Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am sad to report that Jennifer, Michelle and Blake are only going to be able to come and walk all of us dogs for one more week this summer.
They will really be missed cause they take me and Zeus and the others to the park where we get to run along the trails and swim in the lake.
Darn it. Summer vacation is almost over.....

One thing I have learned since I moved in with Vickie and the others is that when the phone rings at 2:30 in the morning, there is no going back to bed. This sunday morning Vickie flew out of her bed when the phone rang mumbling things like "It is never a good thing when the phone rings at this time"

Well, thank goodness everyone in our family was ok, but another family was very upset because their mother, sister, daughter......did not make it home Saturday. It seems this woman was out hiking with a friend and they got separated.

One lady made it back to the vehicle but the other one was still missing and the search and rescue was called out. Vickies job was to wake up all the dog handlers and get them on their way so they could help look for the lady.

This was the second call-out in less than a week. It seems a lot of people are getting lost. Clearly they have not been listening when we come and teach people what to do if they get lost. Well, maybe the kids are listening because the kids are not the ones getting lost.

Summit County had around 6 people lost or missing this week alone. I better hurry and get certified so I can go help.

Anyway, the lady was found ok and all the handlers were told to go back to bed but Vickie and I were already wide awake so we just went out and layed on the lawn and listened to the quiet. It doesn't get quiet around here very often so it was kind of cool to just lay there, looking up at the stars till the sun came up

The only problem is by the time church came around Vickie was so tired that she slept through most of it.

Aron went home this week. We will miss him some, he was a fun house guest. He played pretty good with me but he was always so happy to see John when he came over. I think he had a crush on John, cause he followed him around and kept me from even getting close to him during his visits.

Rocky came and worked hard this weekend too. Vickie has given up on the front yard and the grass so Rocky moved the fencing around. Now we all get to go and play in the grass anytime we want to. Grass Grass Grass. Vickie says it won't last long cause Jamie, Abby, Scrappy and I pee on it all the time. She says it will all turn brown and die. Oh well, I am going to enjoy it as long as I can. She did have Rocky kennel off one area just for her. That is where we laid and watched the sun come up on Sunday.

Another fun overnighter at Sourdough. We found a new pond to swim in. The water was really cold cause it is a spring fed pond and it was late in the evening so I only wanted to be in it for a few minutes.

On the way back to camp we saw a bunch of deer. Even a momma and two babies. According to Vickie it is pretty late for the little ones to have been born. They were really young. We watched them for a long time before momma told them to hop into the woods.

Vickie would have gotten more pictures and better ones, but the battery in her camera died.

I get kind of tired of Vickie always saying she is going to go on another diet. It usually means that we don't get to have the good stuff around the house.
This time it was Nutri-Systems. She ordered the food online because it looked so good. She was sure she was gonna lose some weight .

This is what it looks like when they advertise it. Now that looks pretty good, wouldn't you say.
Well the jury is still out cause when it came it didn't look like that at all. She is going to try it a few days and then let you know.
PS. One day later: Well so much for Nutri Systems....YUCK

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johndeb said...

Hey Bert, Looks like I get to go to the Vet and get tutored too. Does it make you any smarter? Basil and I were up to our old tricks again. Everytime Deb and John go out of town we Party like a Rock Star. This time Jared got us with the dog catcher hot on our heels. Do you think we'll make the Police Log this time? The Bear!