Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey everyone, if you get a chance sign in and we can see where in the US our friends are.

By popular demand I got Vickie to put on another picture of the Mountain goats that are hanging around the top of Ben Lomand this year. If your up to a really deep snow, high cliffs and cold cold day, Vickie knows the way up.

She said she would give you directions but she isn't going up until it gets dryer, warmer and the days are longer. I'll try and remind her to let you know when she is going up and maybe she will take you. I only get to go if I promise to be as good as Trigger.

Trigger always gets to go up cause he is a "Good Dog" and listens to his "Master" and has no brain of his own. (OK, that last part was my words......I kinda don't like Trigger that much. Truth is, he is the only other dog in the whole world that I have taken a disliking too. And to be honest with you, I don't know why......I just don't like him.)

One time I was telling him how much I didnt' like him and Vickie got so mad at me that she didn't speak or look at me for two hours. I was really really concerned that she might send me away, she was so mad.

Well, anyway, enjoy the picture. It wasn't easy to get.......
WE woke up to a beautiful Snowy Sunday this morning. Vickie and I went out before all the other dogs woke up and tracked up the beautiful sight. I know I told you this before, but I love the snowy mornings, the untouched ground, and even the cold feel of it on my paws and face.
While I was out getting things going with Vickie for the morning, Murphy my buddy was sleeping in. While he was asleep Paulette decided that he should have some more curl to his hair, (like that was necessary) and so she puts these curlers in. Then she emailed Vickie this picture. I thought it was worth sharing.

Murphy is probably mortified right now, but oh well, what are friends for.

Cody sent us a picture of his week too. Can you beleive it, he was so close to being put to sleep, but then this kind kind lady Robbi took him in giving him a second chance and now he is living the greatest life ever. He is so happy and all because someone chose to love him. Thanks Robbi, thanks to all of you humans who take us in and give us the great lives we have.
So we have this new puppy that is coming to day care now. Her name is Kaijah. She has funny ears that flop from side to side and she was really shy when she first came but oh my gosh, Now....she is driving me crazy.

She appears out of no where, rushing across the room and diving into my stomach as I lay sleeping. This truly is called Baby Sitting and I am not so sure that I am up to this anymore. I mean after all.....I am almost three years old you know. I shouldn't have to baby sit the little ones, I should be the King...the ruler...I should be respected and reviered.

Well I should.....

She gave Vickie a scare on her second day here. We were all just coming in from our twice daily poop scooping chore when we noticed that Kaijah was no where to be seen. Vickie called her name, she sent us all out to find her. (I am , after all, a search dog)

We looked through the house, through the kennels, we looked everywhere. Vickie was getting pretty desperate. How could this puppy have just dissappeared. The place was locked down so no one could have taken her. We began to fear for her safety.

Starting up a second and more precise search, Vickie and I were in the kitchen working our way out the back door when we heard a strange noise coming from the cupboard. We stopped and waited. Not taking a breath we stood silently for a few more seconds before we heard the sound again.

I knew immediately where the sound was coming from and went over to our revolving cupboard door and pushed at it. Vickie came over and pushed it further open and Guess who was hiding amoungs the groceries?

Yep you guessed it. Kaijah. She had pushed the cupboard open, crawled back in, pushed it shut and was taking a nap amoung the cereal and pickles.

Whew what a releif.....

Vickie has put a lock on that cupboard......
The teeny tiny midgets are still here. We had a little scare when one of them got sick on Friday. He had to spend the night in the emergency room and we all missed him terribly. Saturday was a bit rough too but today he is doing much better. The doctors don't know hif he had a heart attack or what but Vickie is so releived that he is doing better.

Skeeter is still here and I have become quite attached to him but Vickie says he goes home in a day or two. I am gonna miss him too. but like Cody, he has found a wonderful home and a second chance too. Lucky Dog

Jazzie and Kya have become fast friends which is good cause that takes more pressure off of me as a baby sitter. i still enjoy watching Kya run circles around all the other dogs. I of course can run faster than her but I feel no need to prove that point. AFter all I am almost three and big boys don't have to prove how cool they are. We just are......that kind of sutff just exudes from us. (I think that is a word, isn't it)

so this is Pudge. she is old and slow and surprisingly pretty nice. But oh she snores, even when she is awake she snores. I think it is the short nose thing....Sleep last night was almost impossible. snore snore snort snort moan moan snore snore. Take me outside Vickie, bring me inside Vickie snore snore snort snort moan moan snore snore. and on and on......
Couldn't help having Vickie put this picture in. Most of us respect these big blue eyes around the kennel. Kodiak really is a nice dog most the time, but there is something so haunting about his eyes, that you always stand a little less tall around him, just so's you dont' make him mad. Not that I have ever seen him mad, I just don't want to test the waters, thats all.

I got to go to Tuckers office this week. Boy what a life that boy has. He has, like, all these women who dote on him all day long. They love him. It was crazy. They had toys in every office. toys everywhere for him. And beds in all the offices and treats everywhere.....all that just for Tucker.
Boy did that guy pick out a good family. Now I am not saying he has it beter than me, but BOY what a life.......
OK, so just ignore this, Vickie was playing with photo shop and couldn't resist.....
So back to The Tucker outing.

AFter we went inside and checked out all of Tuckers offices, (more pictures to be seen in the video of the week at the end of the blog) me and Tucker came outside and played and played and played. You know it has been almost two weeks since Tuck came and stayed with us and this little trip helped me know how much I missed him.

WE got to go to the Club Heights Elementary to give a talk this week. that was way cool. These three girls who are friends of Vickies mom kept me company for most of the demo, at least until it was my turn to wow the kids with my Scent Discrimination Trick.
Vickie had about 15 of the kids put a shoe up on the stage. Then one of the kids took his other shoe and I used that to smell so I would know his smell. Then Vickie tells me to "Slow Search" and I go stick my nose into all those kids smelly shoes on the stage and pick out the one that matches the smell of the shoe I was given.
Of course I do it and I do it wonderfully. Then every one claps for me cause I am so good and then the demo is over and I get to get hugs and pets from all the kids. So there Tucker, and you thought your life was wonderful.
On SAturday's now, Vickie meets with a bunch of my friends and their companions and we all do obedience training. It was a bit hectic this week because it was the first official time and we all had to work in the rain and wind and cold, but all in all it was pretty fun.
I got to meet some new dogs and people and just when I was starting to have a good time, Vickie goes and puts me back in the van. Seems I was a distraction and she wasn't able to focus on all the other dogs and handlers so I get put in the van.
That stinks......VICKIE that stinks. I'm just saying, THAT STINKS.
I guess the good part about it is that I didn't end up looking like a wet mop, like Murphy does. But it still STINKS and I must insiste that next week, we do things differently. Got it Vickie.....



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