Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aren't computers fun. Like I can take this picture of me and with just a few clicks of the mouse (mouse, thats a funny word for that little mechanical thing) anyway a few clicks and I can make my handsome self look like, well, even more handsome and in different ways. Very cool. Of course, I am the perfect model to use for a click like that. Don't you agree?

THE SNOW IS HERE. YAHOO... Cooper sent me a picture of him and his buds on their first trip snowshoing in Yellowstone. He also wanted to thank you all for supporting him while he was living with us waiting for the perfect home to come along.

Looks like it did......

Mystery sent this picture of her front yard up in the mountains above Huntsville. Isn't she beautiful...... Look out Annie, I may just be having a crush on an older girl.

And of Course MURHPY, my bud, he sent this picture of him and Bill sleeping off a very long and funfilled day. Mmmmm wonder where Paulette is going to sleep.

WEll, I have to admit, I almost (almost) felt sorry for Allred this week. See he has had this sore on his side for about a year now. Vickie took him to the doctor and they gave him medicine that helped heal the sore, or at least stopped it from showing on his body for a little while.
But it came back and this time it was worse. So this week when I went in to get my yearly vacinations, Allred went with us.
When it was time to leave, Allred stayed there. I was ecstatic. Yeah....Dr. Doughty must have fallen in love with Allred and decided to take him home.
I came home and told the others. We were all so happy. What better place for a sick ole mean ole cat to live than at the vets house. It was the perfect idea.
Sadly, around 6 pm that same night, up drives Dr. Doughty and in he comes with.....
Yep you guessed it.
He looked like he had been dragged behind a truck, with his side all shaved and cut up and this drain coming out like a big ole tapeworm from his insides.
Dr. Doughty wasn't keeping him after all. He had just done surgery on him and brought him back home.
Honestly I felt a little sorry for him cause he looked pretty rough and I guess he doesn't feel real good cause he is more honery than ever now.
You should have seen him come after poor tristy for NO GOOD REASON. (Granted he may have thought she was me)

But there we were all standing in the kitchen helping Vickie prepare breakfast for HERSELF the next morning, when out of the living room charges the big EVIL DEVIL CAT.
He came in and viciously, for no good reason, no reason at all, attacked Tristy right on the rump. Allred just grabbed hold of her with his fangs and hung on while poor Tristy, who by the way had done NOTHING wrong, and wouldn't let go.
She was so surprised as were all the rest of us. Even Vickie couldn't beleive it. It took her a whole ten seconds to catch up with poor Tristy to remove the large striped demon that was biting and scratching the poor inocent dog.
So even though Allred is sick and may even have some kind of bone cancer (they are not sure yet) I still DON'T like or trust him.
Thank goodness for snow and all the fun that comes with it. Like walks in the park,
Digging for walnuts

Meeting new Blue Eyed friends

Don't ya just love this guys eyes?
I think Blue eyes were the color of the week. Even Tonner has one blue eye. The other is brown. How cool is that.

It was SOOOOO cold this week so even though we loved the snow, there was nothing like being able to come inside and get warm, stretch out on the beds and siesta.
Moab settles in for a rest.
Ottis starts to drop off.
Jamie is out cold
We had a ton of Golden Retrievers Staying over the
Thanksgiving Holiday as you can see
Daila warms up after a long play.
And of course a good night sleep for me.
A Sunday Jaunt during a snow storm.

And off to bed again.
A new week starts in a few hours so I need to get plenty of rest.
I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I didn't get any turkey but I did get lots of great times. I guess food isn't everything.
Love ya

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