Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well not a whole lot to report this week. I mean, I got to go a lot of places and see a lot of things, but they were just those run of the mill kind of things. You know, obdience class, demonstration at the park, trip to the mountains. Same ole, same ole. Ho hum.

We had a lot of really fun guests come and stay with us this week. Like KiKi in the picture above. She was so nice and quiet and loving. She slept with Vickie so Scrappy had to sleep with me. I don't really mind. Scrappy isn't a restless sleeper or anything so its not like he kept me awake or anything.

this is Maximus. He is a bull mastiff and Vickie says he is going to be huge, HUGE when he grows up, but now, he is just a lot of fun and he is cuddly and squishy. He peed a lot and one night Vickie got up to check on things and stepped right in a little puddle. She wasn't real excited about that.

We spent a lot of time laying tile in the small dog room and I thought you might like to see how much they all like it so I asked Vickie to put it on a video. Max is really the star in the video. I wonder if I was ever that cute.

WE met Coopers first family at the demo and they were excited to hear that Cooper is happy and living the life in West Yellowstone. And they were excited to hear that Cooper is coming to visit in October.

I am kind of excited to see Cooper again too.

Me and Murphy get to pose a lot with the kids so the families can have pictures. This is my sweet and inocent look. It really works for me.So there I was showing the kids all about staying safe in the mountains when I look up and there is this one girl holding a chicken. Like a real live chicken. It is her best friend. She is like Vickie's friend Jill.

I like Jill, she gets me lots of toys and things to try out, but because of her and the fact that her and Vickie are friends and that she likes chickens, Vickie has given up eating chicken. No more chicken at the King household.

I mean, they are cute and all, but I liked them both in Jills Yard and on our kitchen table. (you know what I mean, cooked and all) but now Vickie says, NO MORE CHICKEN.

Last year Vickie gave up eating meat at home and that was tough on me, but now chicken too!!!

So I guess all I get is fish. Gosh, I hope none of you love fish and have them as pets. And if you do, then please don't be Vickies friend. Please. If she gives up fish, then all we will have around here is celery and chocolate.

While we were waiting to start the demo at the park, I met this really cute girl from Kentucky. she is training to be a search dog too. maybe one day we will get the chance to work together. Anyway, I hope to see her again......

The final fun for the week was when Garret came down from Idaho and we, me, KC, Garret and his dad, oh yea and Vickie all went to the play ground.

Most the time I stayed with Vickie cause Garret is a little afraid of big dogs, but when we got to the playground I got to pretend to be a shark in the waters under the playground equipment.

Garret would run through the playground trying to catch me and then I would try and find him.

Can you see him hiding in the yellow tube. It was a great game and I think that next time he comes, he may even want to pet me.

So, even though it was an uneventful week, it was still a full one. This week is going to be a very busy one for me and Vickie and the next week is going to be crazy busy. So I better go and get some rest, that is if Larry, Ty, and the other dogs that are inside tonight will move over and give me one of the beds.

Hope you have the best week ever.

Love Bert

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