Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hiking, Swimming, Walking, Critters and Friends

Not too much to report today. It was, Of Course, another
great week to be alive in "Bert World"
I guess I am too tired to say a bunch so enjoy the pictures and the fun video attached with a youtube link. I have big plans for the coming week with lots fo activities to report later.
So here is the link.....
And now, Here goes for this weeks fun.
We are back up in the mountains and this time I got to take the Kelly Boys and their mom with me. I showed them around, showed em how to take advantage of each and every mud puddle, then I sent them out on the ATV's for a fun time while Vickie, Kathy and I hiked around.
Yea, I love spring. Lots and Lots of mud puddles.
Every where you look....mud Mud MUD
Glorious Mud

Vickie went for a quiet hike later in the week and came across two moma moose and their babies. She was extatic. I think I know what ecstatic is, isn't that what it feels like when you experience incredible things MUD

Even the flowers were out greeting the spring in the mountains.

Back at the kennel, Shea and the others enjoyed the
sunshine and the pools.

Cooper pleads for some attention through the fencing.
Austin, Larry and Dixie spend part of the afternoon
inside escaping from the heat.
The huge cottonless cottonwood trees aren't cottonless anymore. the other day I went out to play with my friends and when we would look up in the sky, we thought it was snowing. I mean, the sky was blue as blue can be but there were thousands of these little white cottony things floating all around us.
Really cool
How come they call it a Cottonless Cottonwood when this is obviously cotton. I mean, I know I am a dog, but Come On People. Who thought this stuff up anyway.
Sierra came over to work at the kennel on Monday. She scooped for a bit then her job was to come in and keep us dogs company. She was a really good worker and a great cuddler.
Austin was playing with Allred when Ginger figured out there was a cat in the house. She never once tried to bite Allred (darn) but she would just sit there for hours. Really!!!!! hours. Staring. Not moving, barely breathing, and staring.
Allred slept most the time with an occaisinal nasty glance towards Ginger as a warning. (I had such hopes for Ginger, but she failed me. Allred the devil cat is still here.)

Ginger was totally unfased, even when
Austin tried to stick his finger up her nose. (not really)
Betty is still the first to get in Nathan (or anyone, for that matter) laps and falls asleep within seconds. I tried to get her to come and play with me on this day but her and Nathan chose to snub me and sleep.
Alex, Magen, Austin, Nathan and Kathy came a bunch this week and took Mesa, Pixie, Gus and Cleo for walks. It is so pretty at the Fort now days. I was a little bit jealous.

Sometimes the question is...."Who is walking How?"
I guess I didn't need to get jealous cause guess who got to go to the park and swim and play for hours.
While I was swimming this family of geese came over to say hi. I wasn't to thrilled with them so I got out of the water. That momma, well, she just looked plain mean. Vickie said I did good because she has seen geese come after other dogs before and they have a really painful beak....
Later that day, as we were walking, Vickie spotted the white robin that we have been watching for weeks. She had done some research on the net and told me that this is a really rare kind of robin
and that we were really lucky to see it.
I didn't feel that lucky cause when Vickie saw the bird, she made me do a "Sit Stay" (Yep, I can do that now) For half an hour while she followed that bird around trying to get the perfect picture for
the people at the Robin web site.
I think she did a good job, don't you.
And finally before we came home, we went over to the river and watched for our buddy the beaver. He was very busy chewing up the trees along the river and it was pretty cool to watch. Again I had to do the "Sit Stay" but it was worth it. I kind of enjoyed watching the little guy.
So I hope everyone has a great week, I am off to bed because
I have big plans for my week.
Thanks for checking in and I hope you enjoyed the video. Vickie is getting a little better each time. Maybe one day she will use
other music than this John Denver guy.

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