Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vickie has always told me that I should not grow up saying nasty things to my friends. She says if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all. And she also tells me that swearing (Certain words with certain meanings that you humans have for them) is not very dignified or kind.

And up until this week, she has pretty much lived by what she teaches me, but all of a sudden, well, I guess it was on Monday to be exact, she starts swearing like a sailor on leave.
“Dammit, Come Here” “Stop it Dammit, I mean it, stop it now” “Dammit, What are you doing now?”
It was kind of freaking me out until I was introduced to:
Are you ready?
Are you sure?
OK Everyone, I want you to meet:
Yep its true, somebody named their beloved dog, companion and friend. Dammit.
And after spending the week with him, well, I can kinda see how he got his name. Vickie says that I have to leave it at that. You know, the "If you can't say something nice" thing.

So we had a lot of snow this week. Sunday Morning we woke up to snow and again on Saturday. I know I told you before, but we really love getting out in the snow before the rest of the world wakes up.
It is so quiet and soft and on Saturday morning, the air smelled like Chocolate Chip Cookies. Seriously, Vickie and I couldn't beleive how wonderful it smelled. Chocolate Chip Cookies fresh from the oven smell.

I guess it is a good thing Vickie can't cook very good. If she could, we would have gone right inside and made some Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Luckily she had ordered Girl Scout Cookies from her friend Siera and even more luckily, they were due to arrive that day.

On Monday me, Jamie and Vickie all went for a walk out to Willard Bay. It was a beautiful day and the bald eagles were out and the lake is thawing. wow it was really cool.

However, it didn't smell like chocolate chip cookies out there, it smelled like cow poop. It was so heavy in the air that the smell settled on us and the van like a cloud of stink.

And it stayed with the van all the way home. Vickie said she could still smell it two days later.

Jamie had a great time but we had to cut the walk short because she couldn't go as far as she used to. She got really tired and started weaving back and forth across the trail so we had to stop and go back.

It took us twice as long to get back as it did to get where we turned around, which was fine because I got to roll in the snow and run thru the fields while they walked slowly back.
Then a day or two later Just Vickie and I took a long walk and we came across this cool cabin.

And a fun bridge.

And a river for me to play in but Vickie wouldn't let me play in cause she said it was running too fast and I might drown. Bummer.

Back at the kennel it was like Golden Retreive week. We had Max, and Hank, and me and Tristy and well, just goldens all over the place.

And spekaing of Goldens:
Dougal sent us a few fun pictures from his hike this week. Vickie tried to put it to music for you but she is running out of tunes. She found a short song from a CD her neice Elizabeth gave her. Its kind of kids music, but to tell you the truth, we listen to it all the time. Hope you enjoy

Vickie was trying to get some different pictures of the different moods of Allred. I had to leave the room cause I didn't want her to know I was laughing so hard.
you see, while she was trying to get the picture of Allred above, well, Allred reached out and grabbed her by the nose with his big ole ugly claws. Oh the blood and the cussing.
Honestly, what did she think he was going to do. After all, he is "The Devil"
And Poor Tristy. She just doesnt' get it. She is hungry all the time.
When she came to live with us, she was about 40 pounds overweight and could hardly walk. Now, almost two years later, she is a svelt lovely girl with a pretty good figure, considering she is 12 years old and she can go on walks with me and the Kelly boys and keep up.....most of the time.
But it pains her that she has a slow metabolism and she only gets half as much per meal as I do.
Abby's been in a bit of a mood lately. She has been snappy with anyone and anything that gets in her zone and her zone is getting bigger and bigger.

And finally, do you all remember Dizzy.....You know, about two years ago he got abandoned here at the kennel. Then he got this cool home with Robbi and she changed his name to Cody. Well word is, she has changed it again. Now Dizzy/Cody is known as Mugsy. And to tell you the truth, I think that is the perfect perfect name for him.
Thanks Robbi for keeping in touch with us and letting us know how our buddy "Mugsy" is doing.

So like I said earlier, Vickie is running out of fun music to add to the videos of the week so if anyone has any good ideas, will you let her know. She knows John Denver is not everyones favorite, and we are getting to close to running out of doggy songs (which are my favorite)
For now, you can turn the sound off and just look at the fun pictures or you can listen to a really oldie goldie.

See you all next week



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Oh my gosh that is you singing. Wow sounds great.....Giving Bert some competition is a good thing...
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