Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tropic and Panguitch Weekend

This time last Sunday Me, Murphy, Paulette and Vickie were on our way to South western Utah to the towns of Panguitch and Tropic. 7 hours in the van. whoa, I had no idea that was Vickies great adventure she had been talking about all the week before.

Don't get me wrong, if I have to travel, that old astro van Vickie found for almost nothing last year, is a great great way to get around if your a dog. We have room to walk around, big beds to sleep in and all the windows to look out that you could ask for, but 7 hours, for Petes sake. (Who, by the way is Pete)

We arrived in Tropic around 6 pm, checked into our little cabin at the Bryce Canyon Country Cabins and then headed to our host's Annette, Kirk and Connors for an incredible barbecue. They even cooked hamburgers for me and Murhpy and oh my were they good.

We then got to play ball in the park next to their house, I raced Connor on his bike, and then Connor hid in the park so Murphy and I could find him.

Back to our rooms and a nice, much needed night of sleep. Vickie and I got up a couple of times so I could go outside. She thought I needed to go to the bathroom, but I just really wanted her to take time and look at the stars with me.

They have a ton of stars in the sky in Tropic.
We went to the High School first. See our real job was to come down and help with a fund raiser so the high school and elementary school could pay for sidewalks to keep the kids safe.
The plan was to have Vickie and Paulette, Murphy and I speak at the high school, then the elementary school on the "How to stay Safe" in the mountains. Then later that night, they were having am "Ice Cream Social" to help raise the money, with Murph and I as the guests of honor.

We had a great time with the high school kids. They asked us quetions and laughed and played with us for about an hour. Next we went to the Elementary. Vickie took a whole bunch of pictures of us with the kids so if you are from the schools and reading this, check out the video slide show below. And kids and parents, if there is a pictures you want copied and sent to you just email Vickie at She promised to send you them.

After the demonstrations we all went for a hike up Bryce Canyon. It was real hot and Vickie didn't bring water for us. Can you believe that?
In Search and Rescue for 25 years and she goes for a hike in the wilderness WITHOUT water.

Needless to say, we didn't hike for more than a few miles before we had to return to the van.
The Ice Cream Social was really fun. I walked in and there was this table full of people eating ice cream and cookies. Well it didn't take me more than 25 feet before I was able to reach up and grab me a cookie.
Vickie was NOT HAPPY. Every one else laughed. NOT VICKIE
After all I was the guest of honor......Don't cookies, any cookie, anywhere by all rights MINE.
Off to bed and back up and on the road Tuesday morning by 7. We had one more school to speak at before we were done. Panguitch was about half an hour away. We found the school right off and boy they were fun too. I LOVE KIDS.
Before the kids came in for the assembly I found myself a big ole basketball to play with. After a bit, Vickie said I had had enough and she took the ball and put it in the water fountain hoping I wouldn't be able to get it.

The drive home seemed a lot shorter, I guess it was because I slept through the whole drive. So did Murhpy. Vickie and Paulette stayed awake though. That is probably a good idea.
Things were pretty much the same when we got home. We did have some new guests that have come to stay for a bit. Becky is sitting with Charlie a little black and white Standard Poodle that I met at my obedience class.
Wiggles a pit bull abtly named has been with us for several days. She is so big and powerful but I never knew a girl could be so happy all the time. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle. That is pretty much all she does.

Brighton has come for the weekend. He is a bit older but I think he has a lot of wisdom. Thing is, he kind of reminds me of how much I miss Zeus.
Ellie isn't a new guest but it was fun to have her come this week. She always brings fun times when she comes.

Rusty is an older friend. She has been here before. Sometimes she lets out this howl that echos throughout the block. It is a hauntingly beautiful and musical sound. I wish I could do it.
Then there is Hank, he is Rusty's brother sort of. Any way they live together.

Nephew Jared came up with his family this week and everyone but me went up to the property to ride the atv's and spot a moose or two.

Poor Adelaid. Every time they found a fun place to sit her, they would make her pose for pictures. I know how she feels.

The leaves were beautiful.
Vickie found the picture she deleated last week of the big moose she follwed around and as per some of your requests, She has a few videos of the big guys that she will put at the bottom of this entry.
I myself have decided to spend the rest of my Sunday laying in the sand in the front yard, so take care and have a great week.
Bye Now
PS The first video takes a bit of time to download. but it is pretty cool slide show

The next few are of some pulls sparing. WE might have gotten a little close

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