Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vickie has gone to the Dark side....

You are NOT gonna beleive this, but I am telling the truth.....the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yep,
Are you Ready.
Here it is.

Vickie has really gone too far......She has truly gone over to the Dark Side. You are not going to beleive what she has been doing to me as of late.

I mean, it is so degrading. Jamie has always warned me about this very thing.

People who dress up their dogs. know the kind of people I am talking about. mmmm

Little jackets to keep their baby warm in winter, stupid halloween costumes of spiders and pumpkins, all those silly little hats and devil horns or red and white Santa hats. But Jamie told me not to worry cause Vickie had NEVER been that kind of person.


OH YES......Here we go. I mean, so far no silly costumes but glasses. Reading Glasses!!!
What the heck. I got perfect vision. I don't need no reading glasses.

Oh and if that isn't enough, then she has to see if I like her Sun Glasses. Really, and just where is this leading too. I have to tell you I am VERY VERY concerned. (Let me point out here, that you, my public, have a great deal of influence on Vickie so if you could just tell her that she has already gone TOO FAR.....I would very much appreciate it.)

Poor Zeus has had a really tough week. He has a sore on his toe and has had to stay inside with us all week. No playing with his buddies Gus and Cleo, no running with Shea, just bed rest, or as you can see, MY LAZY BOY rest.
He comes in Tuesday morning and immediately takes over my chair. Between him and Betty I am beginning to think that I have absolutely no control over my life at all. But I do wish him well. (Because the sooner he gets better the sooner I get my chair back. HA HA)

So, lets get down to the fun part of the week. Wednesday night Kory came around 7 pm and took me and Betty for a run. I was so excited to see him, but I didn't really understand that when he said he wanted to take me for a run, he meant that we would be running and running and running FOR MILES and MILES.
Oh my goodness, the man just kept running. We ran for about an hour. No kidding. I thought my poor little feet were going to collapse on me. I was so exhausted, I mean soooooo tired, I barely made it into the van to come home.
When he finally brought me home, I went right to bed and didn't move until Breakfast on Thursday. I figured, I'd get up, get some breakfast then go back to bed, but Vickie had other plans.
Thursday is the day we get to go to Apple Village and visit with all my friends who live there. It has been a while since I have seen many of them. It is such a great place. I especially enjoy the fish pond that is just inside the door. I tried to catch Chase while she wasn't paying attention and jumped up on the side of the pond, but she was too sharp. She pulled me back just a fraction of a second before I was able to jump directly into the middle of the pond. Dang, foiled again....
Chase came along with us and she took care of me most of the time while vickie talked and introduced the other Therapy dogs that came with us. Usually it is just Me, Jamie and Murhpy that go to the retirement homes, but lately the Therapy group has grown leaps and bounds and we have a lot of really fun dogs that come now too.
So in the picture above you see my girlfriend Annie and her friend De. Me and Chase, Shirley and Bubba (he is the smallest one of all of us and they love him because he can sit in their laps.) Then of course we have the wonderful Tucker and Ken, Next is Sweet Happy and Gary. Paulette and Murphy were outside taking a potty break during the picture.

Before we got to mingle with my friends, Tucker and Ken did some fun tricks for everyone. He is quite popular with the ladies at the Center.
Then Murhpy of course had to do his thing. He is such a show off. He stands on his hind legs and dances around, bows, plays shoot em up and die......He really is quite entertaining. I have to admit.....

We all sat paitently waiting for our turn to be let loose to be with our friends.
Finally we get to go visiting and what does Vickie do? You guessed it, out came the dumb glasses. Oh yeah, really funny. uh huh, I am here to entertain.
Ok, Maybe it is kind of cute. The ladies seemed to like it a lot. They all wanted their picture taken with me. They called me "COOL DUDE"

There weren't a lot of guys there today, but this man was so special to me for some reason. I really felt a bond with him. I don't know why but there was something very very special about him. I hope I get to see him again.
After a while, I got a little nervous and so I found Chase and had to get a hug from her. I can't do this to the little people here at the center. You know I am a big boy and some times being a big boy, can be too much for some older people but Chase, she can handle it when I need some comfort.
I just needed a hug. Then I was back getting pets and loves from all my new friends.

I guess there are a lot of pictures of me but it is my blog so what do you expect.

Even though Buddy looks a little bit like he is falling in this picture, he is really loving all the attention he got today. He is a way cool guy.

Annie was having so much fun that she fell asleep. Yep, there she is getting her lovin and she just falls asleep. What a gal.

So now it is good by from me and all my friends at the Retirement Center, but before I go, here is an update for all of you Dougal fans out there.
More pictures from his fun weekend. Sometimes I might seem a little jelous of him, but the truth is, we are both very lucky very happy very busy dogs.

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