Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Second Birthday to Jimmy Dean. I'd sing but Vickie says I can't carry a tune. Just the big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us.
Wow, what a great great week I have had. I got to do all kinds of fun things, see all kinds of wonderful kids and adults, play in plenty of mud and water, and meet and play with all my friends, old and new. What more could a guy ask for.

I think the best part is that Vickie and I got to share "Quality Time" together away from all the other dogs at Canine Country Club. It started out a bit questionable as Vickie took me to the groomer early Tuesday morning. Not that I don't like the groomer, but why in the middle of the week, and why wasn't Scrappy with me. After all, Scrappy is much dirtier and smellier than me.

Around one o'clock after a luxury bath and brush by my own personal groomer, I was called out front and to my joy, Murphy was waiting there for me. I knew the minute I saw Murphy that this was gonna be special......

And it was. Murphy, Paulette, Vickie and I all piled into the van and headed to Moab. Yeah.....ROAD TRIP. I love Road Trips.

It was a lovely drive. Vickie fixes the van up so's me and Murphy are totally comfortable. We can get up and move around, and we can sleep as much as we want, while Vickie and Paulette drive.

We get to stop often and stretch our legs and well, it is just way cool.

After five hours of sleeping, playing in new places and watching the scenery change from mountains to desert, we arrived in Moab and went right to our cool digs for the night. We were staying at the Bowen Motel in town and wow were we surprised when they gave us the luxury suite.

Four rooms, a huge kitchen, living room and a great big dining area.

Not that we needed the dining room though cause our hosts and owners of the Motel, Trish, Tyson, Trayken and Fuzzy invited us to their house for dinner. Well Vickie and Paulette were invited to dinner. Murphy and I stayed in the van.

You know that moment when your inner spirit and your body collide. That moment of perfection when the moon, sun and stars burst into shiney speckles in the back of your eyes.

That moment of Sublime ecstasy when your human shares a tiny morsel of sweet marinated beef just off the grill. You know….that moment.

Well, that is how Vickie described their dinner to me later. They had (as Vickie states) the most incredible delectable homemade spaghetti that she has ever had. (and if anybody knows their spaghetti, its Vickie) Vickie made such a scene about the devine dish that they finally gave her a bottle of the sauce to take home. (Yeah Vickie)

Unfortunately I find that she has become quite stingy about it and does not share. I don't even get to lick the pan these days. I find this selfish and mean.

Any way the next morning we got to go to the schools and talk to over 800 children and Murphy and me were in heaven. Of course I know I have a gift with children. They love me. (Who could blame them) and I LOVE THEM BACK.

We had such a marvelous time. (Marvelous is Vickies word, I don't like that word, I would have picked something like, Incredible, fantastic, fun filled......IT WAS GREAT.

Here is a short video of our trip in case you want to see. And for all you kids who are checking in, I just want to say on behalf of me and Murhpy.....THANK YOU THANK YOU You were great.......

The drive home was long but since I slept through most of it, I really didnt' care. A big storm came in and we had to travel slower but again, it didn't matter to me.

As the week went along, it just got better and better. The river has overflowed its banks and my favorite park is under water. All my trails were coverd and even our little dirt road was washed out at the bridge.

I know I should feel bad but oh my, It was so fun.....

There was water and mud everywhere and since I had already done the demonstration, Vickie didn't mind that I got all dirty even though I had just been groomed two days earlier.

There were places I couldn't go to because the water was running really fast and the river was pretty dangerous, but thats ok, there were plenty of places to go that weren't close to the swiftly running waters.

Vickie got all excited cause we have A FLOWER. One flower was in bloom at Canine Country Club. One little purple flower, and Vickie is running in to get her camera for a picture like it will dissappear in seconds.

It is kind of pretty though. Spring time is close.....

WE finally got to have Tuckers little brother Bernie come and stay with us this week. He wasn't able to come until the doctor said he was ready. but after his last set of shots, he finally got to come. He spent two days with us and I'll admit he is a cutie, but I was glad to see him go.

Vickie likes to cuddle the little ones and any little critter she gets involved with seems to take up presious ME TIME.

He is kind a cute though. I have to admit that.

Jessie, who passed away a while back, sent a new little puppy to his family this week too. Her name is Sam (Samantha) and she got to come by for a short visit. I didnt' get to go out and meet her cause Vickie says she needs to have one more set of shots before she can come here, but Vickie went out and got us some pictures.

Of course she is a golden. Good choice Jessie, I think your family will be well taken care of by Sam now that you are gone. Don't worry, they miss you, but Sam will help fill that loss until you are all together again.

I had to explain to Erin that even though she has a new puppy, she still needs to remember how important I am to her. After all, I taught her how to walk dogs. And if I say so myself, Idid a pretty good job. After walking with me a couple of times, I had her well trained.

"Your welcome" Sam.....

And finally I leave a picture of my buddy Rosco. Vickie takes a look at this and she is more and more greatful every day that I am who I am.......

For your entertainment, I leave you with two more videos. One is from all the dogs here at CCC. and the second is from our Saturday Training at the park.

have a great week everyone.

I hope your coming week is as full as mine.

Vickie says we got another big one.



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