Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vickie had a cold this week and she is such a baby when she is sick. She moans and groans and walks around the house like she is dying. I know she wants me to feel bad for her, but, come on……I would if she would act a little more stoic. You know. Toughen up and deal with it Vick. I do…… So I basically Got nothing to say about nothing this week. Nothing goin on, nothing special happening. Boring…. Just sittin around sleepin, watching tv, and listening to long drawn out sighs from the Vickster. Well except for the scouts, the retirement home, Saturday training, long walks I love it when we go talk to the scouts and their families. After we get finished listening to Vickie and Paulette talk and talk and talk.....then Murphy and I get to show off our skills. I might have been just a little pee-ode (not sure how to spell that word) at Vickie this week, you know, cause the lack of attention she showed me, so when it was my turn to impress the kids by showing how wonderful a search dog can be......well.....I just didn''t do it. Yep, she had 20 of those kids put their shoes out, then gave me the smell of one of those kids....and I know I was supposed to pick out the shoe that smelled like the kid but, well, I just didn't feel like it. Oh, I preteneded to be looking.....I stuck my nose in everyone of them smelly shoes, one at a time, except for the one that I should have......I just walked right over that one and ignored it. I know I was supposed to pick it up and take it to Vickie but I just showed her. I just walked by it three times. Yep....three times....Boy did she look silly....and so embarassed. That will teach her to ignore me...... And like I said, we did go to the retirement home to visit....and I was of a good mind to show her how displeased I was with her behavior for the week there too but.....I just couldn't do it. Those kind and loving residents, well how could you not love on them....even if you were mad at Vickie. This one guy, well he loves golden retreivers and he used to raise them and so I stayed with him a good part of our visit. Vickie and her family and friends are cool and all, but there is something very very special about those folks who have experienced so much of life for so many years. They have a special gentleness that I love to be around. After we spend an hour or so there, us dogs went outside and posed for you. On the right is Murphy the great, Next is little Bubba who because of his size is a favorite with all the folks here at the center, of course the wonderful and kind Tucker, then Toby the pro who visits folks all over the valley, then Happy who always draws a crowd and of course good lookin ME.

So here are a few photos from this week at the kennel, at the demonstration and at the retirement center. Vickie picked this music especially for all of you. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING

Back at the Kennel, we had some special guests this week that helped take care of the doledrums brought on by Vickies bad attitude....(I'm Sick, I don't feel well, I can't go for a walk, my lungs hurt....blah blah blah) Vickies neice and nephew Whitney and Skyeler came to visit. Whitney brought Zero to play and that was great, Skyeler came a little later and got great joy in trying to get us to bug Allred. I of course knew better so I didn't get in on the game but Zero and Daila tried, although in vain, to breach the castle walls. Allred protected his home with much power and strenght. All who tried to challenge him were left scarred and bleeding. As it should be. Now Vickie tried to take a picture of one such battle but the movement was so quick that all you get is a blurr as the paw comes out, attacks and then retreats. Even Allreds mouth was hard to capture as it reached in to snatch out a peice of dog nose. The battle was over before it began and Allred remains KING of the Castle. A young girl named Gigi came to visit us this week for the first time. I thought you might like to meet her. I tired to play hard to get, and just ignored her most of the day. But I did watch her from a distance. And she is beautiful....... I sat back and watched this thing too. I am too clever to fall for this. ONE TREAT and four dogs. Yeh, like that is gonna work out. Zero and I are old buds and so it was fun to spend a little time with him while Vickie, Skeyler and Whitney visited. I am still bigger than him, but he can move a lot faster than me. There was a bit of a love story this week too. Jamie, who has never had a love of her own, seemed to be twitterpated by Karka who came to visit for a few days. I never saw her act this way. She and Karka would walk around the yard together, nuzzle each other constantly, sleep together and were always giving each other longing and loving looks across the room. I really do beleive that Jamie has finally found true love. I know it is late in life but it was kind of neat to see her this way. She acted like a puppy when she was with Karka. (A crippled, wobbly puppy, but heart and soul are never as old as the body) It makes me smile.
When Karka left, Jamie was a little blue for a bit but Vickie gave her lots of attention and pets and brushing and it seemed to help. However, I know, as you all know, the heart knows what the heart wants. So hopefully Karka and Jamie will have a few more rendezvous again here before they meet again on the other side.
Even though I get to walk with my boys every week, it is nice to see the time coming when they have more time to walk all the other dogs here at CCC. This week Austin had enough time to take me and Tristy for a walk, then he stayed another hour and took Kodiak and Kenai. A true indication that spring is coming.
I wanna leave you with this picture of Froistie. Frostie needs a good home. Her owner passed away this last week and she is now homeless. She is about 7 years old, up to date on all her shots, spayed and oh so loving. Would you mind passing the word along for me. Hopefully we can find her another home where she can spend her life giving the gift that us dogs give......



Oh Yea, could you all send out some "Hurry up and get over yourself" wishes to Vickie so she will pay better attention to me next week.

Thanks so much. I appreciate that.


Aunt Gwila said...

Bert, It's so nice of you and the gang and Vickie to visit the old folks at the retirement center. You youngsters have no idea how lonely it gets sometimes. Keep up the good work and yes I'm with you??? where did Vickie get that music???

MAXMOM IN SA said...

Hey there Bert
...and thank you for going over to visit our Angel Maxdog! We always love making new friends. You have a beautiful and interesting blog, Bert and I love it that you do such wonderful work with your various therapy visits. I am now a great admirer!
You look like an extremely well socialised doggie! Anyway, it's really nice to meet you. Why not come around to our new blog - where I am trying to step into the great Maxdog's pawprints? We'd love to see you there...
Sending lotsalicks

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Hey Bert! I just came across your blog over at Toby's. I wanted to stop by and say hello. I am an English Springer Spaniel who lives in rural France with my three Abyssinian cats and our #1. We also have a very big little brother, Vidock the Percheron colt.


Amber-Mae said...

Hi Bert! Thank you for dropping by my blog & leaving me a comment. It's very nice to meet you! How awesome it is to get to a know a handsome Golden Retriever who is a Search & Therapy Dog!!! That is wayyyy cool. I bet you enjoy your job! My sister, Chloe is a therapy dog too. I'm not cut out to be one because I can be a bit rambunctious at times. HEE HEE

WOW sure looks like you have a lot of very cool friends! They all are so beautiful!