Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wahoo, I did it. I am now a Certified Wilderness Search Dog......and I did it on my Birthday.....Yep, I am two years old as of May 15th and a Certified I'm an official, hold me back I am coming to find you SEARCH DOG......and boy it was a long time comin, but it is here.

I am excited about it but as some of you may know, this week was a hard one for any searcher. I didn't know that sometimes I would be looking for, what would turn out to be so Very Very Sad. I thought it was all fun and games, cause that is what the training has been all about.

Because I was so close to certifying, I was allowed to go as a "Volunteer" Dog and look for a little boy this week. I was not aware that so much emotion would be surrounding me during a time like this.

Although I didn't understand a lot of it, I took my cue from my vastly more experienced elder, Murphy. He was very saddened, as was both his partner and mine. They were all pretty depressed after word and we really didn't do much. I mean, I barely got out of the truck before we were told to Stand Down. But the frustration and pain was very apparent. It was a tough start to a very eventful week.

On a more cheery note.....Guess who's birthday it was this week and guess how many people remembered my wish for a Ferret......?

I got Two ferrets for my birthday. Can you imagine that.....Vickie is very grateful that they were only on cards and not real life ones.

I just wanted to thank you guys for remembering that that was my birthday wish. how cool are you!!!

When I went to do a demonstration this week for a group of home school kids, I was so happy when they all sang Happy Birthday to me. Wow, I'm TWO.......

Vickie got the order of the pictures wrong so we are going forward to the Search Dog Training that was held on Saturday the 15th of May.... MY BIRTHDAY!! (Just in case someone doesn't know that yet.)

We traveled to Bear River State Park in Evanston Wyoming. Murphy and Paulette rode up with us in our cool old van. I was very excited when we picked up Murhpy. I just knew it was a good thing.

Of course the first thing that happens when we get to the training area is all the little kids came over to meet us dogs. WE LOVE THAT.

At some point in the day, Ken took off and set up my Wilderness Test. I wasn't even nervous about it. Fact is, I didn't know it was a test, but Vickie did and she was very pleased with my grand performance. Yep I found him so fast, he barely had time to get hidden. And now I am official.....OOOO FFFF III CCCC IIII AAAA LLLL.

Well, not 100%. I can do wilderness air scent searches, but I have to do my 1/4 mile track, scent discrimination test to be 100%. I am gonna do that at next months training if I can. So keep your fingers crossed.....I am gonna make it....really I am....

Thanks Ken.You were, Like, the best victim.....

So here are a bunch more pictures of us during training adn with the kids that gather around. I know it looks like I have a really rough time of it....all that hard work, all that being petted and loved. Oh I really do sacrifice a lot, don't I.

Here is a Youtube link with more pictures of the training if you want to see. Sorry about the music. We need a better disc.

Vickie and John went up to the property this week to open up the trailor. She said it was INCREDIBLE so I can't wait to head up.

The trailer come through the winter really well.

No leaks, no collapsed walls. whew!

Sam and Strider came to stay for a week. Boy are they popular. The Kelly's even spent more time with them than with me. But I am not worried. They won't be here long and then I'll get my family back.

Fiona is a force to be recond with. She is one Big Momma. When she decides to sleep on you, you are pinned until she decides to get up. One time she fell off one of the beds we have on the floor. She rolled off on top of me and I thought I was gonna suffocate.

Finally Vickie helped me up from under her. Wow.....I hope that never happens again.

I love it when Austin or one of the Kellys come. They just lay right down on the floor with us in our beds and off to sleepy land we all go. What more could you ask for.....

So now we are going back through the week to one of the demonstrations.....Annie met me and Murphy there. It was great fun.

Vickie and I were excited to see that our white robyn was still there. I wonder if she has had babies and if they will be white too. How cool would that be.

More Kids, More fun.

So at the kennel we have another homeless boy. His name is Cooper and aint he good looking. Vickie is going to keep him here for a few weeks and help him understand that people are really good. At least most of them are. then they will work on walking on a lead, sitting, staying and just giving him time to settle down and relax. Then with your help, she is going to help him find a new home. So please keep him in mind. He is such a gentle boy, loving and kind.

So here is a link to all the activity at the kennel this week. I hope you like it. We have had some really fun guests.....

For those of you who have been interested in our little robin family, Vickie and I watched an incredible battle this morning. It seems this mom has been taking care of her little brood all by herself. Flying off and quickly returning with food for the three little darlings. (Feildspar, Zanzibar and Rex)

I named them myself. So anyway this morning while we were in the attic taking pictures of mom feeding the boys, all of a sudden she shrieked and flew up through the trees.

Let me add that to this point in life, I have actually thought those big black and white birds called magpies, were really pretty and were fun to watch, but today, these big buggers came in to try and steal Fieldspar with the intent of using him as a morning snack.

Well, mom would have nothing to do with that. She flew off trying to lead them away. But they then circled around her and one of them headed back to get Fieldspar. Our hearts were beating so bad and I was barking at the window and Vickie was hollering and pounding at the window hoping they would go away.

They just flew in closer and were planning on getting Fieldspar with a side manuver of tricking mom with one of the birds while the other one swooped in to grab the baby. Just at the last minute, when Vickie and I thought it was over for Fieldspar, in comes DADDY to the rescue.

Man he came diving in at that other bird and then him and mom started attacking them both. It was a great thing to watch. The best part is those mean old child grabbing magpies went flying off with their tails between their feet, never to return.

yea Dad. I don't know where you have been for the last few weeks, but boy was it good to see you come in at the last minute.

Dad has been hanging around a lot more today. Helping mom feed and keeping watch. I am feeling much better about the Feildspar, Zanzibar and Rex's future.

Good Job mom......


murphigator said...

Good grief you've been busy. Loved the photos! Congratulations again to Search and Rescue dog, Bert. He finished the test in record time WITH FLYING COLORS!! WOOHOO

The Ryans said...

Happy belated Birthday BERT :) Congratulations on your becoming an official S & R dog.
We had a little red headed house wren build a nest in the wreath on our front door she had 5 cute little blue eggs and we carefully used the other door so as not to disturb them - then one day the eggs were gone we think those big old nasty magpies got her eggs it was sad.
OX Cleo & Gus

keli said...

Congratulations, Bert! We're so happy for you and proud that you aced your test! And thanks for the robin family update. Those pictures are amazing and what a story! And we're all glad you liked your ferret and we were very excited to see the card we made you on your blog! We're going to send your blog link to Mesa and Pixie and Wylie so they can see it!

Love, Ray and Taylor

Mesa and Pixie said...

Yeah, Bert! Happy birthday and congratulations on making Search and Rescue Dog. Love, Mesa and Pixie and Molly