Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great Dane Lovers, Fiona needs a home

So I thought I would start out with the "READERS DIGEST" version of my week for all of those of you who don't have the time nor inclination to read the WHOLE big long blog entry for this week.

A. It has been a great and fun filled and BUSY week for me. (all about it in the blog itself)
B. Dizzy is still looking for a home
C. Now we have the beautiful GREAT DANE Fiona also looking for a home. So those of you who know Great Dane enthusiasts, will you pass the word along. (Pictures to come in the blog)
D. Just so you wont have to spend a lot of time reading, Vickie has made the whole week easy to watch in the following two slideshows. Of course she is a John Denver fan so you have to listen to his music while you watch the videos.

Vickie says she is not sure If I am NOT feeling well or if I am just plain maturing. She says I am such a pleasant young man to be around these days. I am quiet and more soft and gentle. I don’t even grab food out of her hands. Could I be sick? No, I think I am just growing up……and wonderfully if I say so myself.

In comparison of my sweet nature and loving spirit that aVickie is now, so much appreciating, you can note that Spring is here. Another sweet give of Mother Earth. Lucky us....this year we have a robin that has decided to build her nest in the perfect spot so that Vickie and I can sit and watch her but not disturb her.

We sit upstairs in the attic just to the side of the big window and look right down into the nest. Won't it be fun to watch her and her babies grow? Vickie takes lots of pictures and says I can put them on the blog for others to see, you know, if you want.

Vickies favorite flower (the Wystiria) is finally starting to bloom. You may recall that she has had the bush for 12 years and that last year was the first year it bloomed. She was so happy. And now it appears that it will continue to bloom every year......
We have been doing a little work on the front of my yard. We have decided that because there are so many dogs in the front yard and because we pee a lot and because grass don't grow so well on well peed on areas, and because we cant afford cement and because if we put gravel down again, I would most likely eat it and then have to go back to the hospital and have my intestines cut open again, well we just decided to cover up the publics view of the front yard all together.

And it works. We found these trees that were on sale and Rocky planted them and now when you drive by you can't see that we can't keep a nice grassy yard.....I don't know why that is important to Vickie but it seems to I guess we are all very happy these days....

This is Buddy's picture from his house. He loves coming to day care so much.....He had his mom send Vickie the following note the other day:


Every morning when I put my shoes on Buddy bolts from the bed down the hall and sits right where he is in this picture following my every move. He is waiting for the leash to go to Vickies lol He loves to come to your place every day! If for some reason I hesitate to get out the door once he has started to the door he follows me and huffs and whines. You cant help but start laughing.

Thanks for loving the dogs so much it is a great feeling knowing he just might be getting more spoiled than had he stayed home and he is pretty darn spoiled at home.


I know that Buddy would be upset if he read this part cause he is in his eyes a "HANDSOME" boy, but isn't that the sweetest little face you ever saw? WE are so glad that Buddy comes to play. I always insist that Vickie let me go back with the small dogs on the days that Buddy plays back there, most the time he gets to play up front with me, but sometimes he just likes it better back with the other dogs. Me too.....sometimes.

Pumba is here for the week. He is growing so fast. They say he is a perfect gentleman at home and that people love his sweet gentle personality. Vickie never said that about me when I was his age. Do you think I was a bit of a pill growing up?

Strider and Sam are here for a week too. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how big they were and boy can they spread a good slobber with a shake of their heads. I got it in the face yesterday and Vickie got it all down her arms and legs. Whew.....Thank goodness it is summer and they have a pool to rehydrate in and three BIG water buckets. I would think they would have to drink constantly to keep them from dehydrating from all that drool.

Ellie and Gracie love to bask in the summer sun. Now we havn't had a lot of it lately but they sure know how to take advantage of every little bit.

Dizzy is haveing a great time here but he still needs a home of his own. He is so sweet and he is quick to learn. Vickie says she will send a flyer out soon on both Dizzy and Fiona. But in the mean time we were both hoping you would continue asking around.
I thought things were pretty full here when Betty and Allred moved in but you add two Great Danes and this little house starts looking really really little.
Thank goodness the weather is nicer cause between Allred sneaking up and attacking me in my sleep and The two Great Danes sleeping ANY WHERE THEY WANT. This house is starting to get smaller and smaller by the day.

INTRODUING Fiona. She is a two year old Great Dane. She is on the right side of the picture. She is sooooo tall. The one on the left is her puppy Zeus, but we already found him a new home.
Fiona is kind and gets along with all of us bigger dogs, but her first family said she isn't real good with small dogs and they would't recomend she live with small children. You know, under 10 years old. Vickie says that she is going to try and find a home with a woman who will really want her most of all, cause she is a womans dog. (I am not sure what that means, but I'll take Vickeis word for it)

This is a funny picture of Fiona, she has beautiful Blue eyes, and when she wants something, she goes up to Vickie and takes her arm in her mouth and gently leads her to what ever or where ever she wants. I thought it was kind of cute.
I can be cute though, too. I sometimes will pick up my leash when Vickie drops it and carry it myself. That looks pretty cool too.
ANYWAY Please help us find good loving homes for Dizzy and Fiona. PLEASE pass their pictures along.....
Finally Betty is getting a little bit of what she dishes out. Before Zeus the great dane, moved to his new home, he would climb up and lay right on top of Betty, just like she does to me. She doesn't seem to mind though. She is the coolest....

Just wanted to share a picture or two of Annie after playing in the pool and then finding some mud to role in. Now this isn't what Vickie wants me to pass on, you see most dogs don't get this dirty here at Canine Country Club, but Annie who is white, well she sure did.

Her mom De brought her back the next day anyway. She said that she was getting a bath on Tuesday night before we went to do the therapy work on Wednesday and she wanted her to have as much fun, get really tired and get as dirty as she could.
Well she did.
When she got home that night she slept and slept and slept
The next day she went to the groomer (something I have heard about but yet to experieence) and they gave her a bath trim and brush And "voilla"
check it out

She is white
Really White
Almost blindingly white
I saw her the next day after her bath at the demonstration at the school and then at the UTA Fair and finally at the Retirement Center. She stood out like a fairy tale in real life. "Snow White" my dream girl.

I, of course was no shabby looking fella either. I finally found out what a groomer was. Vickie decided to send me to The Animal Park which is around the corner from us for a grooming.
What an experience. You can read about it a little later in the blog......but following, note how handsome I looked.....whew, hold your self back girls.....the Dude is coming......

First we get to meet my loving friends from the Retirement Center......

The kids at Horace Mann Elementary

Then there was the UTA Safety Fair but I forgot to put pictures of that in. You can see them in the video at the beginning of the blog though....If you want.

Again, Jason, Taya and Corbon came to Visit. Only I was left at home.
I still dont' get this. Corbon really likes me. Come on Vickie
Corbon and Grandma with KC

And of course my visits from Auston and his dad. i know they came mostly to see Betty and Fiona, but even though they give them attention, I know I am still top dog on their "Best Dog" list.

Cory really was taken with Fiona and her baby boy

Those baseball games can be pretty exhausting. It doesnt' take much for Austin to fall asleep when he visits. Allred, Scrappy, Abby and Tristy played the part of blankets for his nap.

Before Vickie would let me go to see the “Love” people in Clearfield, I had to go to the groomer. This was my first experience at the groomers. I mean usually when Vickie decides I have reached the point of being dirtier than the dirtiest mud dipping hippo in the zoo, she just takes me to our park and I get to swim in the river or the lake.

This time she said it was time I met a professional and really got clean. So what does really mean anyway?

Boy did I find out. Vickie made appointments for both me and Scrappy at a snazzy little place around the corner called the Animal Park. They are this new doggy day care about one mile from us. I know you’r not supposed to plug a competing business so close to your own, but I don’t think Vickie would mind if I told you about this place.

Well when I came in, I was greeted by JJ and Debbie the owners. They were really nice to me and took me back into this little room where I met the most lovely woman.

She proceeded to treet me like a king for the next few hours as she gently bathed me in a wonderful tub filled with nice warm water. After the bath she started rubbing me down and then brought out this brush and
clippers and began “Grooming” me.
Long strokes of the brush along my back and tummy quickly put me into a resting sleep. Through my sleep I felt the gentle “Grooming” continue until when I finally got up and looked at myself in the mirror, Well you wouldn’t believe the handsome boy that looked back at me.
This is a pleasure that I am going to tell all my friends about.

Of course Scrappy had a different experience, and he wasn’t as happy as I was with the whole thing, but he did look terribly handsome and he smelled so good when we finally met up a few hours later.

I would say the whole thing was like going to a spa, being treated like royalty ect.ect. The only thing I HATED was that silly little blower thing that I had to endure while my coat got dry. But all in all. I highly recommend this for a guy like me at least once every six weeks or so.

My coat has never been so soft. And it seems lighter too, like I lost a few pounds of fur. It will probably make me COOOOOLer for the summer.
Well, that is it for this week
Hope it didn't bore you.
See ya soon.
And don't forget to spread the word
about sweet Fiona and handsome Dizzy.


Slaves of Intensity said...

NO fair! Next time I want to go to the spa with you:)

The Hendrys said...

I went to Animal Park and got the spa treatment today. I got my hair all shaved for summer, my Natalie said Vicky is going to kill my mom. All my beautiful curly hair is gone. Just to get even with my mom I was really naughty and pulled my head out of my collar and ran up busy 24th street. The nice people from Animal Park ran out and helped capture me. I was really scared because I didn't know where I was going, and I could have been hit by a car. My mom tried to act angry but she was really just relieved I was safe.

Naughty Farrah

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Farrah, Never Never Never run in the street. how many times do I have to tell you......
love ya