Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just some fun pictures

It is hard to tell but the little white marks in the picture are rain. It was so weird. It was a perfectly beautiful day and no clouds in sight, but it was raining. How strange......

WE were on our way up to the trailer when we saw these five deer. It was kind of sad, because the mom to two of them was no where in sight and we fear she has been a victim of the doe hunt this year. Thank goodness the other mother took in the two orphans.....
Back at the kennel it was a day of fun. Me and No Name. (yep, they still haven't named him) ran and played until we both had to stop and take a rest.

While I was resting No Name got a second wind and started a game with Bonnie.

That went on until Bonnie got mad and stormed into the bedroom.

Zeus led the choir as we all serenaded with the ambulance and fire truck that headed west past the kennel.

Zoey was a little shaken by all the activity when she first came, but eventually she warmed up to all of us and was able to join in the fun.

Stockton has been here with us for a week and so it was kind of sad to see him heading home. I think he was happy about it though. He misses his family when they are gone, like all the other dogs here. He is luckier than most of the dogs cause he can stay in the house with me and Vickie.
I asked her why he is so special and she told me it is because one day when he first came to visit many years ago, he got tired of being separated from any of the other dogs so he figured out how to open the kennels and let them out.
Vickie had gone to the store and when she returned, Stockton had released all the dogs. They were having a party in the house and running in and out of each others rooms and play areas. It was then that she decided to keep him in the house when he came.

Cleo patiently posed for this picture. She is so sweet to everyone who comes here. Her and Gus get along with everyone.

Princess enjoys a good spin around the kennel leading the whole crew.

Casey hasn't been here for a long time but yesterday he made it very clear to his owner, that it was time to come play. He made the most of the day.

Becky is getting married on Tuesday and so Saturday they had a great shower for her. I had to wait in the car because, well, for some reason I was not invited to the party.

Vickie said the cake and all the food looked WONDERFUL but she had to leave before they ate cause we had a demo to go to.

Waving by by, Vickie was off.
The demo was pretty fun and it was great to get out of the car. Murhpy, Tucker and Allie came to help me out at the demo. It was at an open house for the veterinarian in NOrth Ogden. They had lots of food too and Vickie got a plate full and while she wasn't looking, I grabbed it and ate most of it. Now I am in trouble. (It was worth it)

These two lovelies came over to say hi to us at the demo. Yes, they are older and bigger girls but I still like em......mmmmm....... like em.......
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