Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not for the Queezy

Oh my gosh, things have been really weird around here lately. I am feeling quite rejected, and lonely. Vickie has been gone for four whole days and I didn’t know why.

I guess that is one of the reasons she asked me to see if Oak would write for you one day. She knew she was going to be away from the computer. She told me that too but she didn’t explain that it meant she was leaving me too.

So before I get going on the deserted solitary way I felt, let me first just thank Oak for filling in for me. Here is a little background information on Oak just so you can know him better.

Oak was born on July 4, 2008. His dad is Amercian but his mom is Canadian and he was born in Canada. The breeder wanted all the pups to be named after Canadian trees and that's why he is Oak. His dad is Leaf, so there is a family tree happening here. He weighs at least 79 pounds which makes him a little bit heavier than me which I suspect he needs to keep him warm on those cold Canada nights. And if you ever want to check out how he is doing, here is his blog site too. http://www.apetnannyplus.com/
Vickies Mom got to get her foot cast off on Wednesday so she took the camera to get pictures. The doctor was very nice to Vickies mom, The nurse who took off the cast was a bit scary and careless but all in all it went pretty good. I mean, they didn't cut anything off but the cast......

The incisions sight was pretty painfull looking and the doctor told Vickie that they had put the bandages on without leaving any air for the sore to breath so that is why it didn't heal completely.
What ever.....when she showed me the pictures.....ME a Cadaver Dog.....well even I got a little queezy. But at least she is out of the cast now. A few more weeks of learning how to walk on her foot again and little KC will be able to go home. He really misses Vickies mom and the nice quiet lifestyle they leave. He also misses being "the Only dog"
I bet being the "Only dog" is pretty cool. It would mean that all of Vickies time would be given directly to me and I wouldn't have to share her with anyone. Oh well,.....you can always dream....

The next day was the day Vickie dissappeared on us for four days. It happened early Thursday morning. She just packed up her stuff, went out to the front and waited for Paulette, who showed up shortly after that.
Murphy was in the car so I was pretty upset as I am sure I missed out on a lot. Why Murhpy and Not ME.
Vickie even missed Shantra's wedding and that is not like her. I mean Shantra is one of the best victims we have in American Search dogs and everyone loves her so they would do about anything to be to her wedding.....yet, Vickie missed it.
she did however, send a picture of herself with Paulette to the wedding so she could appear like she was there. I mean if you didn't know it was a picture, you would think she had a wonderful time.
Everyone at the dinner table wanted to have their picture taken with her.

Later her picture checked out the cake and when it was finally time to go home, Paulette...
DUMPED HER in the closest garbage can. The least she could have done was bring the picture back home for us so we could at least look up now and again and see her watching over us....even if it was a picture.

Vickie also missed seeing her newest family member Adelaide who came down from Idaho Falls with her parents and her big brother Gerrett.
talk about a cutie petutie )Whatever that is)

I on the other hand, was not completely ignored while Vickie was away. My Kelly family came often and took me hiking and walking and playing in the river. WE ran, we climbed we jumped we played and that was the only thing that kept me from being completely freaked out that Vickie was gone.
Only problem with all of that is that they wanted to be sure I was clean when Vickie got home so I had to have my very "FIRST" official Bath.
After one of the most joyous walks I have had in a while, they took me to their home first before back to my home, where Vickie had arrived and was waiting for me. I heard them talking about how Vickie had come home and that I should not be around her if I was dirty.

Now that has never been a problem for her before, but I was willing to take their word for it because the quicker they did what they had to the quicker I could get home and see MY VICKIE.
BUT A BATH......I was scared drooless. I mean, they called me into their bathroom, then closed the door. There were towels all over the floor and water was running in this huge big drinking bowl. At least that is what I thought it was. Nathan had taken off his levis and shirt and was wrapped in one of the towels too. What could this all mean.
Then they lifted me up and put me in the big drinking bowl. Oh my goodness.....It wasn't for drinking......it was for bathing....(I am still trying to figure out what bath is at this point)
Then Nathan gets in with me, maybe to help me not be so afraid and they all start putting this liquid stuff on me that begins foaming all over my body. I was afraid it was going to disolve me into liquid Bert and then they would flush me down the drain.
All the time Nathan is telling me not to worry and that everything would be all right. Finally after a bout and eternity of time, they did what they called Rinsing and I was able to get out. I frantically tried to get out of the room but it was all closed up. They started taking all the towels and wiping me all over with them.
When I got a little calmer, I found that this felt pretty good, being rubbed with towels is almost like being rubbed with hands. It can calm a boys spirit and make him relax. Yep, this bath thing may not be so bad. I was even starting to feel all clean and fresh. I havent' felt that good since last summer when I could go take a dip in the river or the lake.
It started up beign scary again for a few mintues when they pulled out this little gun like thing. It blew this hot air at my coat and at first I thought they were trying to bake me, you know cook me and serve me up for dinner.
But then I remembered these were my Kelly boys and the family loves me and woudl never eat me. RIGHT....All in all I guess it wasn't too bad.......
It was so nice to have Vickie back home when I got there. She is moving really slow and has this metal thing that is always walking in front of her...called a walker....or something. It helps her stand up because I just figured out from how she smells that she didn't just leave us to be mean but that she needed to be repaired.
Like when I went to the vets and had to have my innards cleaned out, well she had to go to the hopsital and have a whole new knee put in. Wow, a whole new knee. Everyone keeps saying what an amazing thing that is but I don't understand. All Iknow is that I smell pain on her and so I am being really careful when I am allowed to be with her.

Ben came over today to bring Vickie some pills for her pain and we all took advantage of his time. He loves us all and he just gets down on the floor and lets us walk all over him. Vickie says he is leaving soon too. Like she left but for a lot longer. He is going on a Mission. And the family is very very excited for him.

After all the goings on for the last five or six days I am pretty tired so I jump up on the bed and go to sleep. Can you tell who is smashed behind me...
Yep you can hardly see him but he just curled up into my ears and went to sleep with me. That KC you gotta love the little guy.

KC doesnt' realy care who he sleeps with though. The other day I cought him curled up with that nasty old cat Allred.......
Some final shots of me and Betty playing with my ball and the best picture of all is KC watching the National Dog Show last Sunday.
My goodness you would have thought he was there in person. He gets so excited. Jumps and runs through the house. He is telling the dogs how to walk and how to pose, but they are clearly not listening.
Oh well, maybe when he gets there in person he can gain more control of the whole show.
Thanks again to you Oak for writing on my blog last week. I was thinking I might do this more often so if any one of you, my other friends would like to take a turn, please let me know. I think it would be way fun to get to know you all better. I think I'll contact my buddy Bear up in Idaho tonight and see if he is willing, then perhaps Shadow the cat who lives in Vermont. Sounds kind of fun doesnt it.
Well, vickie says she needs to get off her leg so she cannot type anymore. I'll get back with you all a little later,
Love ya


Oak said...

You're lucky you got to have a bath at home. My Mommy makes me go to the groomer! Scary place. Guess what, Mommy gave me my own blog! Cool huh?

Anonymous said...

Yea Oak, I could tell by your writing on my blog that you should have your very own. This is so cool. now we can have even more fun. I can't wait to see how our lives compare or what fun pictures of you and your part of the world show.

Good luck and enjoy.....Who would have thought two boys so far apart could become friends and pen pals.

The Ryans said...

We are so happy you are hope Vickie and we'll try to be extra calm at daycare while you're recouperating.
Love your photo at the wedding what a great idea.
Cleo & Gus