Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Week of October 2010

Boy it feels like a lot of my friends have gone and left this world in the last few months. All of them have been Vickies friends too and she is feeling pretty badly for their families. Especially because our Jamie is getting so old and seems to be having a rough time of it lately.

This week our sweet little Molly has left us. She is this tiny little thing that comes and stays with us often. You hardly know she is here. She is so tiny and she sleeps most the time. When she came she would lay at Vickies feet under the computer desk. That way she was out of the crazy stuff, but she could watch it at the same time. We will miss Miss Molly.

I am also sad to tell you that Gretel the Rotty has passed along as well. She died this week from Cancer. Molly went in her sleep but Gretel had to have the help from her family and veterinarian to go. She was like the best rottweiler ever. She was so kind and gentle. I didn't get to know her real well but Vickie says she was one of a kind.

ON the up side, I met this new guy at the groomers. His name in Murphy and he was rescued by this really cool group from Salt Lake that saves dogs that weigh over 100 pounds. Murphy is living in a foster home right now and if anyone is interested in a huge, sloppy but loving goofy kind of guy, email Vickie to find out how to meet him.

Allred is still here, just in case any of you were wondering. Yesterday we had company. They were sitting in the big chair next to Allreds Tower. They couldn't see that Allred was just above their head, looking down and considering their fate.
Our company asked where Allred was, just as he was contemplating introducing himself anyway. Vickie told them to look up and you should have seen their face when they saw him staring down at them with a devilish grin.

One of my friends who comes to day care was trying to scare Allred the other day. As you can see. Allred has NO FEAR. I think Dali should be a little more careful. But at least with Allred focused on her, he is leaving me alone.
Night everyone. I promise to have more for you next week but this week has been pretty slow. I blame Vickie for that.

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Anonymous said...

Bert, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm sorry you lost so many friends. My mummy lost her heart dog, Bridget 8 weeks ago and she's very sad. You look like you would be fun to have a play date with.