Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robins, Beavers, Flowers and Kids

Well Howdy everyone. I hope you had as much fun this last week as I did. It is pretty late right now and I am darn sure that Vickie is going to start dozing off soon, so this will be a pretty short entry. But my week went like this:

For some reason we have had a ton of demos in the last few weeks. Two this week were here in Ogden area but we also had our annual Bear Lake AJ Winters Demo and that was quite the fun time.
On the drive there we almost ran over a momma duck and her 10 little ducklings that were wandering down the middle of this country road. Thank goodness Vickie was alert and she slammed on the brakes, stopping a few feet from the little family.
It was such a relief to her that she didn't hit them, but my gosh, she stopped so fast that I almost knocked myself out as I flew forward into the front console. Now Vickie is looking for a doggy seat belt for me. Anybody have any ideas on where to find one?
All the kids at AJ were great fun and I can't wait to go back, again and again.

After I was finished playing with the fourth graders I got to go in a meet my new most special friend. He took a sec to warm up to me but we were soon best of buddies. I hope I get to see him again.

On the way back home we came down Logan Canyon and stopped at this beautiful waterfall. Vickie says it leads up to some caves that she used to go spelunking in. Wonder what spelinking is?

We played there for a bit and then continued home. I was pretty tired by the time I got there so I went straight to sleep. and guess who decided to use me as a chair again. What is with Betty anyway. Do I look like a chair?

As the spring keeps working its way into Canine Country Club and the surrounding area, the beautiful flowers are starting to bloom. This one smells particularly good.

Not far from the Country Club is a cool place Vickie and I like to walk and we were so excited this week when, while walking we looked over to the river and noticed this huge critter on the other shore. Guess what? We have BEAVERS.
More demonstrations, even when it's raining and cold. They just keep a comin.

Tucker Annie and I really like the demos cause we get to play for half an hour after each one. It can get pretty wild when we play so Vickie and the others usually stand by a big tree or their cars so we don't run em down when we whiz by.

The robins are growing like crazy. This was how they looked a week ago. Today when we looked, they already had feathers..... It has been cold, wet and rainy for the last week and their mom spends a lot of time keeping them warm. She is a great mom.
Yep, Betty is still sitting on me. But more important is that Fiona (in the back ground here) has found a new home. Lets all keep our fingers crossed. I hope it is a forever forever home.....she deserves it.
Allred is still ruling. He can scare you with a simple look.

Well, I am off to sleepy land. I wish you all a great week. Vickie made another slide show that covers all of last week, both for the search dogs and all the dogs here at Canine Country Club. Hope you enjoy it. (Check out the youtube link below, Vickie promises to find some shorter music next time and only run each picture once. She is still learning how.)

WAHOO, I have 30 followers..How much fun is that..
thanks you guys for reading my blog.

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I love Allred!!! love love that kitty :)