Saturday, November 14, 2009

BORED, bored bored bored bored bored bored.....I AM SOOOO BORED.
Vickie has been spending all her time working in the kennels getting ready for winter....So what is the big deal about WINTER and why does she have to work work work before it comes. She spends so much time working that she is neglecting me.

NEGLECT.....doesnt' that qualify for Child Abuse (ok I am a dog but I am a young one) I think someone should say something to her about it.

Well, yes, I did get to go to the park three times this week and I did get to go on one or two walks with my boys, but Tristy got to go three times......Yep, the boys took her three times and me only twice. so what if she has to loose a lot of weight. I am pretty upset about this as you can see. AND BORED.

I did get to play with some of the day care dogs though. I am not always allowed out there because of my appetite for rocks. But Vickie said as long as she was out there with me and could keep an eye on me.

That was kind of fun.

Gus and Cleo were not much in the mood for playing the day I got to go out. They just stood up on one of the wooden boxes and did guard duty. They made it their job to keep us all in line....Yea right.....

Candy the lab and Annie and Coda the golden doodles and I ran all through the play area. Up and over the walls thru the tunnels from one end of the kennel to the other. It was great fun.

Then Vickie got this grand idea that I should go in and meet the little puppies again. She kept putting them up to my face and making me lay down next to them. Ugghhhh that was awful. The little poopies crawled all over me while Vickie made me sit there. One of them even peed on me. How undignified is that....
I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
Zeus on the other hand was very curious about the little bounders. He watched them all day through the fence until Vickie finally let him go in and see them. He was really taken with them. He wanted them to play with him and he would nudge them with his big nose. Only he is so big that a little nudge would send them tumbling over on their sides. But they didn't mind. They just kept coming back to him and kissing and licking at him.
And not a one of them peed on him....

Well Zeus can have them. I went back to my girl friends Farrah and Annie and played for another half an hour. Farrah is a black lab-er-doodle. It seems kind of funny that all of a sudden we have all these poodle mix's coming to play. They are all about the same age (five months). Even though they are only that old, they are still almost as big as me. Which is ok cause I like the big girls......

So now I have the beautiful Farrah and the charming Annie as my new friends. I think they both have crushes on me so I cannot say if I like one more than the other cause I don't ever want to hurt either of their feelings. I figure I can be both girls boyfriend for now. If things get serious later on with one or the other of them, well we will just cross that bridge when we come to it. And Like Vickie says, it is not like we can do anything about know what I mean..

So back to the fact that I am bored......all because of this Winter thing that we are preparing for. I have been around for one winter already but I guess I don't remember why it is such a big deal.
Anyway this morning (Saturday) Vickie was fixing breakfast for all of us. She was in the kitchen and of course all of the rest of us were there too, you know, making sure she does it right. She was complaining about a headache all morning. I am not sure what a headache is but it was making her kind of moody.
She was also a little dizzy from an ear infection so she wasn't moving really fast. While she was fixing the breakfast we all heard a funny noise coming from underneath the sink. "I'll be darned" Vickie said "It is that dang mouse I have been trying to catch for weeks"
She wont set out poison for mice but tries to catch any invaiders in a live trap, but this particular mouse had been eluding her for weeks. Now it was under the sink chewing away at something.
She opened the cupboared and tried to scare it away by making loud noises with a pan but it was not afraid, so all of a sudden Vickie leans over under the sink and screams at her loudest. Well that mouse ran for its life and so did all the rest of us. Out the door into the yard we went. It was earth shadering.
When we finally dared to come back in we found Vickie leaning over the sink throwing up. She was really sick. she even had to go to the doctor and was gone for two hours.
But while she was gone to the doctors, I finally figured out why she was doing all the work around the kennels for two weeks, why I had been neglected for so long, why Winter was somethign to be prepared for.....
SNOW snow snow snow, lovely snow.......everywhere. In they sky, on the ground inches and inches of it, falling and falling. Then I remembered....I LOVE SNOW.......Wahooo Snow

I mean, don't get me wrong I am sorry that Vickie isn't feeling well but SNOW....How great is this. I can run in this and roll in this, I can eat it, all that I want......It is cold as it enters my mouth but then it melts into this lovely wet slop that I can feel trickle down my throat....SNOW

Even Jamie came out to play in the snow. The first snow of the season.
Vickie got home a few hours after the snow started and even though she has whats called Vertigo and has been told to stay home for a few days while the medicine works and was also told not to yell at mice anymore, she has promised to get me out into the mountains a lot this winter so I can enjoy this snow thing to my hearts content.

I am feeling a bit better about being so NEGLECTED and I guess I wont use the guilt trip I was planning to use on Vickie. Just between you and me, I was going to remind her that Baxter gets to go hiking every day. I was going to play on her guilt by letting her know that if she could find a great home for Baxter where he gets to do all those fun things, then the least she could do is get me out hiking three or four times a week, but I guess I'll save that for a later date. IT never hurts to have a back up.......

So heres hoping that all of you enjoy this winter as much as I plan on. One thing is cool, is that when we train for search and rescue in the snow, we have a lot more luck finding tracks......So I can't wait until we get out and train some more. Besides, I miss Boney Tony......
Love to you all


The Ryans said...

Oh Bert you are such a charmer with the best personality I bet you win the hearts of both Farrah and Annie...

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, Bert, Baxter was thrilled that you mentioned him in your blog! It's 2:34PM and I'm still sitting at my computer and Baxter is laying around in my office and everytime I move he jumps up and hopes we are going hiking. Then I read to him from your blog and that was maybe a mistake because now everytime he lays back down (because we're not going hiking yet, I'm still working. Well, and reading your blog) he makes these pathetic groaning noises to show his disappointment. So, thanks, Bert, for mentioning about Baxter because now you've guilt-tripped ME into getting going and taking the boys hiking!

Keli (ps I keep posting comments as anonymous because I don't have any of those other accounts)