Sunday, February 14, 2010


Saturday SAT UR DAY What a wonderful word. What a wonderful day. I have decided SATURDAY is my favorite day of the week. Of course I love all the other days it is just that Saturday is the day I get to meet and play with so many other friends and humans outside of Canine Country Club.
Saturday is the day Vickie does a lot of training with the search dogs and the therapy dogs and this Saturday we all got to meet and work together. Annie, Murphy, Jake, Megan, and all their humans.
It was wet and rainy but nobody cared, we just walked and trained and well, just enjoyed the time together. We even went to an area that was filled with Scouts. SCOUTS.... they are always so much fun.
The thing I like (love) about Annie is that she doesnt' care if her hair do is mussed up by a little drippy weather and she doesn't care if, when we are playing, that I play rough, run hard, and sometimes body slam her sending her into a rolling spin through the snow. She is soooo coool.
Of course, Jake, the "Gentle Giant" among us is a great example to me. He can hold his own with me and never looses his temper. Even when I plow into him while running from Annie. The girls all like him too cause when he plays with them, he realizes he is powerful and could hurt them so instead, he just lays down and rolls on his back and plays with them from that position.
I have this new human friend named Olivia that comes and plays with me once a week on Wednesdays so I was pretty excited when I heard she was coming to play on Saturday......
Vickie asked her to be in charge of me while she was training some other dogs so we got to go hang with Murphy and Paulette. I got to teach Olivia how to ask me to sit and stay. She got pretty good at it too.
So when everyone of those guys left, because it was SAT UR DAY.....We joined up with John and Trigger and went up to watch the eagles and mountain goats. Do you know that at the top of those cliffs we spotted 17 mountain goats.
Trigger and I didn't care that much about lookin at the goats. Maybe if we had been up on the top of the mountain we would have been more interested but down here.....well, we decided that we should run and play in the muck while Vickie and John were taking pictures. They weren't too happy with us when we got in the van to come home, but they will get over it.....
They were so involved in taking pictures that we got to play for several hours. There was a creek and lots of fun smells all around us.....I could have played for two more hours if they hadn't gotten so cold.
Finally Finally they took their eyes off of their cameras and we all went for a hike along the mountain side. It was beautiful....BE UT I FUL What a great day......I couldn't have been more content.
In fact, I was feeling pretty good about all the fun things we had done that day and was getting a little tired and ready to come home. A treat and my bed is sounding pretty good about now.
BUT MUCH TO MY GREAT SATISFACTION. when we got home, I found that my Kelly family was on their way to get me and Betty, Tristy, Heli and Carbon and taking us for a run. I LOVE SATURDAYS........The fun never ends......
It was great fun. I thought I was tired, but the minute we got to the walking trail I felt ready to go. The water is still frozen over so we kind of avoided going to it. Vickie tells me that ice is dangerous and when Vickie tells me stuff, I listen...I dont' always obey, but I listen. There is something different about ice and it actually makes me a little nervous so for now I will not only listen to Vickie but I think I'll obey and stay away.
WE had a marvelous time. Betty ran in front leading us all through the woods and back again along the trail. She is so happy to be back with us. And she loves the Kelly's as much as I do so she feels so comfortable with them and it was fun to see her so happy.
The thing about Betty is that she has become quite playful with me as of late. It is like she is deciding it is ok to have fun.....It is ok to enjoy your life. This is a new thing for her. I am happy that I can help her enjoy life so much. She plays a lot better than Abby and Tristy.....
All too soon, SAT UR DAY was over. We are all back home now and pretty contented. Betty rolled herself up in the blanket of her dog bed and was fast asleep before I even got in the house.
KC and Allred were already settled in for the night. Strange relationship those two are developing. I guess KC doesn't know that Allred is really the Devil in disguise.
And me, Well, I am off to dream land myself. I am sure I will shortly be dreaming of a world made of SATURDAY's. What a great great day....mmmmm I am so tired...

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