Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Love Fall

Well, we just love the fall around here. I know it is only my second fall since I was born, but I gotta tell you, it is the best time of year. I think Vickie is most active in the fall too cause we get to spend tons more time outside in the fall than we ever did in the really hot part of summer or the really cold part of winter.

This week, we went out and played everyday, all day long and when night came, I even got to go playing with my new friends down the street, Nathan Alexander and Austin. They are new to the neighborhood so I had Vickie tell them that I would be happy to show them around any time they wanted. So last night, even though it was windy and getting really close to raining they took me and Tristy for a long long walk to the park. At the park, they played and played with me until I was ready to drop.

Tristy got really tired but she didn't give up at all. She had been to see doctor doughty earlier in the day and he took out all her stitches and gave her a clean bill of health. so this was her first really long play date and she was soo happy too.

A great treat that I learned about this year is that I have an excellent and constant food source in the fall too. See this big old tree that gives me great shade all summer long, starts dropping tasty tid bits to eat in the fall. Vickie calls it a golden walnut tree. All I know is that when they start falling, I get to chomp on this hard brown woody thing and when I break through that, there is this really tasty nut inside.
It was real cool thing once I figured out how to get to the good stuff.

While Vickie and I were at the park today, the wind started blowing. Vickie stopped and just started staring up into the sky. She didn't move for about five minutes. I was starting to get worried that something was wrong with her.
Then she told me to listen to the sound of the leaves rustling through the big tall trees as the wind passed gently and sometimes wildly among them. I guess it was pretty cool, but I got bored with that quickly as there are a lot more fun things closer to the ground than a bunch of leaves 150 feet above my head making some noise.

I played while Vickie stood transfixed (cool word for a dog to be using, eh) by the sound of the leaves and as she put it, watching the parade of cartoon characters dancing across the sky as they lead the way for the really dark storm clouds following closely behind.

She is always walking with her head toward the sky watching the clouds make different formations. Sometimes she even laughs out loud at the shapes she can see twirling above her.
Can you see the cartoon dog in the last one?
Nutty gal.....but I love her anyway.

So back to the fun of fall, one day we met Vickies mom and KC at the dog park. KC got pretty muddy but he had a great time playing chase with a ball. Oh my gosh, I just remembered, this was one of the times she didn't take me. This is just what I heard from Jamie, Abby, Tristy and Scrappy.
Oh man......I didn't get to go that time. Wonder what I did wrong that day.
Anyway, from what I hear they all had a great time. Mmmm Bummer
There was this kid there that threw the ball for Jamie and KC for ever......mmmmm I think I may be mad.

I remember that Jamie came home and couldn't walk for two days. But she said it was worth every minute of the pain she was in after, just to be able to play with that boy. I sure wish I could have met that kid. I just can't remember what I was in trouble for that time......

So I must have MADE UP for what ever it was that kept me from going to the park because even though I am not a certified search and rescue dog, I got to go on my first official search this week. And I did pretty darn good if I say so myself.

See, there is this little girl that lost her hearing aid in a city park this week. Everyone came to help her and her daddy look for it but they just couldn't find it. We didn't hear about it until two days later, but were happy to go help look when we did find out. Of course I didn't get to go officially. First Jamie Tucker and Murhpy went, but when they were all through looking, I got to come and look too.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find the hearing aid either. But we all sure worked hard. We did figure out exactly where the little girl went and where she played but just not able to pin point the hearing aid.

Even Jamie, who is famous for finding , jewelry, keys, and other small lost articles could not find the prize. By now, it has been tromped on by lots of searchers and is probably broken and deep deep down in the grasses at the park. We feel really bad for the little girl.
Vickie said that it was ok though because a really nice doctor heard about the loss and he donated a new one for her. They cost about 1800 dollars and the family was so excited and amazed at the doctors kindness and also for all the people and dogs and such that came out to help them look. They said it was very humbling to find so many people (and dogs) who cared.
I think I am going to like "this, helping people thing".....

I met this cool dog this week. Her name is Marley and she is huge....HUGE. I thought I was a big guy in the world of dogs but Marley is HUGE. She got to stay in the house with us while she stayed her because there isn't a dog door big enough for her to get through in the whole kennel.

Sometimes I would catch myself just looking at her, staring in wonder at her size. I mean check it out. She is twice my size. Mostly she was just nice to look at. She didn't have feelings towards me one way or the other. She just moved through things as though they would dissappear or move out of her way when she came by them. It was bewildering to watch her.

One final trip up to the property. Thats what Vickie said. She said if she came up again this season it would be without me.....without what does that mean.
Anyway, we couldn't make it to the trailer in the truck so we had to hike in. It was a great day. Big black clouds overhead, a slight breeze throught he trees and lots and lots of muddy puddles for me to lay in.

I love how it feels when I lay down and the thick oozing mud slithers through my coat and up against the fleshy parts of my tummy and in between my toes. MMMMM mud......I am sure that this is a gift from the big guy up stairs just for me.......

We finally made it to the trailer. We went inside and saw that John had secured it for winter by putting up big four by four posts of wood to help handle the weight of the winter snows. It is kind of sad knowing there will be no more overnighters until the year 2010. wow that seems so far away.
After a bit of reminising about the great great summer, Vickie got the red atv and I ran along side as we made our way back. She went really slow so I could enjoy myself as it was a long way back to the truck. It was a great run. PErfect run, GREAT DAY.

Finally we got back to the truck and loaded up little red onto big read and started back home. I am really going to miss this place. I can't wait for next season......Boy I lucked out getting Vickie to bring me home. I wonder if my brothers and sisters are having as much fun in life as I am.

Check out the video below. The dogs have a really great time here. Wish I didn't have such a desire to eat rocks. Vickie said if I didn't, I could go inside and play with the other dogs more. Now all I get to do is watch the. Thats ok, Vickie says we get to go to Evanston this weekend to train with all the other dogs. Check back later and I'll have an update for you on the weekend.

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