Sunday, December 5, 2010

WINTER WINTER WINTER SNOW SNOW SNOW I LOVE LIFE. This has been a great great week. I didn't get into trouble Once.

Many of you have asked Vickie what I did that was so TERRIBLE a few weeks ago. What I did that was so BAD. What I did to make her so UNHAPPY with me for so long.

Well, here it is. I am going to tell you and quite frankly, now that I have had tme to think about it and maybe because this week has been so much FUN, I don't really understand why she got so UPSET.

It really wasn't all that bad. All I did was, well, let me explain a little bit.

We got up one morning and took a walk down to my "friend" Triggers house. Triggers dad got a new snowmobile and wanted to show Vickie how cool it was.

Well, while her and John were looking at the new snowmobile, Trigger and me was playing. We got to playing a little rough and I sorta got mad at Trigger and I started trying to tell him in Dog Language that I didn't appreciate how he was playing.

now we would have been just fine if Vickie and John hadn't gotten into the middle of it. All I was doing was showing Trigger that I was bigger and stronger than him. I didn't really bite him hard, I mean not hard enough to break the skin.

I just was tellin him that he better know who was top dog in the neighborhood.

I guess I don't need to tell you more. I mean if you read the blog two weeks ago, you know that things just went to pot after that.

but All is well again. Like really really well.

On Monday we headed to the park west of town and me, Tristy, Jamie, Scrappy and Abby got to run and play snowball, roll in the snow, run through the fields, hide in the trees and just plain "let her go, Let her loose, Let it fly" IT WAS GGGRRREEEAAATTT

Jamie was pretty sore the next two days cause she is old and when she plays too hard, she Pays........ But she said she would rather suffer for two days for just a few hours of fun any time.

Daisy here, who I know you all have met in the past, is looking for a new home. So I am hoping you guys will tell your people to send this blog page to as many folks as they can so we can find her a wonderful home.

See, as I know it, she is in a great home but the lady who she lives with is worried she doesn't get enough Human Time. And you know how us dogs like Human Time.
The lady thought Daisy was old and quiet when she got her from the rescue but come to find out, Daisy is only about 7 years old and wants to be in a home where she gets more people time. She doesn't like lying around all day.
She would be ok if she had a big yard to play in during the day while her new family is at work, but would be soooo happy if you had a doggy door so she could come and go as she pleases.
She is a really good house dog, great companion dog, wonderful walking partner, but only on a leash cause she is after all a HOUND. So off lead, with her nose so close to the ground, well, who knows what her nose would tell her to do.
So if you know of someone, please pass the blog along or have them email Vickie at
We had lots of fun times at the kennel this week and here is a video of how we enjoyed the snow this week. Everyone of us dogs got along so Vickie opened up the whole kennel of play areas and we all had a ball. You may want to turn the sound down cause we were pretty vocal.

Vickie was going through some of her pictures for the year end and came across a bunch of baby pictures of me. They were so cute, she went to lookin for baby pictures of some of my other pals.
I thought you might enjoy seeing us when we were cute little critters.

Heres one of Kenai. She has always had the bluest eyes. I call her "Little Blue Eyes" Pretty orignal huh.....

And beleive it or not. THIS IS GUS..... I find it hard to beleive he was ever this small or this cute. Course he is much older than me so that is why I have a hard time picturing him this cute.

Of course, you can't pass up cutie patutie Tubbs.

Whoa and what about Leo.
So here is a fun video with Christmas music of a bunch of Vickies favorite pictures. Hope you like it too.

To close the week, I got to meet my buddy Tucker at the river walk and we had a great time.

The lake was frozen but after we got over the bridge we found the creek and me and Tucker decided to go swimmin. Yep, I admit it, it was pretty cold, but a guy just cannot ignore water when he sees it.

Oh yea and Ken made these great snowballs that he would toll up into the air and me and Tuck would jump up and try and grab them in mid air.


Ya gotta love SNOW

Isn't this a beautiful beautiful life we have here. I don't understand a lot about what it means when Vickie says it is a special time of year....This Christmas Season.....But I do know, I LOVE IT.

Vickie is playing this really nice Christmas song now called "Silent Night" Just another one of those things I don't understand cause I am a dog, but I do know that it is peaceful and wonderful and it makes me want to sleep sleep sleep.

I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week this week. I am gonna leave you with one more video cause the sound of it makes Vickie so happy. When we start out our work day the best thing happens just after Kodiak and Kenai come. They start singing a good morning song. (You humans call it a "Wild Howl". ) When they start it every morning all the rest of us join in and the whole place joins in. It is a wild, free song that we sing that comes from deep inside us.

When I join in I feel a joy come from way down inside my soul that crys to get out. It is a wonderful feeling, yet a lonely sad thing. You probably know what I am talking about.

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