Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 1 thru 6 2010

Well, if this isn’t a slap on the snout……Vickie has decided to use Tristy for therapy work at the local Care Center, cause she says there is some issue with me trying to get the tennis balls off the bottom of the walkers while the residence are walking.
I just don’t get it.

Why would you put the big yellow tennis balls on the bottom of a walker, then head down the hall at slow speed, if you didn’t expect a dog, any dog worth his salt, to not chase the balls down and……




TRISTY. For petes sake. TRISTY
I am working on a new job now. I mean, I still get to be a search dog and I still get to work with children and occaisianally I will still get to go to the Care Centers and Hospitals to visit, but now I hope to be the best of the best for my new job.

I wont’ tell you what it is just yet, needless to say, after I do some of you may change your mind about me…..a little….but it is a good thing…..really it is.

Vickie says that a happy dog is a working dog. I think she says that because all she ever does is work and she is happy so she thinks I would be happy too if I had ONE MORE JOB. As if I don’t’ do enough.

I am not complaining though because if I do this job well, then Vickie and I will get to spend more and more time together. So I don’t really call it work, I just call it QUALITY TIME with my best friend. Plus Murphy is going to do it too and my new friend Wally.

Sure, I will be doing all the work. All Vickie will need to do is be my driver, oh and my communicator between myself and the humans. So I guess when you look at it, she will be working a little bit too.

Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it in the next few weeks. Its on the creepy side, but it is really a benefit to all things that breath……(are you curious yet?) Oh, and not to worry, it does not require me meeting tarantualas in the wild. Whew!!

I had a moment of excitement last week as I hadn't seen Allred for a few days. I even checked out his castle....No Allred....
For two days I got to sleep on the couch without fear, walk in and out of the house without carefully checking behind the dog door when I entered. I was starting to feel confident, safe. The Devil Cat was gone.
Ah, but no such luck......Thursday morning early I came shooting into the house with a walnut in my mouth and Larry on my heals, ripping around the corner and up onto the couch.. I whirled around spinning from the front to the wall side of the couch when out flicks the hand/paw of the devil ripping a hole down the left side of my nose.
Crapola.....he's back.

Not sure where he went, what he did, or mostly WHY HE CAME BACK, but he has been curled up in a ball asleep for two days and I have been keeping my distance. Dang it......Life was so least for a few days.

WE have this big old yellow tire that has been here since the beginning of Canine Country Club. It was a big mistake Vickie says. It weighs 1000's of pounds and it is here to stay. She tried to cut it, to have it moved, to get rid of it for years.
She says it was cool for the first few years but after that it just became a home for big ugly spiders and quick moving rats.
Finally this week, Vickie found a guy who said he could get rid of it.

They came with this huge machine that lifted it right up and over the fence and out of our lives. Pretty fun to watch and so glad it is gone..... If you are really bored and have nothing to do and like to watch big machines, Vickie video'd it and I will have her put it at the bottom of today's blog.
Vickie got lots of fun pictures of our play friends this week and put them in a video for you.

There are still some beautiful fall leaves up in the mountains, but it isn't going to last much longer. Vickie says it is going to get really cold this week and that this would be our last chance to see the fall leaves this year.
I am excited about the snow, but Vickie isn't. I'll have to work on getting her more excited about it this year by making her feel guilty about not going snow shoeing. If I work it right, I think I can get her to pull the sherpa's out and heading up into the hills alot.
Have a nice week and enjoy the videos if you get time.

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Slaves of Intensity said...

Cool tractor- that would have been so fun to watch!
So I got it- bert is going to be a stud machine, right! I know he'll love it :)