Sunday, October 3, 2010

I know that some of you think I am terrible because I keep telling you that Allred is "The Devil". Some of you think I am joking about it. Ha ha, funny Bert.... Yeah well, ask Tristy about what kind of a joke it really is.

Yep, Tristy, sweet, innocent, quiet, delicate, never does anything wrong, Tristy.....was just minding her own business the other day, walking along thru the house like normal when she mistakenly walked a bit to close to Allreds Castle.

Out from the hidden cave of the lower castle, shoots the evil one. Striking out in a flash, Devil Cat poor Tristy's behind with his long spearlike teeth, ripping a C shaped hole just under Tristy's tail, then slithering back into his dark hole before she even realizes she is hurt.

Soon the actual feeling of pain reached her brain and she (Tristy) turned around to see what had happened. She see's nothing, but I did, I saw the whole thing and it was definatley "Devil Cat".

So off to the vet again. I swear that Vickie spends at least three hours a week at the vets each week and if you add it up, I think at least 50% of her visits are due to the Evil One. Oh I curse that cold winter day last year when we heard the sad desperate cry of a kitty starving and lonely. Boy oh boy, did we fall for that one. And now we MUST PAY......

Seems like this week has been a really different week. Like poor Tristy and her little problem. Or Harley the schnauzer from the picture above. HE really needs a home soon or they are going to take him "Away" (and Vickie says, that "Away" doesn't mean somewhere else on this world).
And the worst of all was my friend Pollo passed away too. My friends Michelle, Jennifer and Blake are Pollo's family. They were so sad when Pollo died that it made me even sadder. See us dogs we understand "away" and we are not really afraid of it, but our humans, they seem to have a really hard time with it.
What makes me sad is how hard it has been this month for my friends Michelle, Mike, Sierra and Michelle, Jennifer and Blake. A lot of going "away" stuff going on this month.
Ellie Mae got to go camping last week and they were gone for four days. When she came in to the Day Care on Tuesday she went right to the quiet places, picked out a bed, stretched out and slept there all day long. She was sooooo tired. Pretty funny to think a girl came to day care to get some sleep.

Dougal sent us some more pictures of his trip swming along the weber river. He also sent a little video.
Us dogs really do have great lives.

Abby is the only one in the family that "Devil Cat" doesn't dare bother. Most people think she is so sweet. So Charming, So Pretty. Ha Ha Devil Cat, I just hope you push Abby to far one day and this is what you will get.
She can go from sweet to attack mode in a microsecond. We call her "The Viper"
Yeah Allred, you go for it buddy.......

Of course after Pollo passed away, Vickie and I needed some fresh fresh air so we decide to go up into the mountains, the beautiful peaceful colorfull mountains.

WE met the Kelly's up there with their friends Tanner and Will. Great timing of course, it was just before dark when we got there, just in time for dinner. Mmmmm Nothing like dinner around a campfire.
I had a hard time convincing Alex that he needed to share with me, but lucky for me Nathan wasn't watching that closely so I got a whole bun and some chips before he noticed it.

I gotta tell you that a kiss from these guys is NOT the same thing as a good old hot dog. Geese what were they thinking?
Thank Goodness Austin shared with me. I mean, I was starving......

Getting late and we all settled in for stories around the campfire. WE got to hear about some of the things that happened to Kory when he was a little boy growing up in a mortuary. Pretty different. But the best story was how Tanner and Nathan had been fishing earlier in the evening when a whole bunch of moose came down to the lake.
They were so scared of the big monster creatures that they hid inside the outdoor toilet for half an hour. I am still laughing. MMMM Moose, dirty toilet, Moose, toilet. I think I would have chosen the moose.
So off I go to bed again. Lazy Sunday, a walk with Jennifer and Blake, a little dip in one of the pools out in the day care section and now my comfy bed and a nice night of well earned sleep.
Night everyone.

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