Sunday, June 27, 2010

I was being all secretive last week when I told you I would have lots of adventures to share with you this week. And yes, I got to do a lot of fun stuff but what I was most excited about was that I was going to be going on a search. My second official search. I was so excited to use my skills in helping to find a missing person, but.....
As it turned out, they didn't let us dogs go at all. Vickie said it was way too dangerous for dogs and since the missing person has been missing for about six months and it is most likely that this poor person is not alive, that it was something that we would have to pass on.

The problem was. SNAKES......hundreds and hundreds of SNAKES......Pits of snakes, fields of snakes, little snakes, big snakes, NASTY Rattlesnakes.

So what's a rattlesnake? And why should Vickie be so scared of them. She doesn't have to worry, I would run out in front of her and scare the little buggers away. Poor Vickie.

wow, she just read this and said I have to now take a SNAKE AVERSION course.....and all because I told her I would scare them away for her. Certainly a silly little snake (whatever that is) would be scared of a big boy like me, especially if I ran up and grabbed em by the behind.

Anyway....The rest of my week went like this:

Me and the Kelly family, Oh and Vickie, all went camping. Well Vickie and I stayed till really late and had to leave so she could take care of the kennel, but the Kelly's got to stay overnight.

My buddy Kory took me to the lake and we played One! Two! Three! JUMP. I can never get enough of that. Kory counts to three and then I get to dive into the water. Again and again and again. I LOVE IT.
I was hungry sooner than the rest so I started rooting around in the fire pit. There was no fire yet and I figured I could find some left overs from last week.....but to no avail. All I got was dirty. Which of course I don't mind.....

Then on Thursday we got to go to a special place with some very special little kids. There was lots of things going on there and I got to be loved by a whole bunch of them.

The Murphigator is always a favorite with the kids. He does tricks and they love it, but I am a Looker.....

Besides the kids, I got to meet this cool bird. I tried to talk her into coming to my place and giveing Allred a bad time, but she said they didn't let her take off whenever her wanted. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live with the evil one.

I have really missed having Annie around. She has been gone for a week now and it is like the sun has left my heart. She sent me a picture of her all gussied up and I feel a little better, plus I get to see her on Tuesday of this coming week. I hope I can get a bath before I see her. I need to be better looking than that big ole Pyranees Jake. I really think he is trying to win her heart but I am pretty sure that I am younger and better looking enough to beat him out in the competition of a young girls heart.

We got a surprise visit from Katerina and Giovanni with their mom Joslyn and her mom Sally. They came all the way from Sweeden just to meet me.
Well, maybe not just for me....but they really did want to meet me. They have been reading my blog for a year and so when they came they talked about coming to see me until their mom finally said. OK.
And well, maybe because their mom and grandma are old friends of Vickies. That may have a little bit to do with it.

Katerina and Cooper really hit it off.
We had the biggest and the littlest guests this weekend. It was fun to see them sleeping together. The big guy is Larry and the little one is Molly.

Allred is still running things around the house. He even has Cooper running in fear. But at least Cooper wont have to take it too much longer cause GUESS WHAT? Our Cooper has a new home. Yep. He gets to live in West Yellowstone Montana.
MONTANA.....who wouldn't want to live in MONTANA.
So for just a few more days, he will have to tolerate Devil Cat. He will have to walk around with eyes in the back of his head, watching for movement from behind the chair or just to the side of the door.

Silly guy thinks he is hiding from Allred by standing under a sheet. Mmmmm....not sure his new family is aware that he isn't too smart. A sheet.....sure, that is gonna keep you safe.

So I leave you with one parting shot of Devil Cat and a short slideshow of this weeks goings On.
Vickie is still working on getting good music as a back ground. She found an old CD of The Sons of the Pioneers. Not sure how I feel about that music, but she seems to like it.
Have a wonderful week everyone.
Love ya and really appreciate you reading about me and my adventures.

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