Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 8th thru 14th 2010

Vickie was watching a television show the other day that really hit home with her. It was about a girl who had a little baby that was always sick or hurt or something and she had to take her to the doctor or hospital constantly.

I was watching her as reality hit me....That was the relationship her and I have. Like, the rock I ate when I had to have surgery to take it out, or the squeaky toy that blocked my bowels, or the many many times I had an upset stomach and had to go to the doctor because of all the different things I had eaten.

Or two weeks ago when I had that awful ear infection or the next week when I got stuck in the irrigation ditch tunnel from hell, and this week when I went to the dog park with Vickie and the others to talk about our next steps in our goal to become Delta registered as a therapy dog.

We were all there talking and us dogs were playing and I found this glob of meat and well, of course, I ate it. Who wouldn't.

Later that night my stomach started to hurt and after a bit, I threw up what was left of that old peice of meat and what came out of painful broken glass that someone had rolled inside the meat.

And off to the vet I go again.

Well, what it all comes down to, as I see it is Vickie has Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP)

Yep, that has to be the answer. Otherwise it would mean that I am just the UNLUCKIEST dog in the whole world.

A brief description of MSPB
Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) (VICKIE) is a mental health problem in which a caregiver (VICKIE) makes up or causes an illness or injury in a dog under his or her care. The caregiver with MSBP (VICKIE) may:
· Lie about the dog’s symptoms.
· Change test results to make a dog appear ill.
· Physically harm the dog to produce symptoms.
They may get painful medical tests they don't need.

Dogs who are victims of MSBP can have lifelong physical and emotional problems

The attention that caregivers (VICKIE) gets from having a sick dog may encourage their behavior. Caregivers (VICKIE) may get attention not only from doctors and nurses but also from others in their community. For example, neighbors may try to help the family in many ways—such as by doing chores, bringing meals, or giving money.

How does someone with Munchausen syndrome by proxy act?
A person with MSBP often:
· Has medical skills or experience.(VICKIE was a vet tech for many years)
· Seems devoted to her dog. (mmmmm)
· Looks for sympathy and attention. (Has Vickie called you to tell you about me and my problems? Mmmm MMMM)
· Tries too hard to become close and friendly with medical staff.
· Needs to feel powerful and in control. (Uh, VICKIE for sure)
· Does not see her behavior as harmful.
What are the clues that a person may have Munchausen syndrome by proxy?
Doctors or nurses may suspect a problem when:
· A dog has a repeated or unusual illness, and no reason can be found.
· The dog doesn't get better, even with treatments that should help. Symptoms only occur when the caregiver is with or has recently been with the dog. But symptoms get better or go away when the caregiver is not there or is being closely watched.
· A caregiver suddenly changes doctors and lies about prior testing and treatment.
· Normal test results don't reassure the caregiver. And she may be strangely calm or happy when her dog’s condition is getting worse.
· Another dog in the family has had unexplained illness or death.

Need I say more? I think Vickie needs help.... Anyone up to the job. If not, then I shall just have to be more careful about what I eat and do and say and well, I love her but now I think I will have to be on my guard.
For those of you who worried about me, I am feeling much better now. My tummy is doing fine and with the medications the doctor gave Vickie to coat my stomach and any remaining glass shards, I think all will be well.

I was teasing when I said I beleive Vickie has Munchausins.

Allred is still a terror in the house but since Vickie bought him this new standing house from Debbie at the Animal Park he has been staying high above my head in his castle in the sky.

He is so busy playing in the castle that he has almost forgotten that his whole goal in life is to terrorize me.

This is the most wonderful wonderful thing that Vickie could have possibly done for the sanity of all of us dogs. There is no more fear about getting our eyes snapped out of our heads for just coming into the house. No attacks from behind with the wicked saber like claws. Just is so nice that Allred is happy now. Life is getting better and better for us all.

BETTY has been adopted. Yes it is true and she is so happy.
Her favorite family in the whole world have just bought a new home with a wonderful yard, with grass and trees and a big vegetable garden, and they have asked her if she wants to live with them.
Sweet Betty now has six people to love her. She has finally gotten everything she ever dreamed of.
The best part is she doesn't have to share them with all of the other dogs that she had to share with at our place.

If she wants to sleep with Austin, she just goes to his room or Magan or Nathan or Alex.
On her first morning Kathy woke up to find Betty snuggled in bed with them. Happy as can be.

After Work Kory comes home and gives her all the time she needs. The two of them take naps together and then they all go for walks and drives. It just couldnt' be any better.

Oh wait, maybe it could be a little better. What about a little sister. And now the family is complete.

Vickies neice Elizabeth came down from Vermont for a bit and we all got to go to the park. I did pretty good with Scott and Callie, right up to the last moment when I bumped into Callie and knocked her down. But she was a good sport about it. I did feel bad though. She got a few scratches on her knee from the gravel. But it was still a good time.

Adelaid, the newest memeber of the clan got to come down this weekend to. She makes this face everytime she sees Vickie. I wonder if she suspects that Vickie might have MSBP.

Still haveing great times up at Sourdough once a week. Next week Betty and the Kelly's are going to come and go with us. Maybe I can find them a moose to watch.

We saw the coolest bugs this week. They even posed for us.

I don't think I have ever told you about my animal cousin Jimmie. He lives with Bonnie, Vickies sister. He is very cool. But he has been pretty sick for the last little while and Bonnie was worried that he might have to go to another world.

Luckily at the last minute, Bonnie found a really cool vet in Salt Lake that was able to heal Jimmie completely and now he is all better. Happy and back home. I heard one time that he got lost and that Jamie and her friends came out to look for him. And I thought all we got to look for was lost people.

Speaking about searching. Vickie wanted to work on my tracking skills this week. She says that I move to fast and that I need to slow down when I am tracking so she put this 30 foot rope on me to slow me down.
It was cumbersome and annoying, but it did slow me down enough for me to realize that speed is not always the best way to go.
I guess I didn't realize all the smells I was missing when I was going so fast. There are a ton of smells that humans leave behind then when they are walking. When I go fast, I can miss some of them. Like I could miss when they turn and go another way, or I could miss other clues that they might leave behind, like a hat or inhaler or well just about a ton of things.
I am glad to have learned this and from now on I'll think about slowing down.....I Said I'll think about it.
And the best part about the end of a long hot search is my cool clean tub of water that awaits me when I get home. Nothing like, laying in that lushious water, then getting out and running thru the house and jumping on all the beds. Vickie likes it too.
Murphy sent some pictures for you of his trip up in the Uintahs this week. He had a great time. He loves to ride the ATV. I can't figure that one out.
Whats the big deal about sitting on the back of a moving machine when you could run along side.

maybe just being able to spend more time with Vickie, or cover more ground and see more places. I still dont' get it.....but I'll try it. So get that ATV ready Vickie.....If Murhpy can enjoy it, then I can too.

Well Wish me luck. Hopefully I can get through a week without another visit to the vet. I asked Vickie to make another slide show for you of all the things we did this week and of all the dogs that got to come and play here at the Country club.
TAke Care

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keli said...

Now, Bert, I thought we asked you just last week to be careful and to quit scaring us and then you go and eat some glass. But I don't think that's your fault at all (who wouldn't eat some nice meat laying around?)and I'd really like to know who did that because I'd sic my mom on them. She wants to rip them apart limb from limb and stick some broken glass, well, we needn't go into gory details. We'll just leave it at she was very upset when she read that. Remember now, Bert, there are only a few weeks until the party. Do you think you can keep yourself safe until then because we sure want you back to play in our pack. I hope you get all better soon.

Ray and Tay