Sunday, June 20, 2010

So just another week of being me. Way, the coolest dog around. I got to strut my stuff again for some children at Childrens Classic, a trip to the park for a swim, and a great Sunday Drive to Bear Lake to pick up a new friend. Oh the life.

This weeks slide show.
The kids at the center were a little dissapointed when we first showed up because Annie and Murphy didn't come too, but it only took a few seconds for them to realize that I was All The Dog a kid needs.

By the time I left, they found that new word for GREAT is Bert.......(OK, maybe I am a little full of myself this week, but what can ya do? When your me)

Of course then I come home and get greeted by The Devil. He is still hiding behind the doggy door and slapping me when I try to come inside, still sleeking behind bedroom doors, still being Allred, but up until this week, he had been just doing it inside.
I had accepted that and had made my new kingdom "The Great Outdoors" that is until "THE DEVIL" learned how to go in and out of the dog door. Now he comes outside, stretches out across the bottom of the back step and DARES me to try and come inside at all.
Is it wrong to pray for one of Gods creatures to DIE....?
Vickie and I really like this picture of Annie with Cooper so we decided to put it in the blog one more time. She can really make the faces, cant' she?

Cooper also gets Betty to show her teeth when they are playing. But it is all in Love.....

My buddy Trigger wanted to pictures of some of the critters he met while camping this weekend.

Like this cool seagull bird catching a fish up at Causey

And my other buddy Dougal got to go on the Pony Express trail Saturday and he also sent some of his favorite pictures and a slide show. Check it out, maybe you will want to make the trip one day too.

Our sweet Jake comes often to the day care. I can't beleive there are dogs as big as him and that they have such gentle hearts. I mean I know I am sweet, loving and kind, but wow that Jake gives a whole new meaning to the words.

Alex came over to play with all of us and when he met Jake, well he just stayed most of his visit with him. One might think I would be jelouse but I know that it is just a passing fancy and that Alex will always like me most.

Kenai gave this pose for Austin when he went around the day care taking pictures of everyone so you could see them on the slide show this week. There are a few more of her in the slide show if you want to see. She has the most amazing Blue Eyes. Sometimes I just get all weak in the knees when I see her looking my way with those eyes.

Zeus is doing great after his surgery but I think he misses his big white collar that kept him from licking the sore area cause he always finds a place that makes him feel like he has a hat or something on.

I got to spend some time up at the property with the Kelly's and Vickie. There was lots of swimming, riding and eating.

Everyone got really dirty. I know when I get dirty that it is way fun, but I didnt' know that people liked getting all muddy too. This is great, now I am not the only one that gets the van all smelly and muddy. It is nice to have friends. who like what you like. It was still pretty cold, yet that Nathan boy was all about getting wet and swimming in the lake with me.
Too bad his mom wouldn't let him. But I suspect when it gets a little warmer I am going to have a swimming companion......

The only thing I would change about the whole week is the rule Vickie has set about not feeding me too much while camping. She says that when I eat a lot of the human food (which I might point out is THE BEST) well she says that I get gassy and unpleasant to be around.
Mmmm like she always smells like a rose. (Whoops, did I say that?)
Oh well, I hope you enjoy the video slide show of me and al my friends here at CCC and some camping pictures. Vickie says this is the last John Denver song she has downloaded so maybe next time you'll get to watch the adventures of us dogs to the sound of something more modern.
I wouldn't hold my breath though. She really likes the guy. She told me one time on a search she almost got to sleep with (in the same camp) him. She was darned dissapointed when she found out that she had chosen to ride the helicopter back to her camp instead of staying the night at the camp with John Denver.
Oh well, Hind Sight......
Have a nice week everyone. I have some pretty exciting things to do this week that I think i will have a lot to tell you next week.
Bye for now.

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