Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yet again another eventful week. Like Sunday night the Kellys came over and we piled about 8 of us dogs, from the kennel plus me and off we went for a Sunday walk. I love that Kory he talks to me just like I am a human. We talk about everything around us. He points out things like these big ole fish and crawdads that are swimming in the river below us.
ducks and other critters that swim by offer us a great time to look and discuss how they are different than me and him. He is really cool.
The next day Murphy and I went back to the park to do a talk to some children and I was amazed at the stuff that was flying thru the air and settling on the ground. I mean, it looked like snow but it is July.
I may only be two years old, but I am pretty sure that it can't snow in july especially when the temperatures are around 90 degrees. so what was this stuff.
I couldn't wait to get out of the car and check it out.
Turns out it is more of that Cottenless cottenwood tree. My goodness, it was everywhere and it was about three inches deep. Running through it was so fun. It was as light as a feather and so when Murhpy and I ran around playing, it would spin up into the air behind us and spread out even more. A M A Z I N G
As usual the kids were really glad to see us. I made a new friend with this little boy who would cling to my back and hug me over and over again. He stuck with me like glue. (whatever that is, it was a term Vickie used)
Murphy had his own new best friend too. IT was a great day.
Vickie and Kathy went up into the mountains without me this week. I was pretty upset about that, especially when she told me what happened.
They saw lots of deer and birds of all sorts of beautiful fields of flowers.

But the really cool thing that happened just as they were getting ready to leave was, they were coming around this corner and Kathy saw a moose. He was a young guy, maybe 1 1/2 years old with big old spikes growing out of his head.

Vickie and Kathy stood really still so they wouldnt scare him. But he already knew they were there and funny thing was, he wasn't scared he was curious. So curious that he started running towards Vickie and Kathy.
They got a little nervous cause they didn't have anywhere to run and no trees to hide behind so they just stood there in amazement.
That moose was so curious that he came all the way to them stopping about 10 yards from them. They just all three stood looking at each other out of pure wonder.
Then after a few minutes, the moose turned and strolled away.
Vickie and Kathy breathed a sigh of releif and slowly walked back to their atvs and headed home on a real High.
I guess if I had been there, they wouldn't have had such a cool experience cause I wouldn't have been able to resist the chance of going up to meet the little guy. Well maybe next time. Vickie says we are going up again this week and I get to go......FOR SURE.
Meghan came over and spent an hour with Dizzy grooming him and just letting him know that there are cool humans out there. Hopefully one day a cool human will take him home and let him live the life I have. Poor Dizzy. why can't anyone see how wonderful he is and take him home.
Molly came to stay for a few days again. She climbed way up on top of three beds and sat there like she was the Princess from the old story Vickie told me about called "The Princess and the Pea" We really like little Molly.

Allred doesn't scare me as much anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong, he is still the Devil, but I guess I am getting a little used to his presence, or maybe I just want to come inside enough that I am willing to rish it.

Cooper and Devil Cat were just starting to get along pretty good when Cooper was told that he
Wait for it.......
Wait for it......
Cooper has a NEW HOME. Yep everyone, Cooper is now living in West Yellowstone Montana with his new buddy Gunner a Golden Doodle and his new human family. And the word is that...all is well and he is very very happy,.
He gets to go for walks two times a day, no matter what the weather....he has his own swimming pool and his back yard is Nature, nature nature. What a lucky dog he is. What a lucky family they are too.

Before he left he set down with Betty and they said their good bys. (She just fell asleep while he talked to her. She wasn't much interested)

allred was beside himself with Joy when they said good by......ha ha
Then off Cooper, me and Vickie went to meet his new family.

The first meeting went so well. It was like love at first sight. IT was like Cooper knew that he was waiting for this guy all his life. It was so so cool. I am really happy for Cooper.....

Cooper and Gunner became friends immediately. I got boared with all the "Bonding" so I took off for a run in the sage brush. (This later came back to haunt me, but you will have to wait until next week to find out why)

The fun for me really began after we left Cooper with his new family and headed back home. To my great surprise there was this huge clean crystal clear lake waiting for us half way home. And of course, we had to stop and go play in it.
It was pretty windy and the swimming was rough because of the waves that were whipping up around me. But oh so much fun.

Back home again, without Cooper and the house feels a whole lot bigger now.

We have had some pretty fun birds this year besides the tragidy of our robin family and the flowers have been beautiful. The front yard however, is pretty bad looking and Vickie has been trying to think of a way to make it look better.
so far, and she blames me for this, the gravel base we had two years ago didn't work, because I eat rocks, then the grass last year didn't work because well, I pee on it and run it down to its death, so what next

Well, here is hoping her next idea works cause she says that having me around is really expensive and that if she has to change the front yard again, after this, she might just get rid of me next.

Don't worry though, I am 100 percent sure she is just saying that. Isn't She? No, she would never give me up jus to have a nice yard.....Would she? mmmmm

I don't know why but all of a sudden I have become a little concerned about my future so I think I'll just sign off now and leave you with some pictures of the roses, the sunset and the moon. It was a beautiful week.

I shouldn't be worried......

Should I"
NAH! She would never get rid of me.

Like the sunset, I bring much joy with my presence even if I am expensive.

Problem is, I think I have to go back to the veterinarian tomorrow (Monday) cause I hurt my eye really bad on the day we took Cooper to his new home. do you think the new vet bill could be the straw that breaks the camels back (Vickies check book) could this be the end for me. could she really get rid of me cause I cost so much money?

Oh, I am too tired to worry about it anymore. I guess I'll go take a nap with Betty and worry about it tomorrow. Anybody want to adopt me? I may be looking for a home soon. I'll let you know.

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murphigator said...

That last picture is hilarious! Good thing Bert doesn't mind being used as just another piece of furniture.