Wednesday, April 20, 2011

man, it just keeps raining here. We have more water than ever before which is great for me cause I love water, but bad for lots of others cause it is coming over the river banks and flooding homes everywhere.

Me and my buddy Wally have been busy with our side job. Vickie always says that a bored dog is a problem dog so I have three jobs. She may have gone overboard just a bit, but I am lovin it cause we are never bored.

Wally and I get to travel all over the area working for people who want to rent their appartment or hotel rooms. Can you guess what we do?

With all the rain my walking paths are now under wickedly swift running water and it is getting pretty dangerous.

Vickie took some pictures for you so you could see our area.

This is the old Haunted house down the street. Its under a foot of water already

This is my park up the street. Every year we have this big festival called the Mountain Man Rendevous where folks come dressed like the indians and mountain men from a hundred years ago. They sell their wares and show how they lived back then. Only this year they had to cancel it cause all the teepees and stuff got flooded as the river and lake overflowed.

I walk along here to but usually the river is down the banks about 6 feet. Now it is just running over and filling the park.

Before all the rains came Vickie set up some search and rescue problems for me. (She hid and burried some Human remains) Me and my buddy Murphy had to go out and look for them today cause she was afraid they might just float away.

We had to swim to get to one of the areas to search. I liked that.

Murphy doesnt care that much for water but he did his job. Last week, this area was as dry as a bone and seemed like the perfect place to bury "Stuff"

maybe not

WE also had to search a hillside for the second burried remains. Murphy and I work really well together. We can cover an area in half the time cause there are two of us.

The area we were supposed to check out was about 10 acres and the piece of skin we were looking for was about 1 inch long and 1 inch wide. You would think this would be really hard to find, especially cause it is also burried but when you got noses like me and the Murhpy have, well, its no big deal.

WE covered that 10 acre area and found our burried "Stuff" in great time.

Well that was sure a lot of talking for "Wordless Wednesday" but I have never been known for my silence. never ever.

Have a nice week everyone



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Amber-Mae said...

OH Bert you sure can TALK & you talk NON-STOP. That's why all your posts are so long. Takes me forever to finish reading them. BOL!! But I do enjoy reading each & every one of them. Sorry about the yucky rain & floods but that must have been so fun to do the search IN the water, huh? huh? HUUHHHH??