Wednesday, October 7, 2009

not much to say, just a bunch of pictures

Got to go see more kids this week. Kindergarten is a wonderful age. I just jumped up on the teachers seat and let them surround me and pet me. Oh my life is so so difficult. I just have to give sooooo much....heee heee, could it get anybetter.

WE had a break in the bad weather and everyone was making the most of it.

Baxter is back for a while, he is on the left, Jumping high in the air is Abby the Jack Russel. Boy those dogs are like a wind up toy with an ever ready battery. Jump jump jump jump And then sweet Duchess, all wanting to come out and play with me.....

Pip and Mable have been here for a few weeks. They are ready for their mom to come and get them. Vickie says that will happen on Thursday. I am so glad I live in a kennel, then when or if Vickie goes somewhere without me, I am already where I would have to stay.....

Kansas, Rex and introduce themselves.

Zeus gets slobber on his eye. Oh Michelle, I bet this makes you ill.

Abby and Bert welcome day care dogs.

Little Molly. She stayed for a week. She is so tiny I had to watch myself to be sure I didn't lay on top of her by accident.

Tristy is doing great after her surgery. She got to go with us to the park today. Her bruises are almost gone but the doctor still needs to remove her stiches. But she was soooo happy to get to go to the park.
And finally a picture of Scrappy happily rolling in the grass at the park today. We had a wonderful time. Just the family. Life is good.

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The Hendrys said...

Hi Bert, it is me Farrah. I got my first hair cut today, and it wasn't so bad. Tuesday I am getting operation, Sonia, my human mom said it won't be much fun. She promised me if it is ok with Vicky, I can come and play and get rid of some of my puppy energy as soon as I am better.

Look like you have lots of fun with all those kids.

Love Farrah