Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not for the weak at heart

Whoa, crazy week here. Tears, yelling, kids, snow, fall leaves, new beds for us dogs and cold cold cold.

It started with Poor Tristy. She had been pretty uncomfortable for some reason and she had tried and tried to tell Vickie something was wrong.

Vickie finally caught on sunday night and decided to take Trist to the vet on Monday.

The good news is that Tristy has lost 30 pounds since she came to live with us. She now weighs 97 pounds. She is enjoying life a lot more now, going on long walks and playing at the park. Of course that works out for all of us, since we get to go to.. Vickie even went out and found an old junker van so we can all go together instead of three different trips.

The bad news is that because she lost all the weight, the doctor was able to feel through the layers of fat now and found a tumor on her stomach. He was really concerned and scheduled her for surgery the next day. Gotta tell you, it is a releif that it is Tristy and not me going under the knife for once.

Tristy came through the surgery just fine but we have to wait a week to get the results of the tumor. Plus there was a lot of bruising as you can see and she is pretty sore and tired all the time. I feel really sorry for her. I keep telling her I understand her pain, but I don't think she really cares about my feelings right now.

Vickie finally found a toy that Jamie and I can play with and that we can't eat. I think I am in heaven. I love this thing. Not only that but she says her friend Jill from Pet Expectations has found an even better one that she is going to try out on me. She says I get to be the "Poster child" for the new toy if I can't chew thru it. I'll take this as a personal challenge.

FYI fun web site if you like chickens, dogs, birds, ect.....

The weather man warned about a huge snowfall that was coming and Vickie had not yet been up in the mountains to see this years fall leaves, so Tuesday afternoon when Judy got to work, she took off (WITHOUT ME AGAIN) to go riding the ATV up in the hills by her mountain.
She said it was incredible. Beautiful, Brilliant, Radiant, Glittering, Vivid, Intense, Incredible. Yea yea yea, I get it.......So stop taling about it. If you arent taking me along, then keep it to youself.......thats my new rule for Vickie.....

On Wednesday of this week, I saw a side of Vickie that I have never seen before and I hope I never see it again. It seemed like, for no reason at all, she started running around the house screaming at the top of her lungs. "Drop it DROP IT" I had been totally minding my own business playing with my new ball when it all started and to be truthful, it scared me bad.....I mean really bad..... I couldn't figure out what on earth I had done to bring this demented, derranged side out of her.
After a few seconds that are now frozen in time for me, I figured out that it wasn't me she was after but it was Jessie, a big old dog that was visiting for the weekend. Seems Vickie had forgotten that Jessie liked to torment cats and lucky for Jessie, he had found Vickies crazy cat Bailey coming down the atttic stairs. Jessie grabbed Bailey and started running around the house with his new chew toy.
Vickie was frantic and Jessie was quickly so scared that he didn't know if he should drop it and run or just keep running with the squirming cat in his mouth.
That was what the whole wild and hysterical episode was about.
Jessie finally dropped Bailey who dashed back up the stairs (we probably wont see her again for weeks) then Jessie headed to the dog door with Vickie hot on his heels. I haven't seen Jessie since.
Vickie says he is fine and happy but that he has to stay with the other dogs from now on. After all of that, I wasn't so sure if that wasn't the best idea for Jessie anyway.
Not to worry though, Vickie is happy again, the kitty is fine and Jessie is having a great time playing with the other dogs....
Finally, we got to spend more time with a bunch of kids at Christian Heritage School again. My friend Sierra and her mom arranged for us to come back again this year. She is student of the month so she gets to pick the assembly speaker and she wanted ME. Well, she really wanted Jamie but decided I could come to.

I did my very best job of behaiving for a whole 10 minutes during the talk. That is a mile stone for me. I ususally last about 2 seconds. Maybe it was because Jamie was there and when I watch her I learn things that make Vickie happy. Like sitting and staying, NOT knocking people down when I jump up to say hi. you know, things like that.

I was doing this wonderful "Down" for about 10 minutes when i just couldn't stand it any longer and I took the chance to roll in the grass. (In place) I didn't actually get up from the "Down", I just rolled and scratched my back, but all in a form of lying down....

I love it when I get to go and visit with the kids. Everyone of them pet me and want to give me hugs. Vickie tries to remind them that hugs are not a good thing because "All dogs have teeth" she says and that sometimes we can catch a tooth on our face, even from the friendliest of dogs. She tries to teach them to never put their faces down close to mine. I guess that is wise.....but I would never hurt a kid or person, not on purpose.....NEVER.....

Jamie spent all her time being "PERFECT'. Man she is a hard act to follow. It is a good think I am so good looking. I think that really pulls a lot of things in my favor. Looks and sense of humor. Jamie is so serious about life...she is so focused....
I guess that can be a good quality....
Even completely deaf and almost completely blind, she can still wow them with her abilities. Vickie has all the kids (50 of them today) to put one shoe each in a long row. Then she gives Jamie the sock to smell of one of the children and Jamie has to figure out which shoe belongs to the person whos sock she smelled.
She had a bit of a hard time on this one and picked up one wrong shoe before she found the right one. Maybe it is because she is getting old or maybe it was because the two shoes were pretty close together and the smell was spreading but still it was pretty amazing.
I tried my luck at it, but in truth, I didn't have a sock to smell so I just ran and picked up any shoe I wanted to, then ran around in circles as the kids tried to get their shoe back. Another great game.......

Finally it was time to go so Jamie and I posed with Sierra our friend and then with both groups of school kids.
It was a really great time.

It is raining now on a Sunday afternoon. Vickie is sharing a steak with us left over from a barbacue she went to up at the Red Rock by Causy dam. It is a GREAT steak. Huge steak, tasty steak. I wish she would share more with me.
Conference is on and all is well in the King house.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week
Bert PS Joslyn...Vickie said to tell you she can't pull up any of your blog anymore. HELP she misses pictures of the kids and you

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awww poor trist. hope she gets better soon. my dang dog. that little bugger of mine. jesse is one crazy dog. aaarrrggg!!!