Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kya finally finds someone to run with

Canine Country Club and Friends Fun
Dedicated in Memory of our friend Strider

Whew, we are really tired this weekend. It has been a crazy busy week. Mostly for me, but it seems poor Tucker is exhausted to. I feel like he sleeps all the time, but he is a puppy so I guess that is expected.

He is not afraid of allred at all, Tucker even sleeps on part of the Castle and none of the rest of us dare do that. You never know when the devil will swoop down on you in the night and claw your eyes out.

WE got more sad news this week. I had wondered cause I hadn't gotten to play with Strider for a few months. But Vickie finally told me that my buddy Strider had gotten cancer in his leg and had passed on to the other world. I will miss him, but I know he has some great company there.

Vickie and I got a way a few times this week to walk. I love the river walk. Even though it is probably illegal, Vickie often lets me off lead when no one is around and I get to run and play in the trees and by the water.

When my buddies the Kellys come and take me, I even get to get in the water and swim.

It was sad for Vickie though and I understand why. We came to this place along the river that was lined with garbage. Why would anyone want to make such a beautiful place a dumping ground for their garbage. That is so sad.....
We went walking again the next day with my Buddy Murhpy and it was a lot better. Really cold but there was no garbage in this part of the river. In fact, it was really really beautiful. There were ice designs everywhere we went. They looked so clean and perfect. You just wanted to get down in there and grab one, then let it melt in your mouth.

It really made up for the day before.

On Wednesday I went to my other job. We were a bit early so Vickie and I went for a walk through the neighborhood to kill some time.
We met this beautiful lady with the most incredible eyes. I was immediatly smitten with her. She was just a wandering the neighborhood so she came along with us. Vickie let me off lead and me and my new crush for the day danced in the streets and played in the yards for about half an hour.
Then I had to go to work so I had to say goodby. Guess I'll never see her again so this will just have to be a sweet memory for me. Sort of My Own Personal Valentines Dream.

Whitney and Tyler came by to visit for a bit. The brought Zero but I was gone so I didnt' get to play with him. I really love Tyler and Whitney but I only have one problem with them. They really like Allred and well, I just think of that as a bit of a betrayal.
I guess there is no accounting for taste, eh Whitney.

My friends at the Kennel were pretty active this week because the weather was wonderful. We all had great times playing outside in the warm sun. Well almost warm sun.

The real bummer for me is that that old Allred has decided that he needs to come outside now too. I had always figured I at least had the outside as my kingdom, my safety zone from the devil, but now, now, I have to be on guard from him inside and out.
Is there no justice in this world.......????

Seriously, this is what I see when I see Allred. You guys just see his sweet side. But if you put that into a pie shape his evil side is 9/10ths of the pie and his sweet side is only 1/10th of the pie. You only see 1/10th. I am forced to live with the other 9/10ths.

Tucker got a little brother this week. Meet Tye. He came to visit but wasn't allowed to come in and play with me. He has to be a bit older before Vickie will let him come around all us other dogs. Something about immunity and getting sick yada yada yada.....
I can't wait to have him join us for all the fun.

Tucker told me that he kind of likes the little guy. Most of the time anyway. Tucker hurt his foot this week while showing off for the kids and when we went on a search Saturday he had to stay behind. He was pretty upset but I guess Tye filled his day enough that he got over it quickly.

Vickie and I are going to start meeting with anyone who wants to on Saturday Mornings at the Fort Bueneventura Dog Park for dog training and socialization. So far we have been working with a few of my new friends but we all decided that it would be great to invite anyone to come. So join us each Saturday morning at 9 am. Weather will be a deciding factor.

AFter a week of great times, Vickie piled a bunch of us into the dog van and took us to the groomer. We thought we were going to the park. It was a tricky move on Vickies part but after getting a good bath and a nice brushing, we all decided it was an ok trick and that we want to do it more often. Well all of us but Scrappy feel that way. He was pretty mad about the whole thing.
Tucker got all gussied up because after two weeks at the kennel, he gets to go home on Sunday and so he wanted to go home smelling pretty and looking good.

Me, well I just like it cause it makes me even better lookin.

Too bad for the grooming though. The minute I got home, we got called out to look for a missing boy and my clean and lovely groom was quickly turned into a muddy sticky mess after we scaled a few cliffs and hike through the sage and dry brush.
The good news is that the boy was found safe and sound. While we were looking along the mountainside of the Bonneville Skyline trail, he was enjoying a bus ride to Arizona.
Dont' get me wrong, I enjoyed the hike, I enjoyed seeing Vickie on her hands and knees as she scrabbled up the steep hillside after me, I enjoyed the warm sun, I enjoyed working with the other dog teams and the nice police officers but Arizona.......He was in Arizona......

So now we say good night and goodbye to Tucker. Luckily we will see him often. I need to keep an eye on him to see that he grows up proper. You know, I don't want him to give us goldens a bad name.
It has been fun having him here but I think it is time for him to go. Vickie was getting a little too attached to him. I can't have that.

so good night to all of you too.
and Happy Valentines Day on Monday to you.
and maybe, if Vickie remembers, she can tell you next week why the song in the CCC Video means so much to her. She tells me it is about a search, about bigfoot, about John Denver and about the night he wrote that song while camping in the San Juan Mountains many years ago.
I am off to bed, cause I am soooo tired. soo very tired.

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