ok, I chalk it up to the fact that she has a bionic knee now and maybe it takes a little time to work out the kinks but oh my goodness. At least let me off the lead so I can walk faster than a slow drag......

Well we finally made it into the park where the lake was and there waiting for me were my geese buddies. There are a few more mom and dads here this year and I suspect that the little ones are not too far off. If Vickie would have let me go, I could have found were the baby geese eggs were at.
Oh don't worry, I would never hurt them, I just like to be aware of my surroundings.

Moments later, we were at my favorite swimming hole and Vickie finally let me off the tethered lead and into the water....Yeah......I ran and dove into the beautiful clear crisp cold spring run-off. Yes it was cold.....very cold.....but I have waited all winter for this and just try and stop me now.
Swim, shake off, swim, shake off.......Oh the life......

One final shake off..........and now we do more running and playing

It was fun to walk along the paths and see nature starting to warm up with the sun. We followed this beautiful butterfly for fifteen minutes as it would fly in front then land then fly away.
It all ended too soon, but I have to say I was happy to see my van after a long playful walk. It wasn't like Vickie walked that far. Maybe a mile or so, but I was tired, cause I had run circles around her, making sure that I don't miss a thing......

So if you want to, here are a few video's from my walk. Like the one is cool because you get to see me running, then playing in the creek. But the second one is just a video of the river run-off with the sound of water rushing down the stream. What a beautiful beautiful sound. I LOVE SPRING.

So now, lets take a short trip in what happened days before my walk with Vickie. Like I said, My Kelly Boys are so good to me and they would take me a couple of times a week on good long walks. I love them for it, but I gotta say again, it is great to have my Vickie back up and moving.

This week we have a guest named Sally and she got to go on the walks with us. She loves the water too and so with the boys surrounding her so she wouldnt run off, we all went down to the water and took a dip. (Check out the video below)

She is almost as bad as me at finding really disgusting things to roll in and when she got home from this walk, she really really smelled up the car. Oh, I hope Vickie gives her another dip in the river before her family comes back to get her cause even I was getting watery eyes being around her.

Don't think because my boys are shirtless that it was warm the day we went to the river and swam, cause it is still really cold, but they come from way up north in Washington and this weather is like summer to them.
Of course for those of you who keep requesting more on Dougal, he sent us some pictures from his weekend in the mountains. I was getting a little jelouse of him. His family was always taking him fun places. But now that Vickie is back up and going.....look out Dougal.
Dougal and Jon are getting ready for their summer camping and dougal has finally got a tent to stay in. However, he is a little nervous about it so Jon set it up in the living room to help ease his mind about it. All was going along fine and dandy until the heat turned on and the tent began to move. Dougal thought it was ALIVE.....
Oh what we do for our dogs......

Spring has peaked its head out and Vickies favorite part is the pussy willows that come every year from a stick she got from her sister Wendy's pussy willow tree. It is now a fifteen year old tree that is so tall and so full of beautiful soft velvety pussy willows. She loves to hold them in her hand and remember how much fun she and her sister had so many years ago. I wish I could have met Wendy. She sounds like the greatest person ever.
With the spring comes the spring clean up and Rocky was busy busy this weekend. It took him almost all day to clean out just one single area. WE sure love having Rocky to help us out around here.

The tree nome is still doing his job in watching and protecting all of us.

Especially the small dogs who like to sit just under him. Close to the shade of his tree if it gets too hot or just out from the tree in the warm sun. Buddie and Chester are enjoying the sun today.

Last week all the therepy dogs came to the kennel cause Vickie couldn't leave and they did a lot of training. We worked on obedience and on social skills.

Of course my girlfriend Annie was there, Murhpy and Jake the big white pyraneese.
But we also had some new members and I gotta say, its another cutie patutie. (I think that is how you spell that) Her name is Happy and that is a perfect name cause she makes me her little brother Bubba who is the smallest one of all of us.

Happy was the first to go up to our "Sitting person" who we were supposed to just put our heads on their knees and let them pet us. She did a really good job in fact, we all did. You see, Vickie says some very old people or very shy people don't want us to jump up in their laps or give them big kisses. WE are supposed to be gentle and kind and wait until we are invited to come up to them. Then we must be very very careful. That part is tough for me but Vickie said I did really good, just as good as all the others.
After the therepy dogs left, I got to go inside and play games with Judy. I have to teach her how to play cause she normally just works and works. But I am showing her how to play ball with me.
This is Larry. Larry moved in and took over my bed. I didn't really mind that much. He was only here a few nights but bed.....I mean, now it smells like Larry. He has gone home but still even with new sheets and still smells like LARRY. Oh well.

I'll just sleep on the floor until the smell goes away. I took my sheet and pulled it up over me and after a few tries, I got it just right.
So now.......Good night sweet friends......good night.

How much fun can a girl have with an old swiming hole and two friends. Sally gets a chance to run free and swim to her hearts delight.

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