Monday, November 30, 2009

Guess Who's BACK

So I finally understand what all the toodoo about Thanksgiving is. Oh Yeah…I get it….. Guess what I got for Thanksgiving. Well I didn’t get a big Turkey dinner with potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, hot rolls, apple crunch pie and hot cider….no I didn’t’ get any of that. Vickie did…..I didn’t.

What did I get you may now be asking that would make me so grateful for the Thanksgiving Holiday…Well BOB, Bob, Boomerang Bob……that’s what I got. Yep HE’S BACK……Oh my gosh, it was the most amazing thing. Vickie and I are just strolling along the banks of the Weber River the other day. It was a new place, further down stream from where we usually go. All of a sudden, I get this tingle in my nose and I feel a familiar sensation darting through my body.

It was like a memory, a moment in time that I couldn’t quite place. I had stopped and was sniffing the air around me. Something was close. Something exquisite and wonderful, something special. I just couldn’t put my toe on it……(he he, that’s a play on your word “finger”)

Vickie just kept walking but she knew something was up cause she would look back and sneak a peak at me every few steps. There was a bend in the river up ahead and a small beach with big rocks leading into the water and Vickie was now heading in that direction. Closer and closer to the water.

It was a cold day and I knew she didn’t want me to get wet, then ride next to her on the drive home, but here she was walking closer and closer to the water so I decided it must be ok to follow her.

As I got to the beach a strong breeze from the rocks on the shore slapped me in the face. BOB……That was the smell….Boomerang Bob…..He was close, I could smell it…..
I ran to the waters edge, then into the river itself. The smell lessened the further into the water I got so I turned around and headed back to shore and there it was again.

Carefully and methodically I made my way into the wind getting closer and closer to the beautiful smell of BOB……

I came to the big rocks and the smell was so strong I almost passed out from the excitement. Around the rocks I ran, into the water, out of the water, into the water…..where was he, I knew he was close… so close…… BOB! BOB! Where are you…….

I had to calm down, I knew it…..Calm down Bert…. Calm down…..Work the area slowly…..Calm… compose yourself…..slow down…..BOB BOB

I purposely took some deep breaths, collected my thoughts and then slowly worked the area inch by inch. Deep in the rocks at the base of the river, which was now much lower than it was when Bob disappeared, I came across a pile of fallen leaves. Mushy and wet from the dark recesses of the back side of the big rock I found a pile of leaves that smelled so much like Bob, well Like Bob and dead fish…..

I brought my paw up and forced it between the rocks to that section and started pulling the leaves out. Suddenly my paw hit a familiar surface…..soft, yet plump….I anxiously pawed away more leaves and then to my delight I saw YELLOW…….

Bob is yellow….could this be BOB”?
It is…..Bob Is BACK……

I pulled him out from under cover of the cold dark rock, he was all wet and looked pretty ragged but he still tasted as good as ever….Vickie and I ran through the park playing with Bob for the rest of the day. It was so great. Bob and I swam in the river, well played close to the shore. Vickie was still not willing to drive home with a wet dog and a sloppy Boomerang Bob.
We jumped over logs and ran through the woods. Total abandonment.. thats what Vickie said.Then we found a big pile of leaves and I dived in, just cause they were there. Then I dragged Bob through the leaves and he jumped out of my mouth and hid under the pile of leaves.
But I dove in under all the leaves and found him. I am NOT LOOSING HIM again..... EVER, NEVER.....Such a wonderful time we had....HOWEVER, between you and me, and I hope you won’t let on to Vickie, but the truth is, I know this isn’t Boomerang Bob. I know it is Vickie’s attempt to replace him in my life.

It’s sweet really, when you think about it. I mean she knew how upset I was at his coming up missing so she and Jill, from Pet Expectations…got together and planned an elaborate ruse, hoping to fool me, but come on…..I am a search dog, I know when I am dealing with the real thing or with a fake….

I strongly suspect, you know, by the way this Bob looks and smells, that this is most likely what they did.

I think Jill ordered another yellow boomerang. As soon as it came, hoping that I wouldn’t notice it was new, Vickie and Jill probably dragged it alongside one of their cars….hoping that by dragging it through the streets, that it would get that used look.
Then, I suspect, Vickie snuck down to the river earlier in the day and hid it in the spot where I found it. I mean really, Like I couldn’t smell that she had been there previously. I am a search dog after all…In fact, if I had wanted to let her know I new her secret, I could have actually tracked her step for step.

But, I think it is important that she think I believe it is the original Bob. So what’s the big deal. I have BOB back….even if it isn’t the real Bob, its still works for me.

So Yahoo for Thanksgiving…..forget the turkey, I’ve got BOB (Thanks Jill, I mean no offence to Boomerang Betty but BOBs the one)
And That My Friends Is What "THANKSGIVING" is all about.

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Ashbridge said...

LOL!! too funny.. i luv it.. did jill tell u i ordered a boomerang bob for Neve for christmas? lets see how it holds up.. i am way excited and happy for burt to have his boomerang back... (sort of) :)