Sunday, May 30, 2010

In Memory of Feldspar and Rex

Lets start out on an up note.....Check out some of my friends on the link below. It is only a 19 second flick but really cute.
And When you have 6 minutes to set back and watch this second video on You Tube, you'll enjoy it too. It is a compilation (Vickies word, not mine) of all the goings on for the week of May 23rd thru the 29th. And it is dedicated to my buddies Feldspar and Rex who met with a very unfortunate end that I will tell you about below.
Well, if this hasn’t been the most exciting and Traumatic Day of all days….I’ll never know.

Vickie told me this morning that today would be the day. Feldspar and his brothers and sister (Zanzibar, Rex and Sally) were going to leave the nest. We had been watching them from the attic window as much as possible the last few days and it was clear they were getting ready to take their first flight.

So Thursday afternoon about 2:15 Vickie and I are sitting their peacefully watching, all relaxed in our chairs with the camera in Vickie’s hand. All of a sudden there was this crazy commotion in the back yard where the small dogs play.

You could hear a bird screeching and momma and daddy robin were swooping through the air, dive-bombing something down by the lilac tree.

We didn’t understand at first, but then we noticed there were only three baby birds in the nest. Feldspar was gone. He had tried to fly.

Now Vickie is crying and mom and dad robin are making these clicking very sad sounds as they all look down on poor Feldspar who unknowingly landed next to a very fast and bird mad dog. Poor Feldspar, the first to leave the nest, the first to try his wings, the first of his brothers and sister to experience the feel of wind gently keeping him in the air for a few short moments, was also the first to die.

Oh yes. Feldspar has died and we are all very very sad…….

After we realized what had happened, Vickie quickly went out and scooped up poor Feldspars little body and took him to a place of rest, then moved all of the doggies that were in the area where Feldspars brothers and sister might try to fly in, to another area of the kennel.

Then back up in the attic we went to wait and watch. It wasn’t 10 minutes later that Rex tried his wings. He flew from one branch of the apple tree to another with encouraging chirps from mom and dad, then off to a life of freedom.

Moments later Zanzibar flew off as well, landing right where Feldspar had landed fifteen minutes earlier but Zanzibar was much luckier because there were no dogs there to eat him. We are not sure where he went from their but we hope and pray he too lives a wonderful bird life.

Last is little sister Sally, and she was a day or two behind her brothers so she will probably be here a few more days.

Vickie is still crying a little, but I find this whole thing Very interesting. You see I am starting to really get this “Life” thing. I am learning to pay attention. Like last night at the baseball game, I started noticing that there was always a ball landing just behind the catcher. Often times it would sit there for five or so minutes and I would watch it very closely waiting for my chance to go and get it and show the team how useful I could be. But they never did let me go.

There was this little girl who kept asking Vickie if she could take me for a walk and finally Vickie gave in. I was thrilled cause she was heading right towards a big ole hotdog that someone had left sitting on the bench. Well, I guess I walk faster than that little girl, cause she sort of fell forward and was down on the ground. But she was a stubborn little girl and she was not going to let go of my leash so I just dragged her forward until I was just in reach of that hot dog.

Well, everyone was laughing cause the little girl was just a hangin on and all you could see from behind the bench were her little legs as they disappeared behind the seats as I dragged her along. I was afraid I might be in trouble cause you are not supposed to drag little children around but even the little girl was laughing and having a fun time. THANK GOODNESS

Here is the little girl. Apparently Vickie took Sky back the next day and not me. Apparently, Sky doesn't drag little children across the ground. yada yada yada

Allred has started to really exert his control over all of us lately. He has taken up residency in the lazy boy and no one but Betty dare to get up there while he is there.

My boys, The Kelly's, have turned into traitors to me because they no longer feel that I am mistreated by the Devil Cat. They even seem to be liking him a lot more than I am comfortable with. Like today, Austin spent an hour just petting Allred while he rested in the big chair. I didn't even dare go up for my pets while he was there with the Devil.

Any body got any ideas on how to get rid of the Devil? (Not you Whitney, I know you really like allred, so you would probably not have any workable suggestions)

Cooper and Annie were having such a fun time this week. I couldn't even get Annie to pay attention to me. OK so Cooper is bigger than me, and younger, but come on Annie, how fickle can you be. You drop me cold when something better comes along without so much as a "Howdy Do Partner, I'm moving on" Nope, you jsut drop me like a cold potate or hot potatoe....what ever!!!

More fun with kids, more demonstrations, more educational experiences.....I just give and give and give....

It was pretty windy this day as you can see. Poor Murhpy with his long hair. He needs to put it in a pony tale or something. I don't know how he sees sometimes.

Poor Zeus has had a heck of a few weeks. He had to have surgery on his toe and the first thing he did when he got home was to chew out the stitches. He didn't know that he would have to go right back to the vet and be put under the anethesia AGAIN. So now he has to wear the "Coller of Shame".....
I know his pain....
On a final note......Vickie and I are really sad to tell you that Cooper and Dizzy are still here, looking for a home. Several wonderful people have come to visit and are thinking about it, but until they make up their minds, we really need to have your help in passing the word around.

Cooper is a 1 1/2 year old neutered golden retreiver who is up to date as of last week on all his shots as well as his heartguard. He is kind and loving and gets along with everyone here and anyone he meets.
Dizzy is a one year old neutered mix breed, also very sweet, social and ready to have a family of his own. Vickie is very nervous about putting them on but it is time that they move on. Please please send word out to friends and family. They need to be adopted soon so they don't get too attached to Vickie and I. Besides, I am pretty sure that Annie will forget all about Cooper once he has left.......
Have a nice week....
I am sure planning on making the most of it.
Vickie took me to the river tonight and we watched the beavers for 1/2 an hour then played ball for another half hour. We got pictures of the beaver and some crazy looking bird that we will have ready for you next week.


keli said...

Bert, thanks for putting us in your blog! Maybe someday we will be famous like you because you put us - US! - up on your blog with our own link for everyone to see! We are wagging our tails furiously AGAIN just thinking about it! But then we stop when we think of poor little Feldspar. We hope the others made it okay. But then we think of us being on your blog and we wag our tails in unison some more!

Thanks, Bert, you're the best.


Ray and Taylor

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