Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something was wrong with Vickie this week. I could tell she was upset by something. Finally Saturday afternoon I figured it out. You know us dogs have a lot of special abilities that you humans are not aware of. We can smell things so much better than you. We are aware of our surrounding more than you. We hear sounds that you are often not aware of, and the one you probably don't know is that we know how you feel.

And I have known something is wrong for a while now. Kind of just out there in the wind.

Well, I can go on and on about how I know something is wrong lately, but that isn't going to make it any easier to tell you. So I am just going to say it.

Since I was a wee pup, there has been this really great guy that has come to the Day Care every weekday. He is huge and black and even though he tries to make you think he is a tough guy, he is really the most gentle sweet loving Giant Guy you'll ever know.

He was my mentor. He taught me about water, and you know how I LOVE water.

He taught me how to play with all kinds of other dogs regardless of their breed. Now that is an important skill.

He is Zeus. In mythology Vickie says that Zeus was allotted the dominion of the sky. This supreme god surpasses all others in spirit, wisdom, and justice, and prevails upon good men by persuasion, intimidating the evil by punishment.

Zeus the dog is truly a representative of the Zeus in Vickies mythology. He came to earth as a fourlegged version of spirit and wisdom.

And today, Saturday september 18th, 2010 Zeus went back to his dominion of the sky.

This gentle Giant who has been my friend for all my life, who loved little puppies, big dogs, children, and people of all breed has left us.

My heart is heavy and Vickie cries a little now and then. Zeus's family came by today to let us know he is gone, but I already knew. They carry a heavy burden and feel a deep loss and I just want them to know that I will miss him too.

But know that he is alright. I know I am just a dog, but Zeus was ready to go back to his kingdom in the sky. After all, HE IS ZEUS.

Good by my friend. Good by.

And added sadness, yet with a happier light is that Buddy has also left, only he didn't go to heaven, he went to MONTANA. Vickie says that is the next best thing. So I wish you luck Buddy, but be careful, your family says that there is a mountain lion that comes into town a lot and I figure, your just about dinner size.

On the REALLY UP SIDE, it was Cleo's birthday on Tuesday this week. I think she is like 9 years old, but I am not sure. She may be older, but she sure is a beauty. I mean, I know I am spoken for by Annie, but a guy can look, can't he?

Dougal sent some pictures from his last camping trip. He took a big loop that went through parts of Utah, then up thru Bear Lake and around. One night he even had a moose come into camp.

It got kind of cold in the night, thank goodness John had a really nice tent and great comfy sleeping bag. It was a fun time.

I took my CGC class again and the test was this Wednesday. I passed it about a year ago but Vickie said it would be good to take the class again. It was. I love Tonia, she is such a fun trainer.

Vickie go a little time off on Thursday so we headed up to the mountains to look for moose. I got to ride in the back of the truck for the first time and that was pretty fun. We were only going five miles an hour and I was able to really sniff my surroundings this way. I was very excited that Vickie let me do that.

Found out later the only reason I got to do it was because I had jumped in the moose water trough to cool off and then rolled in the mud. Vickie didn't want me sitting next to her so I win all around.

I think Vickie likes it when I come along on the moose lookin trips. She knows how to read me so well that she just watches me and I let her know if there is a moose in the area. When I give her the clue (my nose points to the direction the moose smell is coming from) then she slows down, parks the truck and checks the area out to see if I am right. And of course.....I AM.

This big guy in the picture above had 10 points on his big ole rack. Vickie was beside herself with joy. I was told to stay in the truck, which is fine with me, and Vickie got out and went in persuit of her picture taking.
WHOOPS Vickie deleated the big picture of the moose so if you look at the slide show you can see it.

Next I told her that a momma and her baby were coming. We had a great time watching them. And if you want to see a few more pictures of them and a ton of pictures from the dogs here at Canine Country Club this week, check out the slide below.

It was a wonderful day and a great escape from the daily chores. The leaves were starting to change and everything smelled like fall. It was a great day.

I have a huge week ahead of me, I can't wait to tell you all about it next week, but I better get some sleep now because it all starts tomorrow. So off I go, but before I go I want to leave Zeus's family with my sympathies and my love.

Sierra, Jamie says you can come and play with her any time you need too. Michelle and Mike, I am here for you when ever you need to run your fingers through my soft golden coat. And Michelle, I know you are alergic to my coat, so you better take an allergy pill before you come.

With all my love from me and all of us at Canine Country Club.


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jared said...

Tell vickie that she can get pictures back that were deleted off a card. I use a free program named ZAR, just google it. It's easy and eliminates some of those D'ohh moments in life.