Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun times at the Kennel

Vickie has been doing a lot of work around the kennels in the last few weeks cause she say's that winter is on its way and we have to be ready. I on the other hand have been making the most of these beautiful fall days and all my buddies that come and stay here with us.
Zeus has been getting special treatment and has been coming in the house with us in the early morning hours cause he gets kind a cold. Well that is what he makes Vickie think.
He comes in and goes behind the lazyboy, then slips his body under the sheet she uses to keep my hair off the furniture. Then peaks his head out from under and looks pathetic.

Some days he really puts on the act and she lets him sleep all day. wow, he really has her fooled.
Jamie had a big lump on her side and so she had to go to the doctor to get it checked. Now all I hear about is how wonderful she was and how the doctor was able to cut her side and pull out the lump and all without using any anesthetic. Yea yea, Jamie is so cool. She is so good. She just stands there looking trustingly into Vickies eyes while they doctor works on her side. You know some times I get a little tired of hearing how "Wonderful and Amazing" Jamie is.
Although I have to say, I don't think I would just sit there and not move while some guy, even if it was Doctor Doughty, cut me up and pull big growths out of me. She bled a lot, it was kind a sickly lookin.....but she is ok now so I think it is time Vickie came back to reality and remembered that I was here too.

We had some really different guests this week. I have never experience this before. I mean I know that I was really little once a long time ago, but I can't imagine that I was like these little munchkins that came to stay with us for a while.
There was a ton of them. Well eight of them and their mom, but it seemed like a ton. Everybody came to see them and make a big fuss. Even my guys from down the street. I couldn't beleive that they would come and by pass me just to go in and lay around with a bunch of little poopy critters. Yes I mean poopy. That is all they do. Well eat, sleep and poop. Oh yea and get lovin from everyone who comes by.

We will come back to the little four legged creatures in a bit, but because I don't have a lot of luck moving pictures in order of what happened, I am going to move on back to my friends again.
This guy is called Gunny and him and me spent a lot of time together on walks this week. He likes the water almost as much as I do and between us, we got everyone and everything around us cold and wet, wet wet....

His hair is longer than mine and Vickie says that is how she hoped I would look one day, but looks aren't everything......
Like, I walk on a leash really good, better than Gunny even.
I swim better too and I can find every mud puddle around.
So just cause I aint as pretty.......

Now come on......I look dang intelligent toooooooo...right?

OK, so when they are asleep, they are kind a cute....(yep, we are back on the little things again)

However, they have been given a ton of toys. A ton of them. I tried to sneak one from them today but Vickie caught me. Man if she had only not been looking when I grabbed it, I could have swallowed it and then those puppies would never be able to get it back....

More puppy pictures....

Finally Zeus came outside to play. Him and Brutis really wanted to get in the same play area but I kind of think it might be a bad idea.

Annie is a Golden Doodle. She is five months old and If my heart didn't already belong to Roxy, I might try and convince her to join me for a game of tag.

Of course, just when I had decided to give up on Roxy (seeing how she isn't around that much) and figured I would let Annie enjoy my company, that Gunny comes along and sweet talks her into frolicking in the fall leaves.

Now they are inseperable. I think I missed my chance. Oh wait, Gunny goes home tomorrow and Annie is going to come to day care for a long time.....I hope so it appears I have plenty of time to woo her.

Tuff luck Gunny......See ya....

More Zeus pictures. It is like he is everywhere. I think he thinks he is some kind of movie star and he wants to be photographed all the time.

One final picture with Gus haming it up for the camera and we are done. Well accept for the video below of the puppies playing. I figure, they are going one day soon too and if I am patient, I'll get the chance to go in their room and find a hidden toy. I'll be sure to make sure Vickie doesn't see me with it, then I'll find a corner and spend a few minutes destroying it.
But if I end up going to the doctor again becaue I ate something that blocked my stomach, you can bet, I am not going to be all wonderful like Jamie and let the doc cut it out of me without anesthetic.......
I guess I am still a little bitter about losing Boomerang Bob.......My friend Jill even put and add in the newspaper in hopes of helping us find him.....but it has been over a week....Oh Bob......

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The Hendrys said...

Oh my gosh Bert i need to find out where Annie gets her hair done. I am sure I could be almost as beautiful. But you know what they say blondes have more fun. I hope you fine Bob.

Your friend Farrah