Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Week

Yep.....It has been that kind of week. Kind of sad, kind of painful.....but never fear....There is always a rainbow in betwixt the storms.

We have a little problem here at the kennel and we are hoping you will help us by passing the word along to ALL your friends and ask them to pass the word along too.

Dizzy has been with us for about six months now. You know his story, at least most of you do: but heres a quick re-cap.

Dizzy belonged to a really special man who has cerebral palsy or muscular distrophy. (Vickie can't remember) anyway, his family dropped Dizzy off to board while he went into a special home for a bit, but then they never came back for him.

Vickie found them, but they said they would just take Dizzy to the pound and have him put to sleep so Vickie decided to try and help him find a home.

Dizzy is wonderful. He is sweet and kind and gets along with other big dogs, tolerates small dogs, and LOVES People. All he wants is to be loved back.

He is about 40 pounds, is neutered and housetrained. He loves to go for walks and even stays with you when he is off lead. He is a bit like me.....almost as perfect....So think about it for a minute, while you read more of my blog and I'll come back to Dizzy and his predicament a little later on.

As you may remember, Cooper got to go to his new home in West Yellowstone last Thursday and I got to go along for the drive to the place where Vickie and Coops new family had decided to meet.

Well, while they were getting acquainted with each other, I just took off in the sage brush to play. At some point, I can't remember exactly when, I must have sliced my eye on a stick or something.

I didn't really think much of it at the time, so I didn't bring it to Vickies attention, until over the weekend.

It started to bother me some on Saturday and by Sunday I was miserable......Just plain miserable. so of course, first thing Monday morning Vickie calls my pal, Dr. Doughty.

Luckily he and Misty were working early and I got to go right in. Misty had me sit on the scale and I am proud to say I am a healthy 81 pound boy.

then off I went into my special room and there, Vickie and I waited. My eye was hurting and I couldn't open it much. It was really sad.....I know this because Vickie was treating me very lovingly. Cuddling me and telling me not to be nervouse.... Dr. Doughty would fix it.

When Dr. Doughty, my buddy came in, he gently checked my eye and found the cut. It wasn't near the pupil he said, and that was a good thing. Then he put this stuff in my eye so's he could look at it in the dark.

That was kind of creepy. he had this little blue light that he brought out, then turned out the lights in the room and moved the thing over my eye a couple of times.

All in all, it didn't hurt that much and to be truthful, after the first stuff he put in my eye, I didn't feel much pain at all.

Then when he was done, he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. I know he could have given me a doggy treat, and that would have been just fine by me, but the hug was what I really needed.

I leaned in to him and took full advantage of the next few minutes. Ahhhh....It has been a tough few days, but I feel better now.

The next day Annie, Murphy and I met with some kids again. I had a little headache, but I still was up to playing with my girlfriend.

We played good and hard until I ran into this huge boulder and knocked myself silly. Man things have been happening to me right and left this last week. I got up from the ground, yep, it knocked me off all four paws, turned and headed back to Vickie.

Then I felt the pain in my side and shoulder area and for a minute there I thought maybe I had really hurt myself bad. But, Vickie, being the wise person that she is, gave me a pet, felt my shoulder and side then told me to "Toughen up" and "Stop playing Suicide Boy".

We went home after that and I kind of slept the rest of the afternoon. I was a little sick and threw up a time or two. Vickie was wathcing me like a hawk with her fingers on the speed dial of the phone, to Dr. Doughty's place.....but I didn't need to go. I toughened up and now I feel pretty good. Maybe a little stiff, but pretty good.

Our parting shot for the day, just before we left....

Austin came over later that night but I didn't feel much like playing so he just sat back and relaxed with Betty and Devil Cat while he and Vickie talked about the trip we were all going to take the next day. I may have been tired, but I HEARD every word they said.

Yeah, we are heading for the mountains. Of course when we go, we have to wait until four o'clock or so cause Vickie can't leave the animals alone and we need to wait for Judy but as soon as she got there, we were off.

The flowers were georgous, the lake crystal clear and there was tons of little ground squirrells and chip monks for me to race with. Gosh, they are fast.

I found this mountain side filled with these big yellow flowers and had a great time romping through them while the boys were fishing and riding the ATV's

Then when Vickie ad I were waiting for them to come back, after our two hour hike through the woods, we saw this fun little blue bird in the tree above us. He hung around for about 15 minutes but flew off when he heard the sound of the atv's

Then Vickie put me inside the trailer so she could take a spin around the area on the ATV and the boys prepared the fire so we could all have hot dogs.

Vickie wasn't gone too long when she came back and called the boys, who all got on the atvs and followed her, leaving me alone, inside the trailer, with those hot dogs just a sitting out there on the table waiting for someone to eat them.

Now why would you run off like that so quickly, leaving good food just sitting out.

Of course I found out later, that Vickie had spotted a moose and she wanted the boys to see him. Only it turns out to be a momma moose with two little babies. Well I guess they were all so excited they forgot that I was back at camp all by my lonesome, locked inside with all that food sitting out there.

So what did I do? Come on now, What would you do? I was hungry. real hungry. So I worked that door and worked it until I figured out how to open it. Well, now I am in food heaven. There are hot dogs, and hot dog buns and all kinds of food just a sitting there.

If it had of been earlier, I might have considered eating only one and leaving one for each of them, but after all, THEY LEFT ME......
SO I ATE THEM ALL... YEP, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.....EVERY BIT...AUsta la vista, sionara..see ya later.......(Dont' know how to spell any of that stuff but I know what it means.)

And you know what.....Them boys weren't even a bit upset with me. They were so excited about seeing the moose and her babies and following them around for an hour that they just said they were glad I was happy and that I didnt' wander off. They are the best

Fourth of July celebrations came one day early this year and so Vickie and I had to stand guard all night to make sure nobody got scared. We have this really neat guy who rides up and down our street all the time and today he was wearing his Fourth of July clothes. At Christmas, he looks like Santa. He has a nice spirit.

Now a bit more about DIZZY. you see the dog catcher says that Vickie can't keep strays here and that Dizzy has to go. Vickie is as sad as she can be by this and she is very worried for Dizzy. It seems so wrong for a good pup like my friend Dizzy to have to go to the pound.

Of course Vickie would never let that happen but she has been told that she only has one more week to find him a home and then she MUST take him to a shelter. She has found a No Kill Shelter in Salt Lake, but would so much rather know that he went to a good family home.

He so much deserves it. Please everyone, please, please, please, help us find Dizzy a home in the next seven days. Please pass this blog along to everyone you know who might know of someone who can help.

Dizzy is sending you his love, his hopes and his dreams.

This is his "I am so shy" face

And this is his "I will be loyal and trustworthy to the end" face. So please help him..... Call Vickie at (801)627-2307 We will travel a few hours and meet someone if we need to. It worked for Cooper.....maybe it will work for Dizzy.

Thanks everyone who has helped with the homeless animals here at CCC. Some of you have helped with food and love and walks. WE are all so great ful. Unfortunately after Dizzy is gone, we will not be able to help any more little lost souls. The costs are so great and the heartbreak it causes Vickie is unbearable.

So lets all pray for a wiser world....a more caring world....a more thought ful world...... and, from me and all the dogs that I know,
thank you to those of you who give us such good and loving homes. We know we are the lucky ones.



Anonymous said...

I like your blog idea... I gathered from a friends facebook link you are looking to help dogs find a home or something.. but you might benefit by putting a brief blurb on what this blog is about at the top of the page. just saying..

Berts Blog said...

Thanks Anonymous for the suggestion. I did a quick blurb on this weeks blog and will work on a better one for the future. It is fun to know that all kinds of folks are reading my blog. Being a dog, I just wasn't sure who would be interested in my life. Thanks again and have a really fun week too.