Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vickie was bored Saturday night. (She needs a life) So she just sat back and played with my pictures on photo shop. Kind of an interesting rendition, don't you think. The cool thing is that I look COOL, no matter what you do with my pictures.

Our friends went cave exploring last week and found these bats. You have to move very quietly in these caves, you don't want to bother the bats cause then they all fly around your head and it is kind of creapy. Vickie says, she and Andy were on a search (Andy was her first Search Dog) and they had to go in a cave like this one and the bats pooped on them. Kind of yukky if you ask me. I hope we don't ever have to search in a cave.

Remember I told you me and Vickie went up into hills and down by the river a few weeks ago and hid some Cadaver material. Well, we had to get Murhpy and him and I had to go find the stuff because the waters were coming up so high we had to get them before they floated away.

It was a tough go as we had to wade/swim to the search area but it didn't take us long to "Do Our Thing" "Find the Stuff" "Search Dog Incredible". I am not really as good as I keep telling you, but I figure if I talk it up, I will become what I beleive I can become. Vickie says "you can always get better" and if Vickie says it, then it must be true.

Our volunteers came back again this week and I was very excited to see them. I had already been to the park and played in the lake that day but I still convinced my new friends to walk me again. I was pretty tired at the end of the day.

OK, so I have written enough. So now, just pictures with little quotes. I am trying to be less talky.......

Cool fun guy Tonka came to play this week.

He is really old, but really cool.

Skeeto played with Shelby this week. Oh and good news,

Skeeto got to go to his home Saturday.

Yeah.......Every dog needs a loving home of his/her own.

Good Luck Skeeto

My cousin Pepsi came to stay for the week.

My Idaho family came down for a bit.

Lots of us showed up for training Saturday

even though it was still threatening to rain.

Trying to get us all to stay in a sit for a picture is a real job.
This is only half of us

I am not sure why you humans do it, but every time we dogs poop,
you scoop it up and carry it around with you for a while.
"Whats up with that?"

Even though, because of the flooding, the Mountain Man Festival was cancelled, a few of them still showed up. They said they were gonna have the Festival in June.

Annie is doing really well with her training and Saturday was the first time she has wanted to play with the rest of us after training. You see she got attacked by another dog one day when her and her companion were out walking. She was so upset, she was afraid of all her pals at the Saturday training. Well all, except for me.

How could you be afraid of ME.

Well, thats about it. Sorry I kept talking even though I told you I was gonna stop, Sometimes I just cant help myself.

I am leaving you with a video of all the stuff that went on all week.




Tracy said...

I so enjoyed hearing about your life...I love vicki's playing with the photos; that first picture is so lovely!
Thanks so much for sharing your adventures...

Meeka said...

You're one busy guy.
Hope you and your family had a great Easter.

Amber-Mae said...

That looks like a pretty cool artwork, Bert eventhough it is just a photoshopped picture. BTW, hoomie Melissa says you are a very big Golden. My son, River is very big too. He's like 2 inches over standard height. You both are probably the same size.

Miss Kodee said...

Spending the night cuddled up with photoshop only proves how cool your Mom is ;) You can talk all you want because your stories are fascinating and should to be shared. Great blog!

Tracy said...

I think you SHOULD encourage Vicki to bring you to the could play with Hurricane in the water and the two of you would have a ball! :)

Bailey Be Good! said...

Hi Bert! It's so nice to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me. It's so interesting to read all about you and your life. :) :)

Woofs & hugs,


Boondocks said...

Bert, I hope I'm half as good looking as you when I get all grown up!! You is a fine specimen!!!


Anonymous said...

Stopping in for the Meet & Greet Party Blog Hop. I have to say that Bert has THE cutest juiciest snout I have seen. Loved all your photos. Power to the Pets from The Pet Book Lady (aka Lisa Taron)

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. It's always great to meet other therapy dogs. We look forward to reading more about your adventures :)