Sunday, May 1, 2011

Although that isn't my paw in Vickies hand, my heart as well as all of our hearts here at Caninie Country Club and especially me and my friends from American Search Dogs all send out our love and hope for the victims and families of those who live in the areas that have been torn apart by the tornados this year.

As a search dog unit we wish we could be there to help but know that we have friends who are already there helping to look for the lost and missing. To be so far away safely tucked in our beds at night, knowing others are suffering from the fact that their homes have been demolished, well.....we send our love.

We havn't suffered from tornadoes but it has been cold and miserable. Rain, snow, just keeps coming and we are all getting a bit moody as you can see from Scrappys attitude above.

Even our guests, like Shelby here, are getting a little ornery.

However Shelbys brother Cedric has been keeping himself busy by stalking Allred, day and night. He has almost dehydrated himself watching, staring, waiting. We often find him in just this position with a pool of slobber at his feet as he drools waiting for Allred to come down.

Allred just sits up in his castle and stares back. Sometimes I even here him chuckling cause he knows that Cedric is no match for him. Poor Cedric has no idea what the pain would be like should he ever really meet up paw to nose with this guy.

Vickie and I have this cool friend who called us a few months ago and asked if we had any pictures of moose she could use to design a new collar. Well of course we do. Vickie and I take pictures of moose all summer long on our hikes. I like moose, they are big and beautiful and sometimes, not often, even a little friendly. Well the little ones are.

So we sent our friend, her name is Jill, a few pictures and look at the cool design she made.

Arent these cool. This is one of the first ones off the line and they forgot to put on the trees so the next collar I get will have some trees in it.

They are made by lupine but designed by Jill so she is the only one that gets to sell them. So if you want to be one of the few people across the country that wants to own one, you have to buy them directly from her and her business.

You'll be cool like me cause only people who know Jill can buy them.

These are the two pictures we took that helped make up the design. That moose is my friend Stanly. He lives in our mountain and comes by our camp to get water and sometimes we take him apples from our tree.

This is Elvis. He lives by our lake. Well he comes to our lake, we are not for sure where he actually lives, but I do know where one of his kids stay most of the time.

Anyway, If you want one here is Jills site. You can be one of the few too. Don't I look good in it....

OK, Vickie is forcing me to put this video in. It is only 7 seconds and well, it is not my proudest moment. You see, sometimes I get very excited to greet the dogs that come to day care and well, I like to run the fence with them when they come in.

Dang if I don't forget every time......there is a fence there.....
So Vickie and I have joined a really fun group of people and dogs across the country. It is a walking challenge.

So far, it has all been to my advantage, well and Vickie too. We try to walk at least two miles a day which is pretty much what we have been doing but now we are keeping track and sending our miles in to be tracked.

So we wont get bored we have found tons of different places to go to to walk. So far all of them have water. Lots and lots of water which is good because, well you know......I LOVE WATER

Our usual places, down by the river which are closest are the places we can go to when we dont' have a lot of time.

But when we have a little more time, we can go to the Bird Refuge west of town.

We live in such a beautiful place and there is always somewhere to go that gets us out of town and away from people and into nature. I LOVE NATURE.

Finally I pulled out a few of my pictures from last years puppy party to share with you when Vickie took this picture. I know it looks like I am drunk but I really don't drink. Well I drink water but I don't drink. I just sometimes look like I drink. Like at the puppy party last year.

(ok, so I was called on this. Yes I did sneak some wine from one of the humans glasses, while they weren't lookin and I LIKED IT.)

You see, Us dogs got a swimming pool and a big yard to play in but the humans had this wonderful bucket full of ice with their drinks in it. (Vickie loves her water to be ice cold) Some of the other humans liked orange juice and pop and other drinks in thier big water bucket.

I liked the pool but it was a hot day and that ice water bucket looked so good to me so I just went over (while the humans were eating dinner) and pulled out a few of those drinks and then I just climbed into that cold wonderful crisp icy water and curled up.

Oh my that did feel good. I know I look like I am half drunk and I am, I am half drunk with pleasure at the way I feel when I am sleeping in a pool of ice cold water. I LOVE WATER

Finally I just plain went to sleep in that bucket of ice on that hot summer night. Ahhhhhh!!!

Life is sooooo good.

I am going to leave you with this. First, I know I talk to much and my blogs really long so I am going to start up my own personal day. "Talkin Tuesday" Kind of like "Wordless Wednesday" but I am gong to do "Talkin Tuesday" So I can tell stories about searches.

I am gonna start with a story from Vickies first partner a big big collie named Andy. Who would think of a collie as a search dog but years a go most dog handlers used German Shepherds. Opinions have changed a lot since then. Andy was a big part of changing views on what breeds could be used as search dogs, he was good and I am going to tell a story about one of his and Vickies searches on "Talkin Tuesday"

SEcondly for those of you who like country music here is a slide show of my adventures this week. Take care


Boondocks said...

Bert, you are funny! I wuf the pic of you in ice. I'm going to have to try that soon!!


keli said...

Hi Bert, thanks for getting out the pictures of the puppy party. You got my mom to start thinking about hosting one soon. She says we have to wait for it to warm up some but plan on another puppy party in a few weeks. She says she'll have your bucket ready for you. Do you know that we refer to that bucket as 'Bert's Bucket?' Yep, it's really your bucket! But, Bert, seriously, I have to call you on something - you really WERE half drunk that night. Vickie told my mom she saw you snitch some wine from someone's cup that night. Now I don't care that you did that - I've been known to pull that trick myself a time or two - but you must tell the truth in your blog! Lastly I would like to suggest that your picture at 2:06 in this week's video is gorgeous. You must use it as a spring profile picture! I look forward to seeing you again soon at the first 2011 puppy party!



Tracy said...

I wondered if you were helping search for lost people from the tornadoes...I want to help people but I'm not a very good search dog; just for my treats!
Hey I like your collar with the moose...I bet I could get one like that; right now mine has turtles on it but hey, moose are cool!
I hope Vicki lets you get my book Bert...then she can read it to you at bedtime. I know you'll like getting to know me better. Take good care Bert!

OscarBlogger said...

Stopping by on the meet and greet blog hop! Bert, you are funny. I love the video of you greeting the newcomers, and I especially love the pictures of you cooling off in the ice water bucket! Clever dog.

Amber-Mae said...

OH Bert, you silly boy! That video was too funny. I like your moose collar. It's very nice! OOOH I bet that ice bucket water was fuuuuurrrreeeezing!!!

MyFavoritePupJasmine said...

Wow- I love the pictures!!! Tell Elvis that Jasmine says hi!! =)

Mango said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You look like a really adventurous dog with an important job to do. Did I see a mastiff type doggie at your daycare?


Bailey Be Good! said...

Haha! Bert! I love your photos & video! You're such a pawty animal! Teehee!

By the way... I LOVE water, too!

Woofs & hugs,


Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

hey bert, you live in a gorgeous area! I bet you are having a blast exploring with the Walking Challenge! You guys are doing great and we're so glad you joined the challenge!

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all!

Bert you do live in a beautiful place. I love water too.

Thanks for stoppin' to visit. I'm followin' you 'cause we like water.

Y'all come back now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Reilly / Bree said...

Hey Bert

the blog where my cards etc are is

Wipe Your Paws

Reilly / Bree said...

Hey Bert - tell your Vicky to email me at about the cards.

Remington said...

Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you! You have a super cool blog! I really enjoyed it! I am going to follow, not around your living room....just in Blogland. I hope we can be great friends!

rottrover said...

Hi Bert! We came over from CowSpot Dog to see your water picture!! LOL! Tlhat ice bucket must have ben soooo cold and you made yourself a bed! We all zoomed into Mom's occice when we heard your entrance into your daycare area! You hav SO MANY furiends!! It's nice to meet you. We're following your adventures now, too :-)

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Michelle said...

Bert is so handsome!! And the video is hysterical. I'm trying to figure out where you are take moose photos and you say "pop" - I thought that was a northeast thing, but i don't recall there being moose there!