Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video of the week with pictures from CCC and Saturday Training

Well, It is Sunday morning and things are a little sad around the house. Vickie is a bit melencoly and I can sense her sadness and know that it is because of what happened yesterday. We were getting ready to go and help on a search for a beautiful young girl who has not been seen or heard from in a few days.

Our job was to go out Sunday and back up al the searchers who had worked Friday and Saturday. Only we are not needed now. She has been found and it was not the ending that everyone had hoped for.

Gosh I wish that I could have helped her, but now it is too late. Sometimes there is unimaginalbe cruelty out there in the world. I guess there isn't anything more that I can say about this.

So I am going to look at the earlier part of this week and hope that it can bring you some joy. Some way of seeing that there is beauty out there, wonderful, powerful, breathtaking beauty out there even with the pain and ugliness that sometimes overwhelms you humans.

Vickie Jamie and I went up in the mountains to take care of a friends cat and home while they are away on vacation. Because of the snow, we had to park way below the house and hike in. Oh it was a spectacular day. The sky was grey with the hope of another snow storm, and the countryside was swollen to perfection with white. It was amazing.

I loved the hike, but poor Jamie, well it turned out to be more than she could handle. I was playing "Snowball Catch" with Vickie on the edge of a hillside. We didn't notice that poor Jamie was making her way up through the deep snow to play a little "Snowball Catch" too.

Only problem is, she is still very wobbly on her feet and when she reached the top she lost her balance and rolled down the other side of hill into the forest.

Poor sweet Jamie didn't have the strength or the physical ability to make her way back up the deep snow of the hillside and her only other choice was to go further down hill and deeper into the forest.

At this point Vickie dived over the hillside and rolled down the hill after her. Now Vickie can do pretty good when she is rolling down, but trying to get back up was Not so easy. Every step she took was an effort as she would sink down to her waist in the deep snow.

For about 20 minutes her and Jamie worked their way slowly up the hill. Vickie would lift Jamie up the hill about 1 foot, then have to pull herself up to Jamie. Over and Over they slowly but eventually made it to the top.

It was actually pertty entertaining. I probably should have gone down and given them a paw, but what fun would that be......Besides, I was being entertained by them and by these deer and wild turkeys that came out to watch the show too.

It was a great day.

Vickie's Aunt Gwila does these really neat books for her that keep track of our lives here at Canine Country Club. Mostly they are pictures of Me. (Of Course) but this week, Aunt Gwila gave her another book and this time even Kya made it into our history.

Kya left this week and we kind of miss her but her page in the book is very very true to how Kya lives her life.

"I didn't ask to be a princess, but if the crown fits..."

Kya, you will be missed and we wish you well, but it is so good to have my crown back....

Jimmy Dean had his paws full with Bonnie who had a major crush on him. All week long she was following him around, licking his face, doting on him, swooning and whimpering for his attention. He was not impressed.

Allred informed me of a very interesting part of history that I neither believe, nor do I intend to respect.
He told me:
Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as "gods".
He plans to never let me forget it.

Lots of fun was had with the boarding and doggy day care dogs. Big, little, beautiful and goofy alike. The weather was great and the outdoor fun was non stop.

Mystery never stands still long enough for a picture to be taken, but Vickie finally got this one. It doesn't show how beautiful Mystery is but at least it doesnt have blurryness from constant movement.

Gus and Dougal

Saturday Training at the park was great...I mean GREAT.....The weather held and it didn't rain until we all got finished. What you humans call training turns out to be more fun for us dogs than we like to let on.
You see we get to socialize with other dogs, go for LONG walks, get to see beautiful scenery and then finally when you humans are through "Teaching Us" We get to go swimming, running, romping, chasing and in Dogs.
As most animals know:

"The principle business of life is to ejoy it."

Of course, the little ones, like the twins Buck and Tucker went home and slept for the rest of the afternoon.
I on the other hand came home and went to my other job, and later in the day my buddy Austin came and took me for a long walk.

So with the saddness of the week, there was also great joy. How to deal with both is a human issue. For me I leave you with the Video of the week and a cool saying Vickie found online. It came during a short video she watched of the mother eagle who after giving birth, then feeding and caring for her youngs every needs, finds that their only hope to survive is if she pushes them out of the nest.
Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with the fear of falling.
David McNeely

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