Saturday, October 16, 2010

NO, your right......THIS IS NOT ME, and who is it you ask.

Well I had the same question.

You see, one morning a while ago (I am not real good on days and stuff, cause I am a dog) anyway, a while ago. Vickie gets up, gets us all fed, then grabs this big ole bag she has been fussing over for the last 24 hours and drags it out to the curb where she meets her mom.

They bring my buddy KC into the house then off they go. Now that isn't so unusual accept for the fact that......THEY DIDN'T COME BACK

Not for a very long time. The sun went down and it got dark, then the sun came up and it got light, then down and up and down and up till I finally just figured my Vickie had left me forever.

Then one night, long after the sun had gone back and we were all asleep, who should come walking in, but VICKIE. Oh VICKIE, VICKIE, VICKIE, VICKIE.

I jumped on her, I licked her on the face, I followed her around for an hour. SHE CAME BACK.

Oh I mssed her, I really missed her......But WAIT!!!!!

Where did she go WITHOUT ME. She never goes anywhere for long wihtout me. She went somewhere for a long long time without ME.

I think I am upset with her. YEP, I am upset with her. So...... I peed on the big bag. "So There"

The next day she got on the computer and pulled up a bunch of pictures that she took on the time she was gone. I wont' bore you with a lot of them, cause frankly, I am not in them so they are boring to me, but Vickie had a good time explaining them to me.

She and her mom went to see Elizabeth, her niece, and the kids. They live in New Hampshire. Now I guess that is a long ways away cause she said she flew there. Mmmmm Flew there. I wonder what that means.

She said that she had the best time ever with her family. She went on and on about how much fun they had and how she wished she could have spent more time with Elizabeth and the kids.

Yada Yada Yada

On one day they went to this really cool mountain garden. Scott had such a fun time climbing on the rocks. He is as old as I am, Vickie said. She also said he is almost as good at climbing things as I am too.

Well, we will see about that. OK Scott, the challenge is on......
Callie found a "Secret Garaden" on the walk. It even had a Secret Gate and a little villiage where you got to build houses for the Fairies. MMMM Fairies. now that sounds like fun. I saw a movie once with a fairy named Tinkerbell in it. I like fairies.

She said the fall leaves were incredible and everywhere they went they saw so much beauty.

Then one day they found this gal and her brother. What on earth is that?

Looks a little like my buddy Murhpy. You know, same hair, same color same goofy face.
They even met a girl who looks an awful lot like my Annie.

It all sounds great, fun, exciting, ect. ect. ect.

Really, honestly, I am so much better looking than the golden at the start of this blog and I could have been such a good baby sitter for Callie and Scott. REALLY.

So we heard from Buddy last week. He sent us a picture of his new surroundings. He seems pretty happy about things, but then, it isn't winter yet buddy......Talk to me then......

This year has been really hard on our trees here at the kennel. Some of them died and some of them don't look so good. It kept John pretty busy all summer.

And my golden walnut tree, well almost 90% of the nuts were rotton. I am a little worried. They have always been a favorite of mine. I was just getting good at cracking them in my mouth and picking out the juicy inside. (Maybe Next Year, they will be better)

I guess to try and make me feel better, you know, after leaving me for so long, Vickie took us up to a friend of hers house in the mountains for a few hours. She usually goes and waters their plants when they are on vacation so I know it wasn't completely for me....but a guys gotta take it when he can.

Jamie and I wandered thru the woods while vickie watered and then I took a dip in the new pond they had just built so the moose and deer that pass through could drink from. It was almost enough to make me forgive Vickie completely. ALMOST

I am going to leave you with one more picture from the falls in New Hampshire, boy I coulda had fun there. Then, it seems that I better go keep an eye on Vickie cause she is packing up our search gear.
That is a sad thing for someone else, but a great thing for me. I GETTA GO ON A SEARCH.
Tell you about it next week.
PS, in answer to my first question....not to worry....that is just some dog in New Hampshire that Vickie had to take a picture of and pet because she MISSED ME........(So next time, TAKE ME)

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