Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boring BORING BBOORRIINNGG Week. I can't beleive how little time Vickie spent with me. Yes, she was pretty busy at the kennel but honestly, why should I suffer. BORING.....Yes, I did get to go for some walks, and a few times I got to go swimming in the lake at the Fort but that is it.....that is all....oh yea, there was that one trip up to the mountains Monday night with the Kelly family and Oh yea, Obedience class. That was like getting out too. But other than that. Oh and well meeting Betty's new little sister. But other than that.

Dougal had a great week and he was all about sending me pictures of his hiking trip this weekend.
And there was a lot of action in the kennels with all the dogs. Like, this short video Vickie took one day while they were all playing and I was over by myself in the front yard.

Vickie did promise that she would take me to the same trail that Dougal was on when he took this picture. But we are NOT going tonight, that is for sure. You should see the storm outside. It is making me a little nervous so I am glad she doesnt want to do it now.

Allred and I have reached an understanding and there is much peace now in the King household. This is how our agreement stands: I stay out of his way......
Thats it.... Plain and simple......I just stay out of his way.
Like I told you earlier, I did get to go with my boys to the mountains and we got to watch this moose for a while. Alex, Nathan, Austin and thier mom Kathy got to walk around the lake and get a closer look.
Vickie and I stayed across the shore so I wouldn't make the big guy nervous. Me....How could anything be nervous about me.

Austin is using his new camera to get some fun pictures and he sent these two to us to share with you. Check out the sillouette of the moose below. Pretty good, don't ya think?

Last Sunday the family came over and brought Betty for a Visit. She is so happy with her new family that she pretty much ignored me. I tried to get her to play but she wasn't even interested in me any more.
She is so much more calm now too. It is like she has everything she ever needed. She loves her new family and has moved on. She doesn't need us any more.
Vickie says' that is a good good thing. I'll take her word for it.

Like I told you last week, Betty got a new little sister too. Her name is Bella. Betty and Bella. How cute is that.

Bella is kinda small and I wasn't allowed to play rough with her. Maybe one day when she gets bigger she will be able to come over and we can run, but right now she is just a teeny thing. Delicate.....but I think I'll like her.

She tried to get Tristy to play with her but Tristy said "NO" and just ignored her.

She tried and tried until Tristy finally just got up and went into the house. Little Bella doesn't know how to use the dog door so that was that.

Well, I guess I'll just go to bed and pray that Vickie will spend more time with me next week. After it quits storming. I am thinking that she needs to get me up into the mountains and do a really long search problem. So send good vibes her way.....
Think . Bert mountains Vicke! Bert Mountains Vickie! Bert Mountains Vickie!
She'll get your vibes cause she is sensitive.....or nuts. I am not sure....But I'll keep her even if she doesn't take me hiking this week.
Bert Mountain Vickie
Bert Mountain Vickie
Bert MountainVickie

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