Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi Everyone. It has been such a good week. The weather has been almost balmy with a 32 high. Truly wonderful. So many great things have happened for me but I am awfully busy today so I can't spend a lot of time telling you all about it.

I did however, ask Vickie to take a bit of time and make you a video of the week and to put out some pictures and a few short videos on the blog cause, well I just know you need your Bert Blog Fix.

WE are ABSOLUTELY loving the new Turf......Vickie says it is easy to clean and I love the fact that it is nice on my feet. I enjoy laying on it too. It is like laying on a bed of green heaven.
Tucker and Allred have become housemates. They share the castle, which I think sounds crazy but it seems to be working out for both of them.

Everyone has been saying that they would love it if they could have such a sweet thing like Kya to come and live with them. Well Maxwell and I wanted you to see "The Other Side". Not so sweet lookin now, is she!

Of course you can't resist the sweet loving face of Jimmy Dean can ya. He's an ok kind of dude.
Bed time has been a little bit of first come first serve on the office beds, but its ok, cause like I told you, I really like laying outside on my Turf.

Allred had to have another Surgery. He just doesnt' seem to be getting over what ever it is that is happening to him. My Doctor says that the next time he meets with all the other vets in northern utah, (Sometime this month) that Allreds case is going to be the most talked about one there.

Meatball came to stay with us for a few days. He got to stay in the office with the rest of us cause he has been having seizures. He was pretty good most of the time but after Allred had his surgery, Meatball became obsessed with bugging Allred. Boy for a big ole rotty, he doesnt show a lot of brain power. I give him about 10 more minutes and his face is going to be kitty sliced.

It's a shame too, cause he has such a nice face.

For Meatballs safety, he had to spend the rest of the afternoon with the other dogs in the kennel areas. It was ok though, he did fine and didn't have one sezure the whole time he stayed with us.

Cory and the boys came by to take us for walks. Abby really loves Cory.

And "Check this out" Tristy running. I mean, really, remember when she came here to live with us. She could hardly walk and weight almost 40 pounds more than she weighs now. She is looking goooooood....

So Come On Alex, LETS GO

We went to the park and played ball till I was ready to die. It was sooo great. AFter we played ball I went over to visit my horses and then we all hapily came home and took a nap. Thanks Boys.......

Tucker and Vickie have been working on their obedience. I don't need any work cause I am already pretty good at it. Well, mostly pretty good. Well, maybe I better work on it a little bit. Well maybe a lot. I better tell Vickie....

A close encounter with Kya and Allred, but it turned out ok cause Allred is still loopy from the anesthetic. Kya still gets to keep her eyes.

My buddy Ross came by too. We had so much company this week. Ross kept asking me for a big ole kiss so FIANLLY

HE GOT IT. Now when you are asking for a face lick, it is kind of rude to spit and wipe your mouth out after I give it to you Ross. REally........

Becky came by too but she spent a lot of time with Kya and Tucker and Scrappy. I had to make sure she understood that that was NOT right. I am the one she should be coming to see. Me ME wonderful ME.......
So off I go. Outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. I am leaving you with a couple of fun videos if you still have a minute. The first one is about 30 seconds and it it Kya having fun in our new Turf. She is crazy. In the early morning hours when Vickie goes out to scoop, she has to use a flashlight and Kya loves to run after the light. I laugh and laugh because every one knows that it is just a light and you cant catch it, well everyone but Kya.
The second short video is in total blackness and it is really loud. But if you like to hear dogs howling, then you'll love this.
So have a wonderful week my friends.
Love ya


A Howling Good Night

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