Sunday, March 13, 2011

You know, I don’t’ think any of you really understand the true dynamics of the King household here at Canine Country Club.

You don’t understand how LITTLE control I have over things.

I know I make it look all rosey and happy and like a fairy tale but I think I better take a minute and remind you all of some of the realities.

For example:


You seem to be almost fan like of the beast. Some of you actually come here and ask to see him. HIM, not me, but HIM….The Devil, Satans spawn.

I really think you are confused. Sometimes I think Vickie too, is confused. Seriously people……The cat is evil.

Like the other day I was minding my own business walking through the kitchen to the dog door to go outside. I love the outside, especially now because the weather is getting so nice.
So I am just strolling thru MY KITCHEN and I swear….I didn’t even see the guy. He was hidden back behind the exercise bike waiting…….Like one of those little bugs Vickie calls a “No See Em” The evil creature leaps from behind the bike and strikes. Come and gone before I know it. Leaving a big fang mark on my tush.

And get this. I always, at least had the outdoors as my escape from Satan but now with the warmer weather, I find that HE too likes it out doors. Is there no Justice?

Seriously Now.....Would you really want to live with that face looking at you, sneaking up behind you, shadowing your every move.......Stalking you, watching you, wishing pain upon you with every breath it takes......Uh Huh.....Makes you think about it, doesn't it?

Another Example:
You all think I have it soooo nice, but what about the part about me having to share my house, my yard, MY LIFE with every bird, snake, dog or cat that lives in the area or comes to stay for day care and boarding.
That Vickie, I love her and all, but it is like I have nothing of my own. I have to share my bed, my house, my secret safety corners, my very existance with any and all dogs that come here to stay.
Oh yeah, especially if you are very old, or very young, or because your cute, or because you are many excuses for getting yourself up into my realm. NOTHING is Mine.

Sometimes I get a little sad that I must share everything, so I just go inside somewhere away from "The Devil" and spend a little time focusing on ME......just ME. And when I do, I must look extra pathetic bacause shortly after that, Vickie realizes how she is neglecting me and off we go to the hills.

One such time was earlier this week, just after the Sunday Night storm. I know that it is getting close to spring and the snow is going to go away for months so I really really take advantage of these days.

It is picture perfect on such days and the water, oh the water.......Can you hear it calling my name? "Bert" "Bert" it's musical voice becons me to it. "Bert" "Bert"
Oh, I hear ya, I'm a comin.........

Whew, cold but thrilling......A guy just can't help answering the call. "Bert" - "Yes Water......I am here"
And back to my final example of the week to show you that my life isn't all Rosey and Wonderful:
Maggie used to come and stay with us but a while ago she moved to Cody Wyoming. I guess there are a lot of skunks in Cody.
anyway, she comes to visit this weekend. First thing I notice is Vickie is walking around smelling me and Tristy and complaining about the stink. It took her a while to figure out that the SMell was Maggie.
Sweet innocent Maggie, who smells like a skunk she met up with two months ago in Cody.
Have you ever noticed how the skunk smell is like a musty cloud that comes in just behind the culprit who got slammed by it, then settles all around you like a heavy lake of stink…..
Well Bless Maggies heart, but she was that cloud. All weekend long.
She went home yesterday but left behind a little bit of her presence in the air through-out the office.
As a dog, I find it almost sad that she has gone and taken the musty cloud with her. As a human, Vickie is a little easier to live with.

So this is Orso. Can you beleive he is only 15 weeks old. I was really surprised, because, as you know.....I am a Big Boy at 2 1/12 years old (my 3rd bithday is May 15th if anyone wants to send me something) (JUST SAYING)....But this little guy at 15 weeks is almost as big as me. I am a little concerned about just how big this guys is gonna get.
It is entirely possible that I might just have to be a little concerned for my future here.....
Maggie and Orso played really well together which was nice because I found him to be a little to sweet and delicate for my liking.
Toughen up Orso....Play like a guy.... Just because Vickie likes the fact that you are sweet and gentle and big and on and on and on......(Truth is bud, Vickie likes you a lot and that kind of makes me a little jelouse. Watch yourself dude...and lets just keep this little coment between us. OK)

Sam is as big as he looks. And as slobbery.......
Cleo isn't always as pleasant as she lets on.....(Just a warning)

Max has the biggest tongue on the planet.

Saturday obedience training is really getting fun and we are getting a lot of friends who come and join us. This week we had about 24 dogs there and everyone was great. We all behaved ourselves and it was a great two hours.

We ended up at the lake but only got to play a little cause they were shootin guns on the other side of the lake. It was pretty loud but Vickie said it was good for all of us cause we helped each other know that being afraid of loud sounds was not necessary.
Check out the cool jump Cooper made.
Saturday almost made up for all my other complaints about the week... ALMOST. Good thing next week is full of adventures for me.

This is the poster that us search dogs give to all the kids after we have come and showed them how to be safe. This coming week me and Murphy are heading to Moab to do a demo for over 800 kids.
Look out Moab.....The boys are coming.....

I better get some rest. So I am off to sleep now, then help Vickie clean the van and load it up for the trip. If your not tired of looking on my blog, you can watch the following two video's. First one is the Video of the Week with pictures from the Kennel, the Day Care, My trips to the woods, and Saturday Dog Training at the Park.
the second one is a short set of pictures introducing everyone to Tuckers new little brother Bernie. He is sure a cutie......
Love ya

Hope you like Sons of The Pioneers....Vickie is crazy about this music.

Bernie and Tucker


louise curry said...

I think you should post twice a day then I could get my morning and my night fix. Gotta Love Bert's way with words..and who could resist Allred.

Murphigator said...

I love the way you yodeled in the song this week! Great pix!!