Saturday, February 6, 2010

Betty's Back

Because I am not too good on this blogging thing, I can't figure out how to get this picture on the bottom of the blog, so just pretend that you are all finished and this is the last picture......Isn't Dougal beautiful and the sunset is like, the most beautiful one Ive seen in a long time. It is all explained at the end, but I guess this is a pretty nifty picture to start the blog to......
I'm not to sure if this is good news or bad news. On Friday when I got back from my walk I found that Betty was back. Vickie says that the people who took her were not ready for a dog and so she asked them to bring Betty back. I feel bad for Betty cause she is really a nice dog as far as us dogs go. She is gentle and kind and all she wants is to be loved by someone.

I guess I am pretty lucky that I didn't end up like all the homeless dogs that Vickie and her friends talk about. It must be so hard and so scary out there for them. Not knowing that they have food coming, or a warm bed and most of all never being loved......

But we won't give up on Betty.....I am hoping and hoping and hoping the right human comes along and gets the chance to find out just what a wonderful dog she is. Plus, well, she sometimes beats me to the lazy boy and when she gets in it, she NEVER leaves. I bet she has the biggest bladder in the dog world cause she never has to go....I just keep hoping she will have to go so I can get the chair and she NEVER has tol

John came over on Saturday and he put up this new white gate between the kitchen and the living room/office. We all watched him fixing it up wondering just what it was for......mmmmm
Now we know.....It is to keep us out of part of the house when Vickie doesnt want us coming in.

Now why on earth would she want us to stay out of any room that she was in or her company (my company) was in. I just didn't get it.
It was really upsetting to be stopped from going into the living room/office. I felt like I was in prison. Why oh why......especially me....I can see her wanting to keep guest dogs like Zeus out, even Abby, Tristy and Scrappy, but me....ME....

Jamie gets to go in, but not me.....why WHY WHY

I heard Vickie talking to her mom over the phone and I think I might just understand what is going on here. I think Vickie is going away for a few days soon and when she comes back, her mom doesnt' want to worry about any of us getting too close and bumping her knee. She especially doesnt' want Scrappy to jump up on her lap when she gets back.

This sounds different....I am a little concerned.

Well not to worry just yet, cause she opened the gate and I now have access to the whole house again. No sense worrying about something that hasn't happened. Right....
The weather is getting nicer and most of the snow has melted. I get to go and play in the river almost every day. My Kelly family takes me out all the time. Sometimes I get to go in the morning with Kathy and then again in the evening with my boys.

Today it was almost 1 o'clock and no one had come to take me for a walk. Vickie had been busy working on some projects that have something to do with whatever is going on in the near future that caused her to put up that gate. So I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when all of a sudden my buddy Kory Kelly came to get me.

Kory was really excited to see Betty cause he really likes her and so he decided to take us both to the park. It was great fun. It always is. I think Betty had a good time too. She has been kind of pouting since she got back here and this helped build her spirits a lot. I don't like seeing her so sad.
When we got home, we were both oh so tired. It was a race to the lazy boy, but I was sidetracked by the tennis ball so I didn't get the lazy boy. Guess who did.

Its ok, there are a whole bunch of beds to sleep on all over the house, so I just stretched out and was fast asleep.

I don't know why KC and Scrappy were so tired, but the house was quiet for about an hour and we all slept peacefully.

I am not sure how Scrappy can sleep in this position, but he does......

Vickie had a late birthday party with her mom, her Aunt Gwila, Kodie and Becky this week. Aunt Gwila got her this really decedant chocolate cake that she brought home later and snacked on for a couple of days.

She put a slice on the cupboard and walked out of the room so I did a big no no and reached up and grabbed it. I mean, it was beautiful and so tasty and it had pinapple in the middle and I love pinapple. It was soo worth the trouble I got in when she came back in the room

So Thanks Aunt Gwila, from Vickie and a big big thank you from was deeeelicious.

Things at the Day Care are really reving up. Usually there are only a few youngins that come to play. Most of the dogs that come have been coming for years. But lately the days are filled with some really fun little gals.. Yep all gals. Even when I am not in playing with them, I like to watch as they run and jump and bounce all through the day.

I knowyou have all met Farrah before. She is growing up real fast and boy she is a speedy gal. She has that pretty black coat and those coal dark eyes. Sometimes she will just sit and look at you with this shy sweet stare that makes a guy just want to melt. Other times she plays so wildly that I have to take a breather by telling Vickie "I WANT OUT".

Annie is growing up fast to. She is almost as tall as me when she stands on her hind legs. It kind of surprised me when we were playing and I stood up, then she stood up and we were both face to face. I like tall girls...

And Friday Raidar came for the first time. She is a sleek beauty with beautiful deep brown eyes that a guy can get lost in. She is so cool too. I mean her story is a little sad but when you get to know her you find that even though she has only three legs and was abandoned by her mother at two weeks of age, she acts as though nothing in the whole world can get her down.

True, she has to work a little harder to keep up with us when we run, but when it comes to body slams and wrestling......she is one of the best...She even pinned me once today.

Well I guess I have bored you enough for one day, but I wanted to end with a note or two from my buddy Dougal. We don't get to see him much lately but that is because his dads work schedule has changed again. Luckily his dad keeps in touch with Vickie and sends us pictures and stories about Dougals adventures.

He gets to hike the skyline trail a lot. I thought when I was up there last week, that he might have been through cause I thought I smelled some left over Dougal smell.
What better way to end the blog for the day than with a beautiful picture of Dougal at sunset on one of he hikes.

I hope you all get some sunsets like this to enjoy



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The Hendrys said...

Hi Bert
I love coming to play at Dogie Daycare, and I really know how to play my master now. When she asks me if I want to go to Vickie's I just set up and cross my front feet and beg. She can't resist me. I course I do the in and out thing first, after about the 10th time she will ask me if I want to go. Gosh the sunset photo was beautiful don't ya think! I would like to do that too maybe when I'm older.