Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boy does it just keep getting Better

We had a wonderful day yesterday. It started out early and didn't stop until sunset, but before I start to tell you all about it, I thought you would like to click onto this link and see the second coolest tv comercial ever made with dogs.

The first coolest one is with Jamie in it and Vickie has to see if she can find it on you tube for you, but this is really a cool one too.

vickie keeps up with friends from all over the country and Puppy dog Trails found this comercial and put it on their web site to share. Hope you enjoy it. I sure did.......Five times.

Lets start out with a big jump for joy from Tucker as he gets ready for a big day of training.
Or maybe we should start out with this picture of me being used as a chair for Betty. I don't get it......There I was lying down getting some rest as Vickie had warned me it was going to be a big day, and over comes Betty and she just SITS on me. Smack dab in the middle of my body, SITS ON ME.

what? do I look like a lazy boy. (I mean, yes I look lazy but not like a Lazy Boy Chair)

She just SAT ON ME......

And wouldn't get up.......

After the big lug got off me, we loaded up the van with all the search gear and when Alexander showed up, we were off.......I was so excited.
This was the first time Alexander came to work with the search dogs so we thought it woudl be fun to just throw him into it whole hog. Yep, we geared him up and had him do the cadaver training.
He was such a good sport to. He helped load the (HRD) material into the tubes and then he went out into a big field and hid the body parts all over.
Some people get a little queezy doing that, but it is a very important part of our training and so it is great when someone comes along who can help us with that part.

When he came back after hiding and burrying the stuff, it was my turn to try and pin point it. You have to keep in mind that some of this stuff is as small as a fingernail and so you can imagine that there is not a lot of scent out there.
Then you throw in a field full of incredibly dilectible cow doo doo smells and other odors, well you can just imagine how tough it is for us.
All of a sudden I am being asked to ignore all those other smells and look only for that teeny tiny smell of human remains.
But of course........for me....... it was No Big Deal......
Alexander and Vickie were both so proud of how quickly I did my job that they rewarded me with tug, and run and play for about fiftenn minutes. It was ggrreeaatt......

That Alexander Kelly is ONE FUN GUY....... He is running for Student Body President this year at his school and I hope they elect him cause he would be a great Student Body Presedent, but only if it doesn't take away from my personal Alexander time.....You know, after all, it is "All About Me"

After we did the Cadaver (HRD) training, we headed over to King Elementary School where we pretended that there had been an earthquake and it was our job to find everyone who was caught in the aftermath.
A school is really great for this kind of training because there is sooooo much scent left over from all the kids who had been there all week.
Also there are tons of rooms and closets and cupboards which we can hide people in so it is like really hard for us to pin point them. We dont' see them, we just smell them. Then we have to find exactly where they are and let our team mate know where to look.
Murphy will scratch at the cupboard he wants opened. Lacy sits and taps at the cupboard, I scratch and whine when I want something opened.
It was great fun because Shantra was there and we have all missed her. She got married last month and was a little busy settling into her new lifestyle. BUT SHE IS BACK NOW....Wahoo.

This girl in the garbage can, well she was really tricky to find. I mean, I could smell her all over in the room but I couldn't close in for some reason. Then Vickie told me that if I would stand on my hind feet, I might be able to smell her from a different level.
so I stood on my hind feet and sure enough.........I figured out where she was. It was a cool lesson that I used later on in the day, over and over again.
Lacy and Joyce worked an area that was just a little too hard for me. Not that I couldn't have walked along that shelf, it is just that there were about 20 left over lunches from the week before in the cupboards just below. AND I WAS SO HUNGERY. WOW that was a challenge.

So now I am looking for anyone at all in the school when I come to this room. It had this piece of tape hanging from the door which I learned later was to let Vickie know that I was on track. Anyway, I was smelling under the doors along this hall when I came to this room and Wham......I smell that someone is inside. I scratch at the door and tell Vickie that I want IN.
She opened the door and I headed in, expecting to find my missing person immediatly but to my surprise, the room is empty. I cannot see anyone.......
I ran through the whole room, looking and looking when all of a sudden I get this smell. A strong smell of the human in the corner of the room. But still I cannot see them. I smell all along the walls and the floors and NOTHING.
Still the smell is so strong. Suddenly I remembered what I did in the room with the girl in the garbage can and so I stand on my hind legs so I can get higher so I can smell a different area.
For sure, I know what is happening now. It is this closet.......that I am smelling the human behind. Yes, for sure.....the strong smell of human being is behind this wall. Yipee, I have found him, now I just need to find a way to let Vickie know....
Vickie, Open this wall up, hurry hurry, the victim is behind this big red wall. Open Open Open. finally I whined and scratched at the red wall until Vickie opened it up and out came my human.
I had found him.......Yeah...... I am a search dog.....
And how do I know I have done a wonderful incredible job. BOOMERANG BOB..... Yep, out he and Boomerang Bob.

And still we are not done. Now just for the fun of it, I get to search the whole school to see if I can find my BFF Erin.
when Vickie told me to "Go Find Erin" I moved right back into "Search Mode" cause after all, it is Erin........I havn't seen Erin for months and months and I LOVE off I went to find her.
It was a "No Brainer" I found her in less than ten minutes cause, that is a human smell I will forever know and love.
And there you have it......Just one Big Ole Fun Day......Thanks so much to all of you who helped make this months training so fun. Since I missed last months training (Vickie and her surgery problems) well it is just great to get back with my friends.
I felt a little bad because Lacy and Murhpy got to go on a Search on Friday but this totally makes up for it......
now I am home, Vickie is resting with a ice pack on her knee and I have my favorite bed time toy. I often fall asleep with this in my mouth and if you go by this picture, it appears that I may have done that again.
so Good Night my friends GOOD NIGHT.

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murphigator said...

Betty sitting on Bert is hilarious!! People should be lining up to claim her. What a fun dog!!