Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last days of August and First of September 2010

You humans are a very interesting species. Now, please know right off the bat that I LOVE Vickie. She is my best friend, she is kind, loving, thoughtful….well I could go on and on (especially because she is sitting here typing this for me and I want to stay on her good side).


She still has so very much to learn…..Oh so very much.

Thank goodness, she pals around with the other “right and smart” people of her kind.

Like “For instance”

We were at a Puppy Party on Thursday. This is a group of really cool ladies who get together once a month with their dogs and we all play and talk and socialize and …EAT…

Now I am not always invited to eat with the humans, actually, I am NEVER invited too, but I have become very clever in the “Innocent" look with the head on the table, then the "scoop and grab maneuver.” By the time they realize that I am not just "Looking cute", but that I am scoping out the dinner table. I managed to grab a large white ball of chocolate, and swallowed it, all in one quick flick of the eye.

My human friend Robbie, brings a big bucket that they fill with ice, just for me to cool off in after a jaunt around the play area.….and maybe to keep their drinks cold, but mainly….JUST FOR ME…. We also have a huge yard in which me and my four legged pals run and play for hours in. This week the yard was filled with tennis balls. They were everywhere and I found each and everyone.

Too bad Vickie took them away from me each and every time. You would think I would learn not to let her know I have them. It is just that I am always so hopeful that she will throw the ball for me. Of course after a few throws, I become bored with that game and proceed to eat the ball. This seems to be what Vickie is most unhappy with, thus, she takes them away.

So anyway, the reason I bring this up is that on this particular evening Vickie learned something new about us dogs and how to respect us for what we bring into your lives. You see, we were all running a playing, feeling pretty good about things when one of us, I think it was Ray Ray, noticed a new and different smell.

There was a stranger that had appeared from no where just up the hill from Ray Ray’s house. Well, Ray Ray started to warn everyone that there was a new human in the area. Well a bunch of my other friends went to the gate and joined Ray Ray in the chorus.

Now normally, if this was Vickie, she would start hollering to me and Jamie and Abby to “Stop It” Stop It NOW”. Here we were trying to help her by letting her know there was a stranger in the area and her response to our efforts was to holler “Stop It”

Well not Ray Rays human. Nope…..she and Robbie had just read about how us dogs were doing it as a warning and that when you (Vickie) holler back at us to “Stop it” or what ever you might say… were basically just Barking along with us.

I mean that is how we see it. Your just trying to bark louder than we are so then it becomes a contest to see who can bark the loudest at the stranger……

So what did Vickie learn that night…..?

Well instead of hollering at us, Keli just calmly said….”Thank you…..Thank You…..

Yep, she thanked us for the warning and let us know that she too was now aware of the stranger…..

And you know what…..we all just stopped barking and went back to our play. Yep, that is all we wanted….just plain to let you know that someone or something was in the area.

Once you know that, then most of the time, we will then go about our business.

Now I know it sounds silly but it really works. Like just now the mail man came by and Tristy started barking at her and Vickie just said…Thank You.. in a cheery quiet voice and Tristy was so stunned that she stopped barking and came over to Vickie for a pet.

Vickie still has a lot to learn, but like I said, if she hangs around with the right people, well who knows how far she can come…..maybe one day she will understand me completely. Although, I am a complex boy so it is not likely, but it is possible. SOME DAY.

Oh and there was one other incident at the puppy party that I thought I would share with you. You see, Vickie has raised me in what is termed as a “Dry House” that means no drinking. Oh those mormons.

A dog should have a say in whether or not he or she should get to partake of the liquid gold but so far, Vickie has had a standing rule. NO DRINKING.

Her reasoning is that she feels I have no control over my eating and drinking habits. (This may be true but your not going to hear me admit it.) She says I wouldn’t be able to know when to quit and that I would quickly become an alcoholic. And maybe she is right because at the party, when I was sure no one was looking, I took a quick couple of laps out of one of the ladies glass when her back was turned.

She had left it just sitting there, nose level, right out in the middle of this little table. Right there in front of me. What was I supposed to do? I mean, really…….

Well, Vickie caught me sneaking a drink or two or maybe four, but I think she was embarrassed because instead of hollering at me and telling me to “Leave it” (which would clearly draw attention to me and the now half empty tasty red fluid) she just made a coughing sound which caused me to look up in her direction. Our eyes met and she nodded at me with her complete disapproval. Her face was pretty clear in its firmness so I left the rest of the drink alone.

No one but her and I know of this little digression, well until now.

Anyway, I got just enough of a taste of it that I think she might be right. I can’t describe how it felt as it went past my tongue and down my throat but clearly there is something unique about it.

Check it out.....One of Vickie's friends sent this picture of a bear who also likes little buckets....

And also at the Puppy party I got to spend time with Cody (Dizzy) He is so so happy in his new home with Robbie. He is a much calmer conteted boy these days. He told me:
"Hey Dude, (I think by that he meant, Hey Bert) Life just doesn't get any better." and you know what,......I think he is right.
Here is a video of slides from this weeks, puppy party, my adventures in the woods, the dogs at the kennel and a whole lot of other fun stuff.

We had a really scary night this week. The wind was blowing so hard that when I went out side to go to the bathroom I had to lean against the fence to keep standing. The trees in the kennel were bending almost in half.
We were all huddled in the house later that night just listening to the storm when we heard this huge cracking sound.
Our big tree cam crashing down and the only thing that kept it from falling on the house and thru the windows was the strength of the old walnut tree that stood as a protecting barier.
We love that tree even more now than we have before. It has always been a great source of food for me and they other dogs when the golden walnuts would fall to the ground. I could open the shells and eat the tender meaty stuff inside all day.
The storm blew a whole lot of those nuts off the tree that night and they don't taste too good so I guess they won't be eatable this year.
It took John two days to clean up the mess left from the storm. Windows were blown out, fences were knocked down....and it was SCARY.....
But all is back to normal now.

So now comes the bright news of the week. That mean old Allred had to go to the vet and get shots and x-rays cause he somehow hurt his foot. Poor baby... Yeah like I really feel sorry for him. He so deserves a little payback for all the mean things he does to me and the others.
vickie has to jam pills down his throat too. Every day twice a day he gets pills and it makes him gag and he hates it and I love it......
Now don't think I am mean, I really am not, but I do kinda see a little justice in this. don't you?
KC and I got to take a walk down the Ogden River Walkway this week. Vickie mostly made me walk on lead cause she didn't want me getting all wet in the river then jumping in the car and getting it all messed up.
I wasn't real happy about that, but all in all, it was a pretty nice walk. And OH MY the flowers were beautiful. And it smelled so good and there were butterflies and hummingbirds. It was great.

On Saturday we met with the other search dogs and hiked the mountains above Park City. I got to track my friends Jared and Abby.

They set up a really hard problem for us but I did really good. Once I got started looking for them, it only took me 30 minutes to track them down.
You may not know that, but that is pretty darn good time. Of course I am not as surprised as the humans are, because I already know that I AM THE BEST SEARCH DOG IN THE WHOLE WORLD.
Of course after the searching comes the fun. Tucker and I played with his frisbee for a while then Vickie pulled out the long awaited for.......

BOOMERANG BETTY. I havn't seen Boomerang Betty for almost five months. I only get her when I have done an amazing job and so when I get to play with her, I know I done good.

And Beleive it or not (and you have to beleive it because I have a picture to prove it) right there in the middle of those big old mountains there was a muddy puddle. I was hot and tired after all the hard work I had done and was thinking how much I could use a dip in a nice muddy pool, when around the corner I turned and THERE IT WAS.

Muddy Muddy Muddy and deep and cold and WONDERFUL. It was like the PERFECT DAY.

by the time we made it back to the van to come home, I was totally pooped. There was just enough room between Jared and Abby for my to lay and once we got into the rythem of the drive, I was gone to my favorite sleepy place.
Jared and Abby spent the whole drive home very carefully pulling out all the burrs that I got into during the search and beleive me, there was a ton of them. They were so gentle that it only made my sleep even more comforting.

Like cody says......IT JUST DOESN"T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.......

Dougal sent us a few pictures from his camping trip last week for those of you who want to see some really pretty country
And a cool video of his time at Bear Lake.


keli said...

Bert, Is there ever a dull moment at your house? We are sure glad no one got hurt with that big tree falling down. Whew, but what a mess. I would have helped you pick it up - the bigger the stick the better is my motto. And Taylor would have helped you pick up the nuts. She helped at Chewy's last night and came in from the yard to go home with a HUGE tummy from eating the unripe peaches on the ground. She is as big a food hound as you but not as good at being sneaky right in front of people. Way to go with the white chocolate ball! Thanks again for coming to our party. You and Jamie were lots of fun. Next month the party is at Chewy's. It will be great because he has a HUGE yard!

Your friends,

Ray-Ray and Taylor

Jessica said...

So the picture of the brown/tan getting getting water from the hose made me do a double take! The coloring is just like Jasper's from the side, they even have almost identical white triangles near the back! In the slide show there was a picture that showed the face more and I could see a big difference. But man that side view could have fooled me! :)