Sunday, November 22, 2009

Woosh I am soooo tired. Vickie made true to her promise this week and we have been really busy. We have had two call-outs and I got to go on one of them. We looked for a few hours and much to everyones delight, both of the missing were found safe and sound. No I didn't personally find them, but I did get to go help......

We also got to go to the park a whole bunch cause there were a lot of dogs from the Country Club that needed walks. On this one walk, I found a really cool tree and I tried to climb it. I almost made it too....

But just as I got my momentum going and was stretching up to a nice point that I could secure my front feet to pull me up, this darn cat that was already in the tree smacked me in the face. I mean smacked me hard. I was pretty shocked, goodness, I didn't even know he was there. He just appeared out of no where and SMACKED ME.......

Well who needs that..... Not me.... so off I went and found me some new friends. There were these three horses in the pasture next to the park. I have seen them before but Vickie has always told me to ignore them and stay out of their play area. Well Vickie was busy with Zeus, making sure he got plenty of exercise and so she was just ignoring me.

I took that to mean that I could go over and introduce myself. They were really great. They came up and nudged me, snorted all over my back and even invited me to come play with them.
We ran back and forth along the fence. I stayed up on the hill cause they were bigger than me, but it was really fun. Then I guess Vickie saw what we were doing and got all nervous and started calling me back over to her side of the fence. She made me nervous cause she was nervous and so I forgot how to get back thru the fence.

I tried to jump through it two times and the barbed wire kept blocking my way. My horse friends were still trying to get me to play but now I was worried because I was separated from my Vickie by this weird fence.

Finally both Vickie and I calmed down enough that we both met and the fence and instead of trying to jump between the wires, Vickie held the bottom line up enough for me to crawl under.
That ended the horse play for now...Hey did you notice the cool blue eyes of the brown horse in the middle. I asked Vickie to try and get a better picture for you next time we visit. They are very "Haunting".....(cool description eh)

Boney Tony came out to play a lot this week. First he got to come out when we were doing some training this weekend. I was looking for Shantra who played victim for training. When I found her she pulled out Boney Tony and we played tug-of-war forever. She is a good player but when she is laying down, she is really hard to pull or drag.

When Tucker got there, he started playing tug too and we really worked Tony. Then Murhpy came and boy it was a three way tug......I don't know how Tony kept it all together but he did.
Vickie Brought Tony out again for the first snow of the season. I know it is supposed to be just my Search and Rescue reward but it was such a beautiful day and we needed something that would show up in the snow. I loose more tennis balls in the winter cause they sneak down under the snow. Boney Tony don't hide at all, he always shows up where ever we play....
Tristy is getting a little greedy with my toy. She gets hold of Tony and she won't let me near it. I think her loosing weight and being able to move faster is not going to be to my advantage.

OK Tristy, you take Boney Tony, I am going to take Jamie on and see if I can get Boomerang Betty out of her mouth. She may be a tough old dog, but my youth and power is no match. Just watch me......
OK, so Jamie can hold her own, I think I'll try and take on Tristy again. Don't these two understand that these are MY TOYS..... Mine.......Mine......Mine.... Jill, I know that Vickie has asked you to get her another Boomerang Bob for me. I know she is going to try and make me thing it is the original Bob by driving over it with her truck, dragging it through the mud and other stuff to make it look used so that I will think it is MY BOOMERANG BOB. I know all this......and I am prepared to let her think I beleive it....I will do anything just to get a toy all my own....I am sick and tired of having to fight for one with these two girl dogs. They fight dirty.
Well, I am off to bed, I have talked a lot longer than I thought I would be able too since I am so tired. I know it is a big Holiday week for all you humans. Not sure what it will mean to me but I wish you all a very nice Thanksgiving.
And just for the fun of it, I asked Vickie to put some of her favorite pictures at the bottom of my blog. I hope you enjoy them. Lots are my friends, some are from before my time too.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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Murphy said...

I love this picture of sweet Abby!