Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whew!!! another really great week. I can't wait to tell you all about it. I mean there was adventure, danger, of course, lots of kids, a moose and also a very sad loss.
But let me start out with a short fun video and a plea for help.

The video is of my friends here at CCC featuring the beautiful Annie and my good good friend Cooper.

Vickie wanted me to ask you all to let everyone you know see the video so that maybe, just maybe someone out there who doesn't have a handsome golden retreiver like me in their lives, might consider taking home our wonderful and charming buddy Cooper.

You can see him playing with Annie through most of the video. And although there are two goldens in the video, you need to know that Cooper is the big curly lighter one. He is 1 1/2 years old, neutered (not sure why you guys think that is important) has had all his shots and is in need of a loving home. So check it out and send it on to all your friends, and pray for the right family to see it and contact Vickie. (801)627-2307
Ok, now that was fun, don't you think. But since this is mostly all about me, let me tell you how my week started.
so Paulette and Bill, (Murphy's Family) went out and hid some HRD stuff for me to find. (Cadaver material for my training) up in the South Ogden area. Vickie and I went up earlier this week and it was pretty hot. Not the ideal time to search, but we did it anyway.
Well of course, I had NO problem at all finding both of the little treasures and after we were finished, me and Vickie played a bit, then got back in the van and headed home.
As we were passing one of the banks in South Ogden, I got this weird sensation that went through me because of some kind of smell that was coming from the air and I started to growl. Not sure why, but I did.
Vickie turned to look at me and ask me what was wrong, when she noticed a policeman sneaking around the side of the bank. He had his gun drawn and he looked pretty nervous.
Well Vickie doesn't have any brains and she wanted to watch what was going on so she pulled over and we sat and watched to see how it was going to turn out.
As we were watching, we noticed another man coming around the side of the bank to where the police officer was. He was coming up behind the policeman who was trying to look around the building in the opposite direction into the windows of the bank.
We didn't know if we should holler or honk or bark, so we just sat there. Vickie said that it was probably the policeman's plain clothes partner or something, but the guy walking up behind the officer didn't seemed worried at all. He just kept walking up.
Well all of a sudden the police officer felt, or saw something and he spun around with his gun and pointed it right at the other man. He was hollering something to him and the man threw his hands in the air.
It looked like everyone was scared at that moment. The guy facing the gun was just a shaking. We could see his knees go weak from where we were.
He was holding his hands up in the air and trying to get the officer to see something he was carrying. We are not completely sure, but from where we were it looked like keys and Vickie said that they guy was probably the bank manager who had just come to work.
Whew!!! it was quite traumatic. We felt bad because we didnt' warn the officer somehow, but we were really glad that it was a good guy coming up behind the officer (not a smart guy, but a good guy). Anyway, no one got shot and what ever happened from there, well, we don't know cause we got back on the road and headed home.
Still wondering what we should have done.

Then later in the day these three girls came and took me, Tristy, Betty and Murphy for a walk. They came all this way, just to take us for a walk. It was so cool and they were really neat. We all went to the Fort where the River was so high that it was flowing over the banks and running down the trails and across some of the road ways.

It was a day when there were a bunch of scouts there and they had this really cool guy who was a pretend person from the pioneer days. He posed with all of us and talked to us a minute about the Fort and its history.

Then we continued on with a short stop at the lake for a quick swim, which wasn't completely necessary cause I got to run in all the water that was over flowing from the river.

It was a bit dangerous looking, that river, but oh so inviting. But, I was not allowed to go any nearer too it than 20 feet.

Maybe Next time......

WE had some sad news come this week and that is that our friend and buddy Stockton has passed away. He has been a special friend here for years. He got called infamous by Vickie after she went to the store one day and when she came back, All the dogs that were here for day care and kenneling were found running free.

Not out in the street or anything, but all through the house and all the different play areas. Come to find out that as soon as Vickie locked the place up and left for the store, Stockton had gone around and opened every single gate and let every one out to run where ever they wanted at Canine Country Club.

From that time forward, when ever Stockton came to stay, all the gates had to have special locks put on them. I did slow him down a bit, but it didn't stop him completely.

It was always and adventure when Stockton came to stay.

We will miss you Sweet Stockton. See you on the other side of Rainbow Bridge Buddy.

Now I know most of you will be a little upset with me, but you cannot know how happy I was Wednesday morning when I woke up and Allred was nowhere to be found.

Yahoo.....he figured out how to use the dog door and Tuesday night he left. He is GONE. Yeah. No more hiding in fear, no more having to peak around the corner to see if I dare go into a room with out being slapped with those devil sharp claws, no more having to stay outside all night because the evil one is sitting just inside the doggy door waiting for me to dare to try and come inside.

LIFE IS GOOD. DEVIL cat is gone. Gone GONE.....

DANG IT......

The dirty bounder came home 24 hours later, and I am back to sleeping in the back room because I don't dare come into the living room when he is in there.

Believe me, the term, "Dang It" is the gentle way of saying what I am feeling.

I hope your happy Whitney......(and I thought you loved me).

Oh well, I guess I'll have to learn to live with least I have my weekly trips to the mountains. I am pretty sure he can never take that away from me.
It was cool this time cause we got to see our first little boy moose. His antlers are growing so fast. Vickie says she thinks they grow an inch a day.
Wow, can you imagine.

I was excited to see that the moose watering dish was full of fresh clear water and after a two mile run it was very refreshing.
We checked on things at the property, making sure that the moose had their salt lick and that there was a big log in the watering bowl so that any squirrels that came for water would be able to get out if they fell in, then headed to the lake.

And you know how I feel about lakes, streams and rivers. Oh it was a great great day.

But wait!!! What is this? What do I do now? If I can't touch the beach, Oh heck. Who did this?
So what is the deal with you humans.....A guy needs to go across the beach to get to the water....Mmmmm this is a dilema..
Thank goodness there are other lakes, streams and rivers......
Next day we get to go to the Boys and Girls Club in Roy. There were tons of kids and I was so excited.
Murphy and Paulett have a silent prayer before each demo. I don't need to pray cause I am so good.....
Not really.....I pray too.
This time was just like all the other demonstration. Vickie is talking, talking, and talking. I am going around finding small groups of kids and letting them pet me while she talks. First one set of kids, then I move on to another set. I really am quite popular.
But this time I am doing my thing when all of a sudden I hear Vickies voice coming from a different place. I mean, she is standing in one part of the room talking but I swear her voice is coming from a whole different place.
It seems to be that Vickies Voice is inside these two big black boxes that they just brough out.
I left my kids and went over to check it out.
So weird.... How can she be 50 feet away yet her voice is coming out of these boxes.
It was a little freaky. I went up to the box's and tried to find where the other Vickie was hiding. Then the boxes started asking me questions like
"Bert, You wanna go for a walk"
"Bert, Bert BERT"
"Bert, What ya doing, Bert?"
Everyone was laughing so hard, and I didn't even know why, I was just so darned worried about poor Vickie the second who was captured inside the box's.

Finally, the Vickie inside the box stopped talking and I was releived to have my "Time with the kids" Sometimes they completely surround me and I should be panicked but I know they won't hurt me. So I just sit back and let it happen.....all that petting and loving.
A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do..

It is a time of memories for Vickie right now. This is the time of year that Syra died. I never met Syra but I hear about her often. Vickie planted a white rose on her grave and it always has the most amazing roses on it at this time.
This is the second season for me to see the rose. It is really pretty. Vickie thinks that Syra met Stocton and showed him around after he passed. She was just that kind of dog.

We have lots and lots of little guys staying with us this week. It has been a little cold the last part of the week and so they are often found under the covers.

Emy rules in the small dog section of the kennel. She is here for another week or so and NOBODY gives her a bad time......not even me.

Shasta is quiet and sweet and very very picky about what she eats and where she sleeps and who she lets be her friend. Mostly she sits at Vickie's feet curled up asleep. She's ok.....

Leo came to spend the night. He is only a couple of months old and not really a lot of fun for me, but Shasta and Betty really like him.

Abby feels like the rest of us are tiny little specks of dirt in her world. She is nice enough to humans but I gotta tell you the truth. She doesn't much like any of the rest of us. It often shows in the way she looks at me. Kind of sideways and downward.

Larry is back for the weekend but he just mostly sleeps alot. He isn't really excited about my presence either.

And one final picture of the ever precious Jamie. The queen, the best and sweetest dog in hour house. She is so patient with all of us. Loving and kind. And no better way to say Good Night and Good Week.

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keli said...

Bert, such a clever boy to get around the "no dogs on beach' rule! What's up with that? We hate those nasty no dogs signs. We like to pee on them and we hope you did, too. Love, Ray and Tay